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  1. Ntr09

    Computer Issue

    If the system has onboard graphics, try removing the 6850 and connecting your monitor to the onboard port. If it doesn't and you suspect the 6850 is the issue, try booting an OS like LinuxMint from a USB drive and see if it runs fine. If it does, you may just need to reinstall Windows. If you still have issues it may very well be your 6850, my old GTX460 gave out after 4 years of heavy use. -NR
  2. That is incredible. Fairly certain my hardware would never stand up to that. People think the Titan Black doesnt make sense as a GeForce card but it works wonders for X-Plane. If only Dual GPU technologies were better supported, imagine what the Titan Z could do. Anyway rant aside, that is some seriously good scenery. Haven't been around this project much, so assuming this is your work; you have done an amazing job. -NR
  3. I agree that warm-up should be very realistic. I love engine model realism. Being able to "get up 'n' go" with "Start with engines running" should keep casual simmers happy. -NR
  4. @kieran, I don't believe so, NZXT is known for including plenty of hardware so you should be set. Depending on how you set up your fans you might need more fan filters but you can always add those later. EDIT: You may need a little pack of mini zip-ties for cable management, not sure if the case will come with enough to do the job. -NR
  5. I have this one, it works quite well. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833106192
  6. The Reds are more for NAS and storage servers, if their read/write usage is going to be really low you could use them, but they are nowhere near as fast as Blacks. Also, I'd never dream of going past 4.0ghz with any air cooler. Gotta have liquid to keep the temps down for better performance and longevity. -NR
  7. I disagree about the cooler. There's no way you could get me to build a 4770k rig with a GPU throwing off that much heat without a liquid cooler, it just doesn't make sense. Plus, some 240mm coolers like that are cheaper than high-end air solutions. The H105 would be my personal choice but the 100i is basically the same. Also I disagree about the OC, the new Intel CPUs are very easy to OC. No reason why anyone couldn't learn how to get one to 4.5ghz at all. That case is what I would consider an *excellent* case with great airflow and plenty of fan filters. Only thing I would change is th
  8. Origin is US based but they probably ship anywhere. They pack in wooden crates as well. The i5 4670K is a CPU, GTX 760 is a GPU. -NR
  9. originpc.com has some pretty nice systems. They're completely customizable, like building your own without the building part. I would recommend an i5 4670k, GTX 760 or better, and at least 8gb of RAM. Make sure you get a DVD drive for loading X-Plane. -MR
  10. Downloading right now. Didnt have any noticeable issues with 334.89 though.
  11. If anyone here is using CH Products on XP-10 with Win8 successfully, please advise. Win8 is an unknown for me, starting to think that may be an issue.
  12. Seems very odd. The fact that they work in the MS game makes me wonder though, I cant remember anyone having issues like this with CH stuff. Austin endorsed it at one time. I know this sounds trivial but do take a read through the joystick setup section of the manual. Dont want to blame the problem on you but you might be missing something. How does the sim seem to be performing? Sometimes low framerates can cause issues like that. Running out of ideas here other than maybe posting your "log.txt" file found in /X-Plane_10/, there might be clues in there. -NR
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