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    Captains, We are pleased to announce the Douglas DC-3 v2 is near release! This has been in development for the better part of a year and a half, and it will be a significant upgrade to the current DC-3 that LES has had on the market since 2012. In comparison, it will be multitudes more realistic in systems simulation that you have come to expect from Leading Edge Simulations, and further, the 3D modeling and texturing has huge upgrades as well. For those of you that have purchased v1, we will be extending a special upgrade discount to you and will announce the details of this soon. Now, let's go over the feature list and then some screenshots! The following is what you can expect out of v2. 1. FLIGHT MODEL a. Accurate flight characteristics. b. Accurate engines performance. c. Accurate weight and balance model. 2. SYSTEMS Complete simulation of all aircraft systems including: a. Electric. b. Hydraulic. c. Pneumatic. d. Custom Sperry A-3A Automatic Pilot simulation. e. Custom fuel mixture logic for Auto-Lean and Auto-Rich functions. f. Custom lighting. 3. GRAPHICS a. Accurate reprecentation of the DC-3 aircraft. b. Full use of PBR materials with extreme weathering effects. 4. SOUNDS a. Complete FMOD sound package by AudioBirdXP 5. EFFECTS a. Full custom effect package including: i. Engine exhaust smoke and heat blur. ii. Props vapor condensation depending on ambient humidity. 6. UI (User Interace) Modern X-Plane 11 type User Interface for: a. Maintenance: Keeping track of aircraft and engines operating hours and execute maintenance as required. b. Options: Hardware options for differential braking and/or throttling during taxi, external power connection, and more. c. Aircraft Loading: Adjust number of passengers per compartment, cargo weight per loading area, fuel loading per tank, with repspective CG diagram. b. Checklist: Complete checklist for all flight phases. And of course, screenshots! We plan to have consistent preview updates with loads of information leading up to release from here on out...and we'll soon have this in your hangars too!
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    I ended up buying it. I'll wait to do VR until I know the aircraft better.
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    Hello Just a flightsim pilot here. I found the sweet spot to be between 75 and 85 percent for my 27" screen. Currently have it at 80. I think what´s more important, is your eyepoint in terms of how high you "sit" in the virtual seat. It can make a huge difference. This is my specific default eyepoint, adapted for every airliner I have in my hangar. Vertical camera tilt is always the same, three finger width between screen top and horizon: the camera is probably a tad high, but it gives me perfect vision and it is set up according to the boeing seat adjustment guide. But I see people trying to land with eyepoints like this: Wich to my experience is making a stable aproach and good flare nearly impossible. It is very noticable how much RWY visibility I lost in the second picture. Having a +1 to +2,5 degree deck angle at approach and flare will block all visibility of the RWY. That way landings are more guesswork than anything else. I mentioned my camera tilt do be always the same; to me it is vital because it gives my brain something to fall back on to judge the attitude of the aircraft. Having always the same camera setting on approach gives me the ability to juge the situation by fixpoints wich makes a bit up for the missing depth perception. Maybe this helps a bit. Let´s see what Jan has to say. Happy Landings SkyFly
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    Every manipulator, menus, etc, are accordingly to the guidelines for supporting VR. So yes.
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    Well, we look forward to you finally giving ours a try and seeing you in the virtual skies!
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    I had the FOV at 72° for a long time and thrust me, 80° is the highest I will go. It´s the upper limit of weird, but not too weird. Anything above seems unnatural to me. It´s relly a matter of individual taste, eye-screen distance, and screen size. Play around to find your personal sweet spot. Don´t hesitate to change it from now and then. I don´t know how often I have changed camerapositions and FOV settings to find the speet spots. The "W" view is probably a nice compromise but for me personaly it was too low and I want all my Airliners, espechially my 737s to have a uniform viewpoint blablabla. I´m repeating myself. Check this out.:
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    I usually use the W view for when I land which seems quite natural. But I'm indeed wondering about the correct FOV at this point, so you'd have instrument coverage. It's difficult to judge how much you should have realistically in your peripheral vision, without distortion and over-helping yourself by seeing too much. I like your first picture, maybe with somewhat less FOV.
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    There are several people that have built a home cockpit around our 737 - maybe they can chime in how they dealt with that? I have no idea ;-) I understand the request and the desire to make this work. We will see. But don´t hold your breath for it, that may be dangerous to your health! Cheers, Jan
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    But this is an ILS approach. The earlier GPS navigated part shouldn't have an effect on the final approach. I might as well being vectored to final with HDG hold. It felt like VNAV is properly executed with localiser guidance, but LNAV is not. Hmm. There is something not right with how AP behave. I mean I didn't used bendix/king in real life but quite a lot of addons use the same device. For example, the one on Carenado B58 keeps vertical and lateral attitude when AP button is activated. In BN-2 it directly goes to VS mode with 0 setting, resulting a sharp pitch down during climb. Im not sure if this is how it behaves in real life or not, but it is disturbing. Weird. Maybe someone with a real life experience on BN-2's can pinpoint the issue.
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    If you read what it says, seems for some reason you must know, do not have the permission to run it. Try as administrator, or contact Laminar (click that button).
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    My setup is way too complicated to explain in a few sentences. But basicly, JoyToKey gives you much more posibilities in terms of profiles, multibindings, profile roation and so on. So What I´ve done now, I can hold the flap up button on my throttle and it will repeat the command two times a second als long as I hold the button. So now I just have to get used to holding it down when going-around. Don´t know why I didn´t use this feature earlier. So, workaround fot the problem is found.
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    No problem - I haven´t heard of this before - maybe some more people will sound off with the same problem, then we have something to troubleshoot. Not quite sure I understand the "JoyToKey" concept...why don´t you just map the button directly to the command via native X-Plane? Hope you find the solution, viele Grüße, Jan
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    You can also map that to a keyboard button..
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    Thanks for all the help. I will try the Gizmo beta. Yesterday I reduced scenery density to High, went from 4x FXAA to 2x and disabled SkyMaxx. Was able to complete a full flight nicely with IXEG.
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    I digress on the "toggle height". setting the cant angle to 7º has the yoke now partially obscure the EHSI bezel without changing the height at all. There is probably no need to lower it. -TK
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    7º cant and "toggle height" command have been added. Just click on the yoke shaft to toggle between normal height and "lowered height". The problem is...just what is the "right height"....it depends on one's preferred height view. With the 7º cant added in, this is now the deafult view with the yoke in the lowest position. -tkyler
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    Thanks to Ch.Cole for Rotating Beacon and Landing Lights Mod!
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    Doing some testing and shakedown flights to make sure all new features and fixes work as planned. So far things are going really good. ...at least for the passengers on MY aircraft .
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