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  1. i am enoying the aircraft a lot i have only one question i have purchased today the g5 avonics package only i am not seeing it in the islander best regards julian
  2. i have question i dont really understand what i need to buy if have already active sky xp so if i want to use skymax pro v5 need i only to buy skymax v5 or both skymax pro and the Real Weather Connector ?
  3. thanks for you help i have resloved it just deleted the plane and gizmo and reinstalled it now its working again thanks for you help
  4. i have removed all axis and buttons and its still happening aim not using any scripts for the controls
  5. i have trottle issue that i moves by its self to idle postion in the tbm 900 even when i dont have maped buttons and axis to the Trottle in other plane i dont have any issues aim using hotas warthog as joystick and trottle and mfg crosswind peddals as rudder
  6. i have solved it very strange i can only download it with my vpn
  7. no i dont have any antivirus and windows defender i have shutdown
  8. file name TBM900-windows-installer and the folder name tbm 900 v1.1.4b
  9. yes aim pointing installer to main xplane folder indeed
  10. i have deleted the folder and i get still get the same message
  11. i have the same issue with the installer i get error when aim trying to install the plane witch folders i need to delete manually ?
  12. julian1992


    is there another driver you can recommend ?
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