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  1. No worries. It doesn't need to be there for the aircraft, but when flying a VOR or NDB procedure using the FMS to actually navigate, IRL it's necessary to monitor the radio aid directly, which you do with the needles. The logic behind all this is if the pilot in the left seat is expected to monitor the pilot in the right seat mashing buttons on the FCP to try their best to fly a procedure from the charts using various rules of thumb they've learned - then why not let the both pilots monitor the FMS doing a better job of flying the jet!
  2. The flight director behaviour was investigated by the subject matter experts and following some additional info the developers have updated the behaviour of the V-bar flight director. The X-ptr director was found to be satisfactory. It will not be in v1.1r1, but the change has been committed ready for the next release.
  3. Looks like there may be a bug there. It seems the system should automatically go from AUTO to MAN mode when the flip-flop / transfer button is pressed. Have logged it for the developers, thanks for the feedback.
  4. Easy mistake to make, it's BRG SRC you need, not NAV SRC.
  5. It does not seem like correct behaviour, personally I'd expect the flip flip button to toggle the radio tuning to manual. However with the Challenger avionics it's often a case of unexpected=correct! I'll do a little bit of digging and report back.
  6. I've had a look through my records of (IRL) uplink free text messages, and can confirm that any from a human being that need a response, include the sender as part of the message body. I know other addons do show sender, but this is incorrect behaviour. Essentially, the sender needs to specifically tell you their address, the network and aircraft do not know the sender otherwise. Remember ACARS is an ancient protocol. However, as Hoppie users do not seem to be aware of this need to send the sender address in the message, I've submitted a feature request to the developers to automatic
  7. It's something that was discussed during development. IIRC there is not a specific sender ID in the real transfer protocol, so the sender ID should be included by the ground station client as part of the message body if required. I'll check the behaviour again though.
  8. Just to keep you updated Rich, one of the Challenger 650 pilots has reviewed the flight performance and checked your report, and agrees that some more refinement is possible. I've logged the case for the developers, and this thread will be updated when I've got more information. Thanks again for the detailed report.
  9. The Challenger will perform this update asynchronously (in the background) while continuing to operate as normal. In this case I feel the sim freeze is not related to the Iridium update, but rather simply coincidental timing. If you have a similar freeze again please post the full log to allow investigation. Thanks.
  10. Check this CB please. You may need to recycle the window heat switches after resetting it.
  11. Thanks. This confirms the issue is a pressurised cabin. Most likely caused by repositioning an aircraft from a low altitude airport to high altitude. I know PHX is not really that high, but enough to cause sufficient deltaP to prevent door opening. The developers will investigate the issue and potentially adapt the persistence logic to deal with this. In the mean time, jump inside the aircraft using the normal X-Plane view controls, power it up and start the APU and bleeds in the normal sense and the cabin pressure control should take over and fix the situation.
  12. The Challenger does not need specific navdata update procedures. It uses the X-Plane nav data, so once you've updated X-Plane in the normal way that data is available to the Challenger. You will need to tell the FMS to use the new data, just like a real aircraft, and this is detailed in the FMS primer document, included with the product.
  13. Not a known issue. Trims set correctly? If it happens again, set the aileron trim as required and then grab a screenshot of the PFD and MFD please.
  14. You can't follow a vertical path automatically when in VOR (green needles) mode. You have to select VS and fly the profile from the chart. The alternative is to treat it like an RNP approach: Check the database coding to make sure the track and descent angle are as per the chart. Tune the VOR, and display the VOR needle using BRG SRC on the DCP. This is to allow monitoring. Leave the navigation in FMS mode - magenta needles. Fly the approach with APPR mode, you should have APPR LNV1 and VGP / GP FMAs. This is shown in the Operations Reference pdf, included in t
  15. Usually caused by doing an APR check without the engines running. Follow the supplied expanded procedures, start the engines and then do the APR check. In this case the message will clear when you do the APR check with the engines running.
  16. Report 2395 Fixed in v1.1r1, January 22, 2022 Issue should be corrected now, related to how the FMS was using the elevation provided by the GPS systems. Please report any further occurrences in a new thread, and mention Report 2395. TVM.
  17. This could be caused by cabin differential pressure - I'm looking for cases that could cause that, but should the situation occur again, please post a screenshot of the Pressurization Control Study window (Under the Challenger 650 \ Study \ Environmental menu)
  18. Report 2273 (don't exclude VFR only airports) Report 2281 (don't exclude airports with only grass runways) Fixed in v1.1r1, January 22, 2022
  19. Thanks for the report. Further work may be necessary for the temperature persistence features as we've had a few reports of similar issues. I've marked this as an open issue for now, and will update the status when investigated.
  20. Report 2282 Report 2322 Fixed in v1.1r1, January 22, 2022
  21. Report 2275 Fixed in v1.1r1, January 22, 2022 The updated Vatsim client should resolve this issue, but the Challenger 650 has also been modified to disable checking weight on wheels status for TCAS traffic which should also allow provide correct behaviour with older vatsim clients. If the update does not also correct IVAO or other clients, please open a new thread for each individual issue to help tracking. TVM
  22. I did a little bit of checking to see what xPilot client was reading, what the Challenger 650 was writing back to X-Plane, and what it wasn't. This seems like inconsistent xPilot behaviour. It appears to be reading the wrong dataref. For gear and speedbrakes it reads from cockpit2 (the switch position), but for flaps it reads from flightmodel. "sim/flightmodel/controls/flaprat", DataRef::FlapRatio CL650 writes to "sim/cockpit2/controls/flap_handle_deploy_ratio" which seems more logical given the other datarefs. These datarefs are written by the Challenger 650, and as f
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