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  1. I have had this same problem and never found a solution. Nothing I did had any impact. It's frustrating as I use those bearing needles on other planes for flying airport patterns and other purposes.
  2. I am still unclear how to revert to the 11.41 format with the latest AIRAC data from the FAA but without using Navigraph for which I don't have an account. Is there a step by step procedure someone could please post? Many thanks.
  3. Does the Navigraph fix for the ILS issue work for those of us who don't have Navigraph accounts? If not, doesn't do much good. I get my AIRAC updates directly from the FAA so can't use that fix. Thanks.
  4. CJ - Yes. You have to quickly learn the art of troubleshooting to fly this plane. It is the most finicky plane I've run across in any sim. I had one normal flight after fixing this control problem and already another gremlin has shown up. Yesterday, the pitch control stopped working. I tried restarting X-Plane, recalibrating the Yoke, checked the AP Trims switch several times, checked the maintenance status of everything. Finally had to go to a new airframe which solved the problem. My plan has been to get really comfortable flying the TBM, then start using it with Pilots Edge. At this point, I don't trust it enough to use on Pilots Edge where you don't want equipment problems when your focused on learning ATC and airspace skills. Thanks.
  5. I am also seeing 2016 data on the MDF boot page and suspect it could be causing nav issues I'm having. I have updated the X-Plane nav data to the latest AIRAC cycle using FAA data following the procedure that has been in effect since before 11.50. You basically download the CIFP file, move it into the X-Plane Custom Data folder and convert it to the format: earth_424.dat. Has this procedure changed in some way? What do I need to do to insure that the TBM is using the current data? Thanks.
  6. Reporting back that the BRG1 problem now seems to be affecting other planes in X-Planes so not a TBM problem. Not sure if it's a navdata issue or what. Have tried all the other troubleshooting steps with scenery, plug-ins and preferences to no avail. Thanks for all your responses.
  7. CJ - Thanks for suggestions. I seem to have solved the problem. First, it turned out to be an X-Plane issue as it repeated with a stock SF-50 Jet. I followed the standard X-Plane troubleshooting sequence (which I only just discovered in a video on their support tab). I removed all plug-ins and custom scenery and still had the problem. Next removed all preferences and that solved it. Added back plug-ins, custom scenery and then preferences one at a time - basic flight controls, graphics settings, etc. So far, it has not recurred. Last step is flight control curves then should be good to go.
  8. On the takeoff roll, the TBM immediately went out of control and began a nose dive into the runway while accelerating extremely quickly. Lost complete control and paused before it actually crashed and burned. Then, got a new airframe and started up on the same runway and the speed tape was registering 45 KIAS while standing still. Weird things going on. I've attached the logs. I rarely have a completely trouble free flight on the TBM. Getting close to giving up on this plane. I have an excellent PC build and have no trouble whatsoever with stock X-Plane equipment. Any help appreciated. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  9. I had a similar towing issue once and realized I had set the chocks when I parked! I assume that has been ruled out already.
  10. Please consider a fix for this issue on the next update because not using Vulkan just to have the AOA meter doesn't make sense. Thanks.
  11. Just checking in on this issue. Still not able to see either BRG1 or BRG2 arrows on the OBS dial. Could that be impacted by scenery plug-ins like Orbx TE or custom airports? But I have this issue everywhere - even away from custom scenery and airports. Thanks.
  12. CJ - Your observation about engaging FD before a lateral AP mode has consistently worked now through several flights -- thank you. If I engage FD, it then allows me to engage NAV which previously I could not do. But it's worth noting, that's not the same as all other X-Plane planes I've flown. All but the TBM allow you to arm NAV or FLC on the ground without having the FD on. Once in the air, engaging AP will then activate NAV, HDG, FLC or VS. So I'm not sure why the TBM was set up to require FD before arming lateral and vertical modes. I have not tried your VNAV suggestions yet as I have not been using SIDs and STARs lately where VNAV becomes more relevant. Thanks.
  13. Is there an ETA on the next Hotstart update that will remedy the "navdata" issue? And if it's not soon, should I revert to the older version of X-Plane in order to fly the TBM with ILS working? By "navdata", I assume we are talking about something in the X-Plane software code, not the AIRAC data for the GPS, correct? Thanks.
  14. Thanks - was the Nav 1 radio -- now fixed. What through me off was that it happened in cold/dark with no battery on.
  15. Not sure what you mean by reverting back to X-Plane 11 navdata. I'm running the latest version of X-Plane 11 and I regularly update the GPS data from the FAA on the AIRAC cycles. Should I be doing something different for the Hotstart TBM? Thanks.
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