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  1. thanks for you help i have resloved it just deleted the plane and gizmo and reinstalled it now its working again thanks for you help
  2. i have removed all axis and buttons and its still happening aim not using any scripts for the controls
  3. i have trottle issue that i moves by its self to idle postion in the tbm 900 even when i dont have maped buttons and axis to the Trottle in other plane i dont have any issues aim using hotas warthog as joystick and trottle and mfg crosswind peddals as rudder
  4. i have solved it very strange i can only download it with my vpn
  5. no i dont have any antivirus and windows defender i have shutdown
  6. file name TBM900-windows-installer and the folder name tbm 900 v1.1.4b
  7. yes aim pointing installer to main xplane folder indeed
  8. i have deleted the folder and i get still get the same message
  9. i have the same issue with the installer i get error when aim trying to install the plane witch folders i need to delete manually ?
  10. julian1992


    is there another driver you can recommend ?
  11. julian1992


    i had CTD i have added the log file Log.txt
  12. ooh aim quiet new to xplane did not know that it was beta version
  13. do we need update for the plane that it works with the latest update from Xplane
  14. i have solved it i went to window mode and back in full screen mode and restart the xplane one time and UI and maintance manager is working fine now
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