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Mitsubishi MU-2 Version 2.0 Release Announcement!


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The Mitsubishi MU-2 is somewhat of a special aircraft for us at X-Aviation, primarily because it was the first product ever sold when we opened our store 14 years ago. Since that initial release in 2008, @tkyler has kept the MU-2 relevant in our catalog and updated it free of charge through four major versions of X-Plane. That's quite a long time of dedication!

Today, we're officially announcing Friday, July 15, 2022 as the release date for v2 of this great aircraft! This isn't just an update to the existing aircraft! It's an entirely new code base, 3D model and FMOD sound simulation. It is truly a new product.


Please join us for some live streaming sessions and chats!

We have lined up several streams this week to showcase the aircraft. The first stream will be today/tomorrow (depending on where you live) with Reflected Reality's@Graeme_77 , July 10th at 1700UTC (1PM Eastern Time for US Residents).

Following that, on Tuesday, July 12th, JonFly will be streaming at 8pm Eastern.

We have a third stream being lined up, and we'll be sure to leave an announcement about that once timing is finalized.

Release time:

We are a USA based company, and you can anticipate the release to occur in the afternoon on Friday. We'll update with a better time as the product nears closer to release.


We will be announcing price (as we always do) once the product page is up and running. More details about the product as a whole will be there too.


We want to thank our loyal MU-2 customers for supporting us over the years, and there's no better way to do that than to offer up a nice discount for v1 users! Later in the week (but prior to release), we will be sending out $20 discount coupons to all current v1 customers to use towards the purchase of v2.

Please Note: These discount coupons will be valid for 60 days, after which upgrade discounts will end. Secure your discount early to not forget!


The MU2 v2 will come with online based documentation. We will release that documentation here prior to release so people may get a better grasp of what the v2 product offers. That said, the stream sessions will be an even better opportunity to see what the product has to offer!


Starting with this release, X-Scenery will be re-branding to TOGA Simulations to better align identity with products. @tkyler will still be the primary developer behind the brand, so outside of the name, nothing else changes.




Want to learn more about what Version 2 of the MU-2 has to offer? Check out the Work in Progress threads here:


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36 minutes ago, geordie said:

So... XP12 support? If I buy this on Friday will it work in XP12 without me having to buy it again? I have wanted this for a long time on XP11 and it's a shame it's turning up while we are waiting for the X-Plane 12 release announcement. 

Really this close to xp12 release, You havnt read anything have you. It will have a 12 update, i wouldnt be surprised if thats already done.

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I read their release notice and several forums and none of them say that. So have you got a link to where they say that? Aerobask issued a statement detailing which of their aircraft would and would not be guaranteed to make it into 12. Your assertion is worthless to me without a statement from them.

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16 hours ago, daemotron said:

I'm excitedly looking forward to the weekend. Watched the replay of Graeme's stream yesterday evening - Tom, you did an outstanding job! Can't wait to fly that 5 blade prop version...

Thank you.....and especially since I just spent the last 3 hours tweaking the 5-blade prop animation because I didn't like it (wobbled too much).   No more!!



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Thanks for the new link, but I do wish people would do test flights before doing reviews. They are supposed to be demonstrating the plane, the landing lights dont show? he should of known that and sorted it out before the demo, he has being doing them a long time. But waiting its arrival,

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4 hours ago, vasanta said:

I'm really excited for this release. Should I be worried if I didn't receive my upgrade coupon yet? 

Not at all.  There is just a lot of logistics with regards to deploying a release.  Its a process and we have a checklist and are working through it. Release is always an exciting time...but also a time to wisely 'slow down' just a bit and make sure we dont' miss something.  We don't want to take off with our fuel valve set to OFF.  


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Hi! Can't wait to buy v2!!!

BTW: I own v1 and I didn't receive any discount coupon yet, I guess it will come sometime today before the sale starts, right?

If coupons were already sent please let me know because I did not receive mine.

Thank you for such amazing plane and work. Looking forward to it!!

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