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  1. That must be a very short list of things
  2. I am sure I got it working without power by just setting the park brake etc. BP doesn’t know there is no pressure in the system, just the “switch” setting.
  3. You’d be surprised how many people think they are always filled to the top. Simbrief forecasts are usually very accurate, do you use ASXP too? Conversion errors are not unheard of in real incidents, having a rough idea of factors and only converting at the end can help. You have my sympathy; one aircraft I flew had the left tank in USG, the right in ImpG, weights all in LBS, fuel volumes in litres and an ASI primarily in MPH!
  4. Aircraft are not like cars, you don’t just fill them to the top. Do you use simbrief?
  5. I’ve also experienced FPS tanking with the van. Will grab the log next time.
  6. Sounds sensible, far too sensible for a eurocontrol validated route airways are so last century!
  7. @oisin650is setting final cruise and then putting intermediate hard alts in the legs also valid? I think I tried that on this flight but it didn’t work.
  8. Appreciate it wasn’t really FL190 and the short lower airway leg wasn’t long enough to put in FL190 but that’s what I would always do when it comes to step climbs. OFP steps were LPFR/0190/NAPES/0380 and then I didn’t bother with the yo-yo by going direct.
  9. Depends, if it’s a single owner you go where they want. Fractional ownership might be all over the place, proper charter could certainly be pretty random. Depends what you want, might be some suitable VAs online.
  10. Crz alt FL190 TUPI1V TUPIX Y135 NAPES/N0464F380 UN747 AMOTA UT312 BAZAS/N0465F370 UM192 ROLAS/N0463F380 UN851 RUXET RUXE3N Had to manually update cruise to FL380, then did a self direct BAZAS TOSGA maintaining FL380. Entered the hold one lap at XEMDU then vectors.
  11. I was inbound to the fix with a last minute change to the ILS. I think the CTD came just after changing NAV SRC to the ILS and I was 1 dot high on the GS. CL650_Log.txt Log.txt
  12. This is why it’s important to actually troubleshoot, so much variability. One aspect may also be scenery on storage that’s too fast, flooding the CPU. With ortho on my SSD there would be a noticeable dip when a tile loaded. Over LAN hardly any! Don't forget that Xplane is still significantly CPU bound, HT can also cause issues.
  13. Try removing any ortho. My CPU times take a hammering at high zoom levels which seems to point to VRAM paging, even though the GPU is not working very hard. Using the <6GB option ortho over ZL17 isn’t an option for me with a 1070ti. You can’t really discount it without testing without ortho/TE.
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