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  1. oh...that´s bad...it´s only a windows installer file. And i don´t have any experience with mac or linux. Another network would be POSCON. But thats in beta and nobody knows when it goes public.
  2. The best solution would be JoinFS (https://pmem.uk/joinfs/), it´s free and you have a higher update rate than on IVAO or VATSIM
  3. I don´t think that it is arrogant. You and Toto have created IMO the best single prop and maybe the best x-plane addon - and i am looking forward to your next release. On my system it feels like there´s no limit for the gpu (when flying with the TBM on Vulcan 11.50). With GPU-Z monitoring the performance, there was first the voltage limiting the GPU. With MSI Afterburner i gave more voltage, than the temperature was the limit. Next step bringing up the fan to 100%, than the general power was limiting. Then power up and the voltage was the limit. And so on and so forth. The stuttering was
  4. My final guess is the combination of "TBM/Gizmo/Vulcan" can´t handle my systems-combination of stronger CPU and weaker GPU. Maybe that´s why streamers and Devs have no problem with the TBM, they all have better GPU´s than a 1060
  5. And again @mrogers0547....thank you! I can enjoy the plane now again! Let´s pretend everything is fine, and please give a **** on my feedback! All problems on my side! Last thing i have to state: FFA320 - no stutters FJS732 and 727 - no stutters IXEG737 - no stutters Bell 407 - no stutters FF767 - no stutters Zibo738 - no stutters ini A306 - no stutters AFL C172 - no stutters Hotstart TBM 900 - guess what!
  6. Wow... thank you @oldflyguy you solved all my problems, because you don´t have any. This is much appreciated! And now serious: i installed a second copy of x-plane with just the tbm. The stutters are the same, frames are jumping from 40 to 60 up and down. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. There´s no need to get rude. It helps for now to lock the frames. It helps on my side too. My rig i5-9600K GTX 1060, and i locked it on 40fps. Works very well! So ....Thank you @mrogers0547 for your help! If something works, it´s not stupid, right?
  8. i experience this only in the TBM No stutters: AA off (60fps) No stutters: FXAA on (60fps) medium stutters: 2 x SSAA+FXAA (50fps) bad stutters: 4x SSAA (30 fps) I only have a nvidia 1060GTX, so i don´t want to have 4xSSAA. But 2 x SSAA+FXAA worked really good in version 11.41. Does anybody have the same problem? Video evidence:
  9. Totoritko (Sasa Skiselkov) is currently working on implementing CPDLC with the Challenger he is working on. How difficult would it be to integrate it into the FMS of the IXEG 733? https://github.com/skiselkov/libcpdlc I know this doesn´t have top priority, but have you ever thought about it? Btw: the IXEG 733 is working like a charm with the new 11.50 rc3 and the latest Gizmo 20 update. 50FPS on my 1060GTX, no stutters anymore. Kind regards, Simon
  10. Man, this plane feels "alive". It is such a joy to (hand)fly it!
  11. No problems as well on my rig with x-plane 11.32rc2 greetz!
  12. Saso....you´re awesome! Now i have smooth (around) 30fps on my "low end" system. (i53550 @ 3,5GHz, 1060GTX 6GB, 8 GB Ram) I just did a short test and i don´t know how rain & icing will effect the frames. But it´s a completely "new" experience! I wanna thank you and you´re team for working so hard to get your customers satisfied. You are setting high standards now with quality of the airplane, quality of support and help!! The TBM is far the best spent money in flightsimulation!!!
  13. It is a 6gb 1060, textures setting is medium. it makes no difference if high or medium. The graphics card always snoozles at 30%. CPU between 60- 80%. The CPU time is 0.0450 on average and the gpu time on 0.0412. On other planes i have that, when the gpu is running at 100%. I know, that the cpu is the bottleneck of my PC, but such a big difference to other planes, especially when syntetic vision is on?
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