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  1. The 787 was never publically released and given that he is now in university, I imagine a website is the least of his worries. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  2. Unfortunately X-Plane Aviators shut down their website. I'm not sure if there is a separate download available.
  3. I'm not 100% sure about what you are asking, however, in response to Question 2, only the scenery that has been downloaded will be updated; no extra scenery tiles are downloaded with the updates.
  4. Download the XP9 demo from x-plane.com. It comes with Planemaker 9.70.
  5. Cruising in the clouds FSXP 767-300
  6. Have you put these files into the custom scenery folder?
  7. What aircraft and/or scenery are you using? This can vary FPS quite a bit. EDIT: E.g. LES SAAB 340 and KSFO Tom Curtis package or default aircraft/scenery?
  8. What are your clouds at in your rendering settings? If they are quite high this will drop your FPS majorly.
  9. If you have MisterX6's KSFO you can download a version that doesn't have the invisible barrier. The barrier is used for Marginal's traffic plugin I believe.
  10. such a shame AC won't be operating it . Great shot nonetheless!
  11. True enough. But if they are going to sell liveries for $10 they should try to make them proper or true to the original.
  12. I really want to like the plane, but when you have to pay for liveries that don't even match or are correct it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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