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  1. Goran, thanks for this will try that tonight.
  2. Goran, I’m definitely on non beta 11.26, my main monitor is 4K and my side monitor is 1080p and I use it to display operator station and navigraph charts. before 1.1.1 it worked fine but now to get the sidebar I cannot run full screen it has to be windowed so not sure what’s changed.
  3. Hi, there is a bug in 1.1.1, I am using 11.26 of Xplane not beta, I’m on a dual monitor setup if I go full screen which is my default then I loose the left side menu bar making the plane unusable as you can’t access the maintenance manager etc. if I switch to windowed mode then the menu comes back, can this please be raised as a bug and fixed it’s got to be a simple tweak. to clarify this is on 11.26 of Xplane not beta, and v 1.1.1 of the TBM.
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