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  1. Sorry,This was a non-tech issue that had to do with the initial transaction itself,Thank You very much for asking.Cheers
  2. Hello.I've had a support ticket in since 4-27-16 with no reply,Can someone please help me with this?Thank You #MRR9P
  3. Great post! I think to find out how you got where you are,you need to first remember with whom and where you've been.
  4. Will Someone Please tell the Pilot The Flight Attendant would like Her Shoes and Socks back
  5. Don't be Scared........It's only a Simulation.
  6. Thank You tkyler for keeping us updated with the great progress,much appreciated.
  7. YES!!! I think they've installed a "Money Counting" room at X-Pilot HQ similar to a Las Vegas Casino
  8. http://forums.x-pilot.com/topic/8707-ixeg-737-progress-update-january-22nd/?p=92094
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