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IXEG 737 Classic for X-Plane 12 Announcement


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On 4/4/2023 at 12:31 AM, Cameron said:

It's either the viable path, or no path. We chose the viable one. Should you change your spending habits over a less than $15 charge, I don't know what to really say. Farewell, I guess? Considering the upgrade costs many other developers on a certain other store charge, I don't find this a major issue. We kept the pricing low and in check for a reason. I'm also not really sure which promise you're referencing, but Jan has always had a very open and honest topic about what's not in the IXEG 737 at each patch. His message has always contained the following words:

"We are trying to be as upfront about the shortcomings of our model as possible. I have myself bought many aircraft for flight-simulations boasting great things, only to be disappointed. I want to avoid that for everyone, so if you find a "must have" feature on this list, I encourage you to hold off on purchase until we added your feature in a later patch."

The X-Plane 12 work alone is hundreds of man hours due to major changes in the code interaction with 12, so the upgrade fee would have come about one way or another (and probably much more expensive) had we considered IXEG a feature complete and done package in X-Plane 11 before this upgrade.

It will be available at release of the update. All current customers will receive a discount code.



On 4/4/2023 at 1:32 AM, Cameron said:

Did you read anything that was said above in the initial announcement? Anyone who purchased the product from the date the product page was updated will receive the upgrade for free. That promise has not been broken.

We made ZERO announcements about a free update to existing customers anywhere. We did publish on the product page clearly made for new customers they would get a free update for X-Plane 12. There was a reason for that, and this is not uncommon in the software industry when products are in transition. A product page is an advertisement for potential customers. And, we are holding up that promise as was outlined in the announcement.

A product page is not a means of communication to existing customers. We communicate by e-mail and forum announcements to existing customers, and always have. You're stretching things here.


I am sorry but have to agree with some of the customers.

It also confused me, by making a comment 'X-Plane 12 update will be free', it is very easy to assume it is for everyone.

If you wanted to make exceptions, exclusions or restrictions you should of included this in the above heading.


For example you could of had X-Plane 12 Update will be free for new customers or those who purchased it after a certain date.   Where is can EASILY BE SEEN!

Instead you left the meaning unclear and easily open to misinterpretation.



That said, I know you guys have put i a lot of hard work in upgrading the product (I know it is not a 5min job), and I along with many other people respect that. I know fifteen dollars is an affordable and reasoable price and I myself will be paying it, but I will do it with the view of supporting you guys and a thank you for your time and effort.



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12 hours ago, AngelOfAttack said:

;)Okay, a new aircraft with 90% similarity in FMC to 733 but not a 747?

75/67 confirmed then?:rolleyes:

A NG series would be awesome, I know that zibo is out there and it is an excellent plane but still missing -600 -700 -900 -900ER and if they go a step ahead and make the MAX series, that would be terrific....

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18 hours ago, berilojr said:

A NG series would be awesome, I know that zibo is out there and it is an excellent plane but still missing -600 -700 -900 -900ER and if they go a step ahead and make the MAX series, that would be terrific....

I don't really believe it's 737 in the NG version. Although it would be fantastic to have this coming from these great developers.  By the tip of.. 90% similarity in FMC to 733. I'd say it's closer to the 757/767

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8 hours ago, andrewjw19990 said:

any chance for an updated paint kit prior to release to get some liveries in the works?

No.   The paint kit is a 1:1 match for the 3D exterior model, and until I change the physical 3D model and create the new layouts, the livery layout is fixed and so there's nothing new to release.

We will release a new 3D exterior at some point (and paint kit), and that will be a lengthy process.  I expect to work on that after some of the higher priority FMS items and FMOD sound work are completed.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I bought not longer after it was first released, I put up with the long delay's in keeping customers informed, sporadic updates, etc. In addition to some immersion like opening doors. I continued even after this to commend and recommend the flight model as it was excellent. I was very happy to see the Free Update for XP12 and now shock at how this is now going to be selective. This should definately be revisited by the devoloper. 

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Preview of X-Plane's window icing effects, in case anybody hasn't seen it.  This was my first time seeing it :)


DISCLAIMER:  This is Laminar's default window icing effect and in-sim developer tools....I'm only implementing it. They did a good job!


3 hours ago, smokey43 said:

This should definately be revisited by the devoloper. 

It has been thought through fully.  Without it, the IXEG 733 would have to be retired.   You want some shock....ICON aircraft was 'selling' their aircraft at an estimated 140k about 5 years before it hit the market (and taking deposits against that estimate too)...it ended up hitting the market at over 350,000.00 (over 400k now maybe?)  And their board of directors consisted of a prior Google CEO, Boeing executives, etc.   The point is things change and you adapt as best as you can.  We're not looking back, just forward.


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I don't understand what people ar complaining about a $15 upgrade for...oh gee how will one ever survive?...ON a serious note though, I think people fail to realize that XP12 IS A DIFFERENT SIM... "back in the day" yes EVERYTHING was a free update..However let's all just take a look at what we have now vs 10 years ago. There's no comparison, the systems,modelling, flight dynamics, features, we're all getting things now that 10 years ago we could only dream of having. So for those like myself who've had this bird for several years...Pay the CHEAP upgrade price and keep on flying! I promise...it's most likely going to be worth it...and a little secret...You'll probably forget about the $15 not even 15 minutes after purchasing the upgrade!

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I would like to chime in here - I have worked with Tom on this over the last week intensively - previously I had test flown the 737 in XP12 (after we fixed the major roadblocks of even getting if flyable, like making the flaps work, etc.) and I had tuned the flight model.

Tom worked hard on 3D modeling over the last months with little for me to do (I am too stupid for blender and those things) and now with him approaching the end of that work, I dove back into flight and system testing.

The more I test, the more stuff shows up that does not work anymore, because Laminar changed things - and these changes are all improvements in modeling systems, yet they still leave our "old" way of doing/overriding them unusable.

So in a very real way we have to redo a lot of the things we already did for XP11, it is not a quick conversion at all - and this is something we definitely underestimated when we initially said to "upgrade to XP12 for free".

The move from XP11 to XP12 is not an upgrade, it is in many areas a repeat of the dev work work we already did for XP11. And I am thankful for most of our customers to be very understanding of the fact that we charge a small price to compensate us for this!

I think the old 737-300 still has a lot of life in her, I thoroughly enjoy my "test flights" and find myself again and again to "just finish this approach" even though I was just testing some autopilot PID constant ... simply because it is fun to fly and looks great in XP12 :).

Cheers, Jan

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It becomes tiresome to read the whinging about upgrade prices from a vocal few who seem to have no respect for the amount of work it takes to develop hi fidelity addons.

I bought the IXEG a long time ago nd have flogged it to death and will be very glad to see one of the most immersive addons in any sim updated and expanded upon.

Anyone who expects that for free after years of usage is being disrespectful to ALL developers who spend many hours for very little reward.

Big thanks to those who are bringing the 733 back bigger and better than ever.

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46 minutes ago, Litjan said:

Another successful testflight this morning - Flagstaff, Az to Tucson, Az.

We are still ironing out some issues, but here are two screenshots (one showing the current look of the new GUI).




IXEG I miss you ^_^

Is the weather radar working?

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5 hours ago, Litjan said:

Yes, it is.

Wx  radar is something that adds a lot to the immersion for me. I bought this aircraft a couple months ago and while i knew it was good it has become one of my favorites. Just curious how good the wx radar is in XP12.  Hope you're getting some riding in.

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