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  1. It does thank you, I just wasnt sure with the XP12 version of the aircraft the textures were going to be in different directories making any texture mod for previous version incompatible. If they remain the same then this mod should work. The integrated cue EADI mod is located here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69579-integrated-cue-eadi-for-boeing-737-300-ixeg-with-different-color-options/ not sponsored.
  2. Out of curiosity, with the XP12 version of the aircraft will the Intergrated Cue EADI texture mod work with it?
  3. I for one am looking forward to this. Take my money please I would love to operate this aircraft again in XP12.
  4. Just out of curiousity, with the Gizmo Plugin it causes issue with other addon aircraft (X-Plane crashing to desktop) im just wondering if this plugin issue will be addressed obviously not right now but at some point in the future once the IXEG is safely off the ground in XP12? Btw thanks for your hard work in IXEG team for getting this aircraft working in XP12 its really appreciated!
  5. Im glad about that response, to be honest I dont want xplane addons in msfs, I dont consider msfs as in depth of a simulator as xplane. When developers are having to port aircraft from one sim to another quality drops significantly. Inibuilds are good developers however the msfs a310 is incomplete/buggy, while im sure they will sort the bugs out eventually the decision by them to run on both platforms have left four incomplete/buggy aircraft one for msfs and three for xplane 11. Updates for one platform have to wait until completion of the other. I would prefer if addon developers would stick to one simulator and put the time and effort into one simulator so there arms are not stretched out beyond belief. If your prefer msfs thats fine but in a discussion about the 733 in xp12 I dont think it has a place but each to their own.
  6. Awesome News, do the engine start in a realistic manner? I have notice with a lot of other addons in XP12 the N2 rotation on start up is ridiculously quick about 5 seconds before it reaches 40% N2. It is obviously an issue with XP12 however I am just abit curious if this issue exists with the 733 in XP12 or if thats something that will be sorted down the line?
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