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  1. hello, can i get an invite to the Discord please?
  2. hello sunake thanks for your replay, on the expanded normal procedures item 20 you can read "After a period of time the HYD 1 and HYD 2 LO PRESS caution messages will reappear - this is normal, the systems naturally loose pressure over time." what i understand is the hyd 3 lo press msg only is display when press is < 1800 psi.
  3. scenario 1 hyd check. scenario 2 hyd 3A pump failure.
  4. hello, if i fail any hyd pump i get EICAS msg hyd 3 lo press not hyd 3B pump msg, is this correct?, if i switch any hyd pump from on to off i get hyd 1 lo press EICAS msg before the hyd press gets below 1800 psi, is this correct? Oscar.
  5. test in OpenGL text quality set to max, all ok, i get 50 to 70 FPS.
  6. oldflyguy i just completed a flight and test this thing i do whit moving the text quality from high to low than back to high before flight and the text quality stays at high, i am going to do more tests.
  7. hello oldflyguy and thank you. I attach my log.txt file. When i start x plane the texture quality setting is at high like always, if i select the tbm 900 once in the cockpit the sim textures are at med quality, if i go to settings and move the slider to low the textures change to low res, then if i move the slider back to high now the textures change to high, i not test this in a complete flight. This happends only with the TBM 900 not with Flight Factor A320 or C172 with REP. I can run the C172 with REP with texture quality set to high and world objects to max and i get 50+ FPS taking off from KTOA, i get 60 to 70 at KUDD, i run the Flight Factor A320 with text quality at high world objects med and i get 40 to 50 fps. If i set the text quality to max i get what laminar call blurry textures with any aircraft. Log.txt
  8. hello, dont think is a vram problem, can you help me, what you need, log file, pictures, more info?
  9. hello, i have high texture quality in x plane settings but for some reason when i select the tbm 900 the texture quality in the sim is medium, this doesnt happen with other aircraft ( Flight Factor A320, Zibo 737, C172 REP) only with the tbm 900, any ideas? thank you. Oscar P. Intel Core i7-4790 CPU 3.6GHz RAM 16.0 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4096 MB GDDR5
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