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  1. I actually watched this whole series on TBM 900 (amazing stuff), but somehow missed the extras! I'll take a look! Thanks a lot!
  2. I have looked into the systems manual that comes with Saab 340 and it reads (page 183): With the flaps retracted, either stall vane detecting a 12.5o angle of attack activates the stick shakers and sounds the clacker. If no action is taken and both vanes detect an angle-of-attack increase 19 ±1o, the amber PUSH 1 and PUSH 2 lights illuminate, and the stick pusher moves the control column forward. However, my flaps on takeoff are extended (I tried both 7 and 15 degrees positions), I don’t hear/see the stick shaking at all and the clacker sound is activated only after the stick is pushed forward.
  3. Thanks for the response! I wonder if there is something I can do to reduce the sensitivity of this system then. I tested other aircrafts (TBM 900, Beaver, Zibo) and none of them behave this way so I’m thinking maybe I can tweak something with Saab to get rid of this/lower the sensitivity. In addition to that, the speed doesn’t go below 100 knots which I believe is above the stall speed
  4. Hello, The issue is when I'm rotating on take off, if I pitch up above 10-15 degrees, the yoke and the elevators just momentarily reset to neutral position. If I reduce the pitch angle (pulling up more gently) the yoke and elevators behave. A few things worth mentioning: 1) The weight is set up to 80-90% of max weight in Xplane 11 Weight and Balance settings. 2) The rotating speed is around 110 knots. 3) CTOTs are on, Conditional levers are on MAX. (I followed the checklist to the letter) 4) Torque is a little over 100. 5) I'm taking off in T/O and not GRD OPS mode and there are no warnings prior to take off. I am able to take off fine if I rotate extra carefully. So that makes me wonder whether it's a bug or that's how the arplane supposed to behave/behaves in real life. I am expecting speed loss, potential stall, but not yoke and elevators just automatically resetting to neutral position. However, I'm very new to flight simming and aviation in general so please let me know if I'm not making sense. Thank you, Andrey
  5. Hi, Goran! Same thing. Could I get the invite please?
  6. Most of my X-plane settings are on max, but I figured it out. The culprit was volumetric clouds in Skymaxx pro. I switched the cloud settings to one of the other options and the FPS went back to 50-60
  7. Hi Everyone, Any help would be hugely appreciated. Just got SkyMaxx Pro v5.0.6 with Real Weather Connector and Active Sky. After installing SkyMaxx Pro got huge frame drops, from 50-60 to 10-15. When I disable SkyMaxx Pro in the plugin admin, FPS goes back to 50-60. Log attached. My rig: i9-10850K CPU GeForce RTX 3070 32 RAM (4x8) Can't figure out what's happening. Thanks a lot! Log.txt
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