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  1. Hello, Is the fire detection system simulated in the HS TBM? Or the fire test button? I can't seem to find it in the cockpit.. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  2. Hi, I can confirm that I don't have any external avionics hardware. I only use a CH yoke, CH TQ and Saitek rudder pedals. Anyway, after re-starting x-plane the screens went back to normal. Regards, Kyrre Andersen
  3. Hello, After buying the hotstart TBM and doing some flights, the PFD and MFD went crazy, I lost most of my indications as you can see on the screenshot. I managed to land visually and after shutting down completely I checked the maintenance manager - everything under avionics was "like new". Could this be a bug or something? And, I also tried to power up again, but the condition persisted. Regards Kyrre Andersen Log.txt
  4. But be aware that when selecting "737-300" from the menu, the software assumes 22K of thrust. The IXEG 737 models the one with 20K engines. So in TOPER, I select the 737-500, because the 500 in TOPER is based on the 20K engines. Even though not entirely correct, performancewise in the sim, I would say it makes little difference to choose another airframe. On the other hand, try to enter an airport with a fairly short runway (around 2000 meters or so), and TOPER will warn you if you try to enter near or at maximum takeoff weight (approx 63.2 tonnes for the 300). I also tried reducing the
  5. Hello, But shouldn't the thrust display readout show something like (D-TO) if a derate is selected (like shown here) ? I have noted that when using an assumed temperature during takeoff, the display on the engine instruments stay at R-CLB all the way up to crz level. I thought that the thrust mode display would switch to CLB when passing 15000 feet or so. Br. Kyrre Andersen
  6. Hello, There seems to be a bug in the terrain display. When choosing normal map mode (expanded map), the terrain seems to draw fine. However, when selecting the MAP CTR mode, the minimum and maximum elevation figures are displaced out of view. Location was ENGM (lined up on RWY 01L) Please see screenshots. Also a question: On the screenshot with expanded mode, the lowest elevation figure reads 006. I assume this means the lowest elevation within the selected map range is 600 feet. Is this correct? Br. Kyrre Andersen
  7. Great, thanks Br. Kyrre Andersen
  8. Hello there IXEG team, I was just wondering, which of the CFM engines is modelled on the 737-300? Is it the one with 22K engines? Br. Kyrre Andersen
  9. I run X-plane 10.45 with an i7 3770k, 8gb ram and an Nvidia GTX 480 card (really outdated videocard!), with HDR turned on. I'm sceptic to the claim from Muskoka that HDR on causes a drop in FPS from 25% to 40%. I'm sure there are many other ways to improve X-plane performance. I think Muskoka's post was inappropriate and rude, considering that no valid argument could really be presented. Looks more to me like pouring gasoline on a fire. I just felt I had to react to such a post. Enough said for me. Keep up the good work IXEG team ! Regards, Kyrre Andersen
  10. I confirm I have the same issue (on the FMC IDENT page). The displayed valid dates for the AIRAC seems incorrect. Regards, Kyrre Andersen
  11. Hello, Thanks for the answer Good to know it wasn't a bug after all ! Regards, Kyrre
  12. Hello, During my last few flights, HDG SEL roll mode becomes active upon pushing the TOGA button (X-plane default button). I'm pretty certain i didn't touch the HDG SEL button on the MCP prior to taking off. There's nothing really wrong with that, but I thought this feature only worked on the NG's. Is this the correct AFDS behaviour during takeoff when using TOGA? Regards, Kyrre Andersen
  13. Hmm, it might have been the case. For now, I'll check that all the failures within X-plane are turned off before flying. Regards, Kyrre
  14. Hello, Today I did a regular flight. Shortly after takeoff, I was trimming a little to adjust for V2+15 (using the standard elevator trim button assignments in X-plane). As I was trimming the nose down a little, the trim continued to work it's way all the way to the maximum nose down position. Shortly thereafter, the trim went crazy the other way around (full nose up). I tried to counteract with the assigned trim buttons on my CH yoke, but to no avail. In the end, I wasn't able to sustain control anymore, resulting in a stall (deep stall) and subsequent crash with mother earth :(. Du
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