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Do I need to trim Rudder for T/O?

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First of all, thanks for development of this plane. I started to love GA and can't stop flying it. So much fun vs all those Boeing / Airbus planes.

Can't find it in documentation I trim ELEV to T/O position but Rudder position also has green marker?



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Hi @F1le!  The green trim position for the rudder is correct for the actual aircraft.  However, use the center position - or just offset a bit to the right - for best control of the Hotstart model.  A bit of trivia - the initial release of this model did require the rudder trim to be at or near the green mark.  An adjustment to the flight model in a later version made that trim setting "incorrect".

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Thanx, but didn't get it. I set up T/O trim and rudder (during plane start-up and taxi to RWY) :

- leave it as it is

- put it in the center

- move it to the green marker




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