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  1. Goran, As a followup, it seems to work great. I took off at a sea level airport and delberately overtorqued the engine. The audio alert went off right at 101% torque. On descent, below 10,00 feet, I turned on the Inertial Separater and again let the torque increase to 101%. The audio alert was dead on at 101%, so the dataref doesn't seem to change value with altitude and is a direct relation to the engine torque. No more turbine repairs or overhauls! Rick S
  2. Goran, I didn't have any luck with PlaneMaker, but I think I may have found a solution. There is an X-Plane dataref called "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_TRQ:0" that has a numerical value that increases with torque. Using SPAD.neXt, I set up a condition when that dataref exceeds 3035 which coincides with 101% torque, it sets off the fire warning bell. Not realistic, I know, but it definately gets your attention. I set this up at Courchevel airport, facing uphill, halfway up runway 21 with full fuel; parking brakes set; and chocked. I kept jumping the chocks at 100% torque on a level airpo
  3. Thanks, Goran. I'll give PlaneMaker a try. Rick S
  4. Occasionally, I will exceed max torque, usually on descent. (Yeah, yeah, bad pilotage, I know) My home cockpit setup is such that I am head down in the instrument panel quite often and don't see the "Overtorque Warning" displayed at the top of the screen. Therefore, sometimes I don't notice it right away and always wonder if I have done damage to the engine. I am wanting to create a Master Warning light and tone using SPAD.neXT whenever max torque is exceeded. I cannot can't seem to locate a dataref that changes state when max torque is exceeded. Is there a dataref I can use to make this hap
  5. I have assigned keyboard shortcuts to pop out the PFD and MFD with no bezels. I must resize and reposition them each time to fit on my two touchscreen panel monitors that are used in conjunction with Air Manager. Is there a way to configure the pop-outs so they retain the proper size and location in my panels? Thanks. Rick S.
  6. Lon, I use two touchscreen monitors and Air Manager to run my G1000 on the SR22 along with Saitek and Goflight hardware. I am using that same command, "afm/sr/cmd/ap/ap" in Spad.neXt to turn on the autopilot using my GoFlight MCP. It works well and engages the autopilot like it should. I have the RealSimGear GCU and have found sometimes that if you go to "Plugins/RealSimGear Device Interface/Connected Hardware" and disconnect and then connect the plugin, it sometimes fixes problems with commands not working. Rick S.
  7. A question for "quazme" or anyone else that can help. I have the latest version of Spad.next version I am still unable to find some custom datarefs for the SR22. Noteably, the following: "afm/sr/apLight/alt" and "afm/sr/apLight/ap". I see them in "DataRefTool" but not in Spad.neXt. There also seems to be some datarefs misssing from the x-plane default "sim" datarefs. I checked my "datarefs.txt" and "commands.txt" files in the aircraft folder and the custom datarefs are there. You mentioned that you have been working with Ulrich getting dataRefs added/corrected. I was wondering i
  8. Just checked again and Spad.neXt version is available. It seems at first glance to have solved most (hopefully all) of my problems. A large number of previously missing "Commands" and "Datarefs" are now visible in the program. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see if I am able to comfigure my panels to this SR22. Rick S.
  9. Ulrich sent me an email today stating that he would be updating Spad.neXt tomoorow (Saturday). This upgrade will supposedly be a fix to the problem. We shall see.
  10. Scot, What version of Spad.neXt are you running? Ever since upgrading to the latest version, I am no longer able to locate most of the various custom commands. And, I am not sure if all the custom datarefs are available either. In the earlier version of Spad.neXt, I was able to drill down and locate the custom datarefs and commands for a particular aircraft so long as I had a commands.txt and a datarefs.txt file that contained them located in the aircraft folder. In this new version, it doesn't work anything like the old one. To search datarefs, a list of aircraft developers is
  11. I use Air Manager with 2-Touchscreeen Monitors on my home cockpit. Since I do not own the RSG G1000 PFD and MFD, I do not see any option to pop out the G1000 displays without a bezel. I read in an earlier post that the bezel less popup commands appear when 2 way communication is established between the RSG and SR22 plugins. I do not yet own the G1000 Suite but I do own the GCU. Is there any way I can modify the GCU plugin to enable the bezel less pop up command function? If not, can the G1000 display bezels be removed through other means? Rick S.
  12. Goran, Wishful thinking I guess. I have had limited success running two independent copies of X-Plane while using SmartCopilot. I have the 2 PC’s networked on my local LAN but I am not using the Master/Slave function within X-Plane. It requires a careful matching of both airplanes prior to syncing them together with SmartCopilot but I have been able to make it work. I can relate to the problems Kanaj was having. The door was just one of many items that managed to get out of sync in my case. I have also been able to get it to partially work by combining the Master/Slave function
  13. I know this topic has been addressed before, but I would like to bring it up again. There are some of us who have spent a great deal of time and money building a home cockpit. My cockpit requires two PC's that run two networked versions of X-Plane. One PC runs the flight model and two touchscreen monitors on the instrument panel using Air Manager to display the PFD and MFD. The second "Display PC" runs the outside view graphics on 3 each 50" TV's. I am a huge fan of the TBM 900, but it is extremely difficult to operate the aircraft in a networked configuration. Because many of the dataref
  14. I have a 3-screen multi-monitor setup. If I set up the middle screen as the main screen (preferable), the toolbar is located on the left-hand side of the middle screen. When the toolbar collapses (ie. when not in use), the portion of it that goes out of view in the center screen becomes fully visible on the right-hand edge of the left-hand screen. The only way I can fix the visibility issue is to select the LH screen as the main screen (not preferable). This puts the toolbar on the left-hand side of the left screen. Has there been any thought to redesigning the toolbar so that is less visi
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