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  1. Hello guys :-) After a long time I finally decided to buy one of those expense cyclics for helicopter... no choice! I made a video, little review about that cyclic with a little intro into it.... have fun:
  2. Flying around just gets crazy with such view. The original res is 5760x1080.
  3. Just installe and tested them... amazing!!!!! See yourself :-)
  4. check out you're not placing a super CPU on a lowend motherboard... make sure also the graphic card won't be bottlenecked by the Motherboard. 16Gb RAM yes, but not sure that games are using soo much. I just launched XPX on a fully loaded scenery. The XPX tasks says 3,2Gb used... but I checked the ram amount before and after launching.... and looks like 7Gb of ram are used. TBH I never saw a game eating more than that, even reaching it is a bummer (just checked under Watchdog... 2Gb only ^^) Now having more than needed, RAM, isn't false anyway (leaving options open like doing ramdisks for
  5. a bit OT, but to get a real good gaming rig, is building it yourself... I always take an ASUS mb, Intel CPU, and NVIDIA GPU... never ever had any probs with thoose. OT OFF
  6. ah right there where 3D OSM too... then I think it's the 9k which should be raised to.... 15k? I've put 15k on it... now not 200% sure, but think that's to be changed. Maybe Tony will confirm this later on as he's back on tuesday ;-)
  7. Depends on how the LOD has been set when rendering the PBF (osm data) under W2XP.... The higher the value the better the distance, but... beware the fps drops :-) Now if it's an object you can find in the library which causes to popup, then simply open the *.obj file of it, and change its LOD in there.
  8. after some industry buildings and finishing the LIT textures, here the next little project, doing old rotten farmbuildings around... 96 models are available in the WMM, but not yet 'library' implemented' so not used by W2XP yet. More to come
  9. I finally found time to do night textures for the appartments I did... here 2 screenshots hébergement gratuit
  10. Hi everyone :-) As some asked me how this or this works, and I remember how difficult my beginning were on modifying xplane sceneries a time ago, I thought I'd make a very simple video, taking as example a badly-placed scenery. It's not an A-Z tutorial, but just covers one method... sounds simple, but it took me time to find out how to do that, last year ^^ The rest is english spoken inside the vid... If you have sugestions on what a video would be usefull too, don't hesitate, always open to new ideas and constructive critics
  11. News ^^ For next W2XP version, new Industrial Textures/Facades will be done. Here a few from my test area....
  12. Thnks :-) Bout the titan black, don't speak too fast :-) I think the titan alone is an overshoot. I barely reached 25 fps, and had to drill down some options. Overshoot why? Cause when I look at the load of the CPU and GPU, Xplane needs way more programming tuning to run better... CPU around 30%, and the titan around 40%. I expected way more, but no. The limit must be reached where the bus (FSB) doesn't follow the whole data flow anymore, well, it's what I guess...
  13. Hi all :-) All add ons are just breathtaking when in the air. Here LSZH from tdg, VFR's from Daikan, satelite pics with G2XPL, and all the rest, of course, calculated with World2Xplane! And here ends the flight...
  14. Well, you posted a time ago pics with over 100fps... that's what it looks like, exactly :-)
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