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  1. I just saw this in the 1.62 update post: -Stick Pusher (premature engagement will be revisited in v2.0) So i guess this is a known issue and will not be resolved until the next major version.
  2. That sounds like the activation of the the stick-pusher stall protection system. For me it's primarily a problem in the landing/flaring fase. It does seem a little too sensitive, but I don't know how it behaves in the real plane.
  3. When I startup the engine when the battery is full, the voltage drop is higher (from 25 to 18 volts) compared to the case where the battery is partly depleted. (from 24 to 21 volts). This seems a bit strange? shouldn't this be the other way around? Bad battery: lower voltage and higher voltage drop on high load?
  4. Hi, first very nice plane. I noticed that there's hardly any yaw moment when in a high power , high AOA , slow flight situation. Is this normal or a limitation of the simulation? Thanks, Marcel
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