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  1. @ricktana I'm using the latest Beta of Spad.neXt currently ( and have been working directly with Ulrich over the last couple of days getting dataRefs added/corrected etc. One of the issues I found was with a different plane - previously I did just what you stated, hence the reason I already had the files made up and ready to post here. ;-) Same as @scotfleiger I use the DataRefTools to find which ones I'm needing/missing and use the output in the xplane\output\preferences\drt_*.txt files to define them for Spad. However with that being said - now that you mention it I'm seeing them missing since upgrading my Spad.neXt. I believe I'll bring this up to him as well!
  2. So these values can be found in the "TN_State.txt" file found in \X-Plane 11\Output\SR22 folder. They do have a note on not editing the file so edit at your own risk. The values you are looking for are: maint/flight maint/hobbs maint/nextTime100 maint/nextTime50 These values are in seconds so you'll need to convert your hours to the appropriate format.
  3. As another anecdote to performance. It's fine here. Depending on what scenery I'm around I'm seeing 50+ fps which falls right in line with IXEG 737, Toliss Airbuses, or any of the other more "intense" planes I fly (Granted I get around somewhere like KATL with Nimbus scenery and a lot of TrafficGlobal going on this can drop to as low as 40's on the ground and 30's flying above). Before/After the patch there has been no difference in performance on my end to the better or worse. Added system information: i9-9900K, 64GB Ram, 2080Ti, Windows 10, 11.50 B17 Vulkan
  4. Great job on the patch guys! I did a couple of flights yesterday and it appears all the bugs I noticed were fixed including the some you missed on the patch notes (like the GPS button pathing)! Everything seems to be behaving as "normal" as I think it should be. So thanks for the relatively quick fixes!
  5. It's possible since you're getting haptic feedback into your stick. Since it changes with speed it sounds like you it's possible it could be fighting with the APs trim setting?
  6. I've been incorporating the sim into my cockpit so needed all the commands and datarefs as well. So anyone needing them I might save you some time. Hope this helps! As a note this is only for the TN verison - however I would imagine they are both using the same refs. Commands.txt Datarefs.txt
  7. Cool giveaway! Any of that would go great with my simulator! I'm glad to see you guys aren't totally insane. When I first saw the topic I thought it would be the full RSG Cirrus Perspective package and thought I would have to hire a bot farm to help me win LOL!
  8. I've been waiting on a paint kit! For those of you trying to find it: https://torquesim.com/sr22-liveries/index.html -> scroll to the bottom. And bonus points for an Affinity version!! Guess I'll be painting instead of flying tonight!
  9. Just a note I fly with activesky xp, don't have this issue at all. It can, depending on winds overshoot by 50-100 feet depending on when a gust hit etc. However it always settles back to where it should be.
  10. I doubt he'll give a date or estimated date on patch deployment. However I hope it's soon, there's been quite a bit they already said they've addressed in the patch.
  11. @Mattk you can refill the oxygen and TKS anti-ice from the "Load Manager" in the side menu. In the A/C directory in the manuals folder is a "Instructions and Interface Guide.pdf" that explains all the interface options this plane has you may wanna look through, it's short 8 pages but explains a good bit.
  12. @Attitude do you know when the paintkit might be available? Are you building one that's layered? (hopefully)
  13. Check Section 5-8 in the manual. I'm not sure if they cut this directly from the real manual or if it's what it maps to in simulation. But so far those values have been flawless for me. The simulation is really good with this plane, I've seen it do things you don't see often in GA Xplane that's for sure.
  14. Looking at the perf tables at 170+ 59% @ 13.9GPH is the max perf setting. Sounds like you might have fouled the plugs? That would cause the temps to go to 0 but the engine continuing to run. It doesn't show 85% being used for cruise past 6000-8000 feet. Normally at 200+ I'm running 50-55% power 2500rpm @ 12.5 - 13 GPH.
  15. I have the opposite issue. The engine run times state etc all seem to save. However the "save state" slider always turns back off between simulator loads.
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