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  1. Merry Christmas everyone. @Goran_M Just noticed that the exterior lighting behaviour doesn't appear to agree with the POH; according to page 7.8.14 "The Pulse lite system (if installed) enables the pilot to control landing light flashing to be seen by the control tower or in heavy traffic areas". On the sim the taxi lights will flash when pulse is selected but not the landing lights - suspect that's supposed to be the other way around. Cheers, Colin
  2. Excellent news! (I know how frustrating things like this are). I recall the time where I had a PC brought in for repair; modem wasn't working. Being the logical/pragmatic person that I am my approach was to see if the fault moved when I moved the modem to another PC. It went something like this: 1. Move modem to another PC and test. Modem works OK - so fault not the modem. 2. Install new modem in same slot in orignal PC. Modem works OK - so fault not the PC 3. Install original modem in original PC and test. Modem works - so "shake head and move on to next problem on ne
  3. Most things don't change from cycle to cycles - so probably the "best bang for your buck" would be to sign up to NaviGraph - update - and then cancel your subscription; it'll probably cost you less than a coffee and a piece of cake at Starbucks.
  4. Sounds like you've definitely got something conclicting somewhere; suspect the only way you're going to get to the bottom of it is a clean install. I had a quick look at your logs - I see you've got some plugins (always a good place to start) - also see that you're running it off of a drive linked to OneDrive; personally I wouldn't do that given what I've seen in the past with the way many of these types of services can create conflicts with file locks at inopportune times.
  5. Possibly the only way you're going to get to the bottom of it will be via a clean install. The only reason I have XP is because MSFS2020 TBM 930 p*ssed me off so much - so all I have is XP & the TBM900 - and everything seems to work pretty much "as advertised". I know it's a bit of a pain but you might need to do a clean install - verify that it works - then add things one at a time to see what breaks it.
  6. Yep. From what I can tell, it mostly relates to the surface that it's on - or more specifically "the surface that it THINKS it's on" (I suspect that it thinks some surfaces have a higher friction coefficient than what us humans would assume to be the case). Generally what happens is I'm looking at the aircraft from the front - use the throttle controls to control the tow power - tow device makes a noise proportional to the power setting - some "visible vapour" comes off the tyres momentarily - and nothing else happens. Goran said the "visible vapour" represents dust, but I'm not clear on
  7. Excellent news. To be honest, I have no idea what the actual G1000 in a TBM requires in terms of "FD before arming anything else"; I always fly with the FD on so it's not a biggie for me either way. I've also found that vertical nav requires you to "keep ahead of it"; if you try to engage it (or lower the selected altitude) after it should already have kicked in then you're out of luck. Not 100% sure of the exact behaviour - will learn more over the Christmas break.
  8. I was struggling to understand a couple of aspects of the interior lighting control behaviour so I looked up what it said in the official TBM900 POH (pages 7.8.16 & 7.8.17). It mentions that the emergency lighting is controlled by an emergency lighting switch located (what appears to be) a few inches above the center of the overhead panel (marked #5 in the diagram). The POH goes on to say "A rheostat located on the cockpit overhead panel controls emergency lighting operation & intensity. Forward rotation of control knob allows changing from OFF position to minimum lighting then i
  9. Hmmm. I'm at a loss to understand why the PFC-throttle hardware would output mixture information if only the throttle was moved. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to simply sell the PFC-throttle and buy something like the Bravo Throttle Quadrant? (I have one on order, but unfortunately it's not shipping until February next year).
