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Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v5

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Captains,   It is with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement that I get the opportunity to announce SkyMaxx Pro v5 to you today! Version 4.0 was our longest major version run, and it's time to turn t

Hi @Honey56, This is a pretty extreme comparison. If $19.95 USD is going to cause you a life or death situation, you should probably re-evaluate flight simming. I'm sorry that you're in tough tim

Great new , in two ways, first in the performance of the software itself with Vulcan and second nice commercial approach for us the users and owners of SMP and RWC   I'll be there next week for buy V5

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2 hours ago, akatham said:

Do you have v-sync turned on ingame? I remember from some 11.50 beta devblogs one developer mentioning that it was broken in opengl and actually working under vulkan when someone mentioned lower framerates...

Yes I do have v-sync turned on and the Nvidia settings to go with it also active.  I can't remember exactly what they are but I know when I activated one setting in the Nvidia driver it mentioned turning on the other two (one is G-Sync) for best performance.  I didn't touch the Nvidia driver when I just tried the return to OpenGL.

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Hello, I'm pretty new to V4  and excited to see this new version coming out soon, just curious about the sky colors though, I was using "SkyMaxx Hosek-Wilkie Sky Model" and it seemed that altitude played minimal to no role in sky colors, I fly alot of U-2s and Concorde so I end up going to those higher altitude often and sky colors at 10,000ft seemed the same as up at 50,000-70,000ft with a nice light blue tone, is there any chance we could expect some changes to it for more realistic darker tone at those altitudes, good example of colors I found this timestamp and before is about FL440 and after is FL700 from what I see on the instruments both of which much darker https://youtu.be/m0-icS-XOFU?t=391

if there is some sort of xplane limitation to this effect I totally understand!


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On 1/19/2021 at 11:53 AM, Cameron said:

on the Mac side Metal is an impressive uptick in performance for X-Plane as a whole over OpenGL

Well I still don't get it but I had to refresh my XP install after the need to delete the settings file and when I hit some very cloudy weather, my OpenGL rates choked.  Switched back to Vulkan, no other changes, and I was up by about 30 fps.  So I guess I have to take it back ... :mellow:

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I purchased SkyMaxx Pro v4 a while ago, and in the trade-off for performance, I turned the cloud drawing distance down to very small, resulting in poor aerial visuals at FL300+.
What is the improvement of SkyMaxx Pro v5 in cloud drawing compared with V4?

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8 minutes ago, Jonnti46 said:

Will it fix the long standing issue of double vision clouds in VR? I’d be pretty disappointed to pay for an upgrade if to then find it still is not working- especially with emphasis on the VR side on the update? 

Frank was optimistic about it, but only cautiously:

The update he was referring to is indeed v5. As we can't reproduce it on our end, I can't give you a firm answer other than we hope so.

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