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CTD loading SR22 variant


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Yeah no joke Cameron - I fiddled for about 2 hours on and off last night just dying to get in the air. This is how I finished about 6 hours of flying in it last night! A sunset flight in South America getting back towards the Bahama's to do some island hoping ;-)

Now to get a pilot in the cockpit - lol. I noticed someone else's screenshots had one, gotta find the option!



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@Coop good to know - I just noticed that this afternoon playing around with different load outs trying to fix another issue I'm having. By any chance, and I know you're all busy currently, you can put together a list of known issues and what's being addressed in a sticky? Might make some people's lives easier and keep your workload here down a little. I'll deliver virtual cookies to you with my new SR22 if you can make that happen. ;-)

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On 7/26/2020 at 3:48 AM, Ant1matt3r said:

Every time I load in the turbo version I CTD.

I'm done trying. I want to enjoy my purchase. Going to fly the normal variant since I know that works. 

You're lucky!  Neither variant will load for me.   It's hours since I bought this and haven't even seen a SR22 on my screen yet.  No issues with activation (with the C172 loaded).  The Gizmo Licencing screen shows the SR22 is activated, but as soon as I try to load either variant, I get a CTD.

Very frustrating.

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