  10. Unfortunately, I can't read German - but reading through what you've written in English, my understanding is that your throttle hardware is also sending mixture information to the aircraft and that you can't find a way to disable that. Is that correct? I'm no expert in these things (unfortunately) - I think that "mixture" control inputs move the throttle on the TBM when it's in the high-idle / low-idle / cuttoff condition state (ie moved to the right hand side) (I've moved it using the function keys - F2 & F3? off memory). Are you able to move the throttle using only the mouse un
  11. Hope you (or someone else here) is able to get it sorted for you. I was looking at getting that VR headset myself, but since 1 went from a single monitor to 3 - frankly - it's just so damn nice that I'm not in any particular hurry to go the VR route at this stage. Would it be worth "maxing everything out" (at the expense of frame rate) to see what it does in terms of image clarity? And if that cures it then back settings off in the hope of getting a good compromise? I'm no expert in these things, but 2x 4k is more pixels than my 3x 1920x1080 setup - and I'm running that on an RTX 308
  12. Good thing that we have it then!
  13. For what it's worth, I have a software setup that's about as basic as it's possible to get; XP11.50R3 & the HotStart TBM 900 - that's it (inc Gizmo which got installed at some point ... I don't even know what it does). I get the occasional CTD, but they're pretty few and far between (perhaps 1 every couple of weeks). The base code seems pretty solid.
  14. Thanks for that - I won't try to hold anyone to it. What I WILL do however is continue to enjoy a damn-fine model and will look forward to (hopefully) enjoying an even better model early(ish) in the new year. Regards to your wife! PS: If anyone wants to know how bad it could have been, do what I did yesterday and go fly the TBM 930 in MSFS2020; it's an absolute piece of &*$%; very little works on the G3000 - what does work often doesn't work properly - lots of other things don't work either - and it's got so many bugs I'm struggling to remember them all. Literally couldn't wait to get
  15. I don't know anything about .fms "versions" - all I know is that on my model the database date on the MFP init screen was about 4 years ago until I updated it using the 11.41- format data using NaviGraph. If I'm understanding what's been written elsewhere then - the TBM 900 should work with V11.50+ nav data with the exception of the ILS guideance, but all I can say is "that hasn't been my experience"; the database date stayed around 4 years old until I used the 11.41- format and it's been fine ever since. I use Navigraph to produce FMS plans for the G1000; so long as I append .fms to the
  16. You'll need to use an external provider like NaviGraph (who also provide additional flight-planning tools). If you do go the NaviGraph route be sure to use the X-Plane 11.41- format for the TBM900 or (from my experience) it doesn't work.
  17. Is there any potential for a compromise here? Along the lines of "Most likely in the next month" or "Probably not for at least 3 months" (etc). Promise I won't tell anybody off (I appreciate that it requires an educated guess, but your guess is likely to give us a far better "guesstimate" than ours).
  18. I probably can't help much but, personally, I think it would be great if we could have an option to stop those panels from popping out if we don't want them. In VR are you able to drag them with the mouse to get to a window control? When trying to get the ideal setup optimisation (3 screen, RTX 3080) I found that the anti-aliasing affected texture sharpness; is there anything you can play with in that dept to improve it?
  19. Make sure that the saved file has a .fms extention - seems to be a bit of a NaviGraph bug.
  20. Out of interest, what dates are showing on your MFD when you initialise it?
  21. No worries. In my case I'm pretty sure that 90% of the problem is the part between the yoke and the seat!
  22. My experience was that it handles audio differently to regular XP aircraft. To get any sound I had to start XP (to the menu stage) then go into Windows sound settings and assign XP to the device I wanted - and then it was fine (but I wasn't having issues with "loud static" - just no sound at all). Only other sound that I've heard remotely like that is the "hiss" when the ANR headset is switched on.
  23. Perhaps the other question that needs to be asked is "is there ever really an occasion where we need to save a flight"? Given that it carries on from where it left off anyway (I even had a CTD and was back flying again at the same position within about a minute - off memory all I had to do was reprogram the G1000). Personally I've never found a need to save a flight - unless I'm missing the obvious?
  24. For what it's worth, I've been "getting to know" the G1000 & AP systems for a few days now - and have discovered quite a few "gotchas"; I'm assuming that most are correct G1000 / AP behaviour but as I don't have any experience with G1000 IRL I can't say for sure. Some of the following might (or might not!) help. 1. You need to turn on the Flight Director by pressing the FD button before you can select a lateral navigation mode. 2. You need to turn ALT on before pre-selecting an altitude; if you do it the other way around it'll change whatever you've entered to whatever altit
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