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  1. Unfortunately I agree with you, the problem seems to be limited to some users so it follows it must be related to user configuration/environment. I was afraid it is the case from the beginning. I have been through this process a couple times to diagnose various issues and it is PIA. Oh well, what needs to be done needs to be done. Many plugins are self contained, or need to be called/activated to do something, prime suspects are obviously the "intrusive" ones like Pilot2ATC, TrafficGlobal, SAM and similar. I have already removed Data Ref Tool and Data Ref Editor, I use them in development of checklists and vrconfig files and forgot to move out. Sadly no difference. I fly exclusively in VR, if done right the level of immersion is unparalleled. Highly recommended! BTW, I have checked in 2D too, same problem, so the missing overlay needles are not directly related to VR. I will post when I find something - or if I cannot find anything. Thanks! Jarek
  2. Here is my Log.txt Best, Jarek Log_tbm900.txt
  3. Thanks! I will try to fly tomorrow and post the log. One question - do you have most recent Navigraph data (2101)? It may be related to that ... Best, Jarek
  4. Sorry if it was not clear: yes, I have checked with a flight plan, same result. There are no overlay needles for GPS or VOR, CDI itself works. To be clear I don't blame TBM900 developers for anything, just looking for help. They did great job creating a fantastic add-on plane. I am very familiar with software development and I fully understand that the cost for extensive modifications to Laminar standard G1000 (that are so cool) is inevitably introducing new problems. I have been using lots of various add-ons and all of them have problems here or there, and I can list a lot of known Laminar problems too. When asking the question in this thread I actually hoped I am doing something wrong, it is by far the easiest and fastest to correct :-). I am sure generic Laminar G1000 has bugs too, that is why I have compared TBM900 to the other G1000 planes in exactly the same environment. Generic G1000 works with overlay needles, TBM900 G1000 does not. I hope it can be made working soon :-). The needles worked before, I saw them in YouTube TBM900 videos (Reflected Reality Simulation tutorials), so I guess something has changed. Maybe it is related to the Navigraph data format change? Or a fix to this problem in the recent version? Or of course I may be doing something wrong ... Best, Jarek
  5. I did test it all in flight first before posting, with (and then without) GPS flight plan. Anyway, "Direct to" is a valid flight plan too :-). It is not related to reception on the ground, but I wanted to post a picture of the problem so I did it on the ground since it was faster. CDI itself IS working, I can get VOR, LOC and GPS course/deviation on CDI, but I cannot get overlay needles associated with BRG1 and BRG2, they just don't show up. I am using the newest X-Plane with the newest Navigraph data (2101 rev 1). Please help! Jarek
  6. Hi, I have bought TBM900 few days ago and I have been enjoying the process of learning and mastering this wonderful airplane. Today I tried to switch on some CDI bearing needles for reference, and found they are not displayed at all. GPS says "No data", VOR displays info in text, but still does not display the needle. I am setting them via PFD menu BRG1 and BRG2, see attached screenshot. Do I need to do something to enable this feature? I have checked two other G1000 planes (DA62 and C172) and the needles work just fine there (same start, same airport, same scenery, same plugins). Please help! I really like the plane and I would like to take it on long tour ... Best, Jarek
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