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  1. Is anyone planning to develop a x-keys file for the Challenger 650. Seems that it would be of help in getting this bird in the air quicker. I'm just thinking out loud, as I have a x-keys 80 and have used it on many of the smaller GA aircraft. Maybe other x-keys users might like to share thoughts and skills around this post. Thanks and as always......Cheers!!! and Blue Skies to ya....
  2. Which update would that be??? Every flight that I tried to do would go along for awhile, then out of the blue it would lock up. I do not have this problem with any of my other planes and before this 1.1.11 version I had not had any problems with the TBM 900. Great plane, just this version has problems and I'm not the only one as you have seen here. Like everyone else, we'd like it to be fixed or allow us to reinstall our older version, which I tried, but it's not available . I still have my 1.1 installer. Well such as it is, maybe it will be back to 100% Than
  3. Hey Jan, Know the feeling, as I've spent all my evening trying to get a flight in. As you said you are having problems with the TBM 900 crashing. I never had a problem with this plane till this version update. It has not been the same since. I tried to go back to my old version, but they've taken it down on their server. Well best of luck to ya. I won't be flying this one till a fixed version comes out. Darn shame for a great high dollar plane. Cheers.... and Blue skies to ya....
  4. Hey Goran_M, I installed it a third time, but this time I moved the unzipped file to the same drive where my x-plane is and told it to install. Now it looks like everything is working. On the other two attempts to install the unzipped file was on a different ssd-drive and it did install the TBM 900, only the PFD 1 didn't work and a few other thing where not right. Seems all is well now, and it goes with the saying......Third time is a charm. Moral to this story, is to have the unzipped update file on the same drive before double clicking the install. This information is based o
  5. Message: Installed the newest and latest version of the TBM 900 to my Plane 11 and the PFD 1 on the pilot side of the plane does not come on. Help, it was all working before the upgrade. Thank you for your time and efforts in this matter. JT Name of product(s) - Put N/A for none: TBM 900 Also, in the middle screen volts and amps keep flashing and the torque gauge is not working, has a red "x" over it. I was advised to come here for support.
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