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  1. Boy that was fast! Thank you!!! I LOVE THIS PLANE!
  2. +1. That said, took it to TFFJ and it was a wonderful flight. Save for the sounds. Crank 'em up!!!
  3. THANK YOU! I am now using SMP 4.7.3 w/RWC + FSGRW (and xVision) and the results are stunning, and performance mind-blowing. That said - is there any way to fly into an area and gradually experience changes in weather, rather than sudden refreshes? I can live with it if it's not possible, but I'm thinking it may be a settings thing. I love the accuracy of the weather, but I'm hoping I can get it to not make such drastic changes to the sim as I fly. Thanks again, I'm looking at cloud cover to the horizon right now as I descend from FL 320 - it's been looking and performing great! save for the abrupt changes in weather. Please advise, thanks!
  4. I have finally resolved the issue - GroundTraffic loads a billion plugins for every add-on airport one has, and it would appear as though I've reached the hard limit on plugins. I disabled many add-on airports outside the area I intend to fly in, and everything works like a charm!!!
  5. Between updating to 11.30r1, updating the TBM to 1.1.2, and updating SMP to 4.7.3, all is well again. Thanks. Have a great Sunday.
  6. So between updating to 11.30r1, updating the TBM to 1.1.2, and updating SMP to 4.7.3, all is well in the X-Plane world. Bout to do a flight, and I'm totally stoked. Have a good Sunday.
  7. I don't have any shaders, but I am using some FlywithLua scripts - I'll completely remove the plugin this evening - I'll also revert and test on 11.26. Thanks for the help - I'm glad this isn't affecting more users, but it makes it more difficult for me to figure out. Haha I'll let you know the results tomorrow - I have an event this evening.
  8. Uninstalled SMP, all is fine now. Not sure what the conflict is, but it's definitely between SMP and ... everything else at the moment. They'll get it figured out - in the meantime, I get to fire up that glorious turboprop again!
  9. Tested with multiple aircraft now - in my situation, it breaks Aerobask planes, Airfoillabs planes, and Hot Start planes for me. I cannot see the menus on any planes, and they aren't behaving correctly. I am going to uninstall SMP for now. Please let me know if I can be of any more help!
  10. Per the other forum, I installed SMP with the updated installer, but I'm missing my yoke, the menu, and the tail is all weird with flickering / overlapping textures, and the aircraft number is no longer on the fuselage, but on the tail and is flickering. Here is the log from the latest load. Thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it! Log.txt
  11. So that worked - I was able to install SMP again - however, I'm experiencing the same issues with the TBM 900 - the menu is gone, the yokes are missing, I'm seeing a weird aliasing / texture overlap on the tail, and the aircraft number is shrunk and on the tail and flickering.
  12. Thank you for the response - I'll download the updated one right now. I appreciate the help troubleshooting my issues!
  13. Each time I attempt to re-install SMP I get an error: Unable to download component to SkyMaxx Pro: File not found Please advise.
  14. Okay, launched again, same issue. Uninstalled RWC / SMP, relaunched, TBM 900 working fine. I'm not sure if this is a problem with SMP directly or maybe an issue with the authentication portion (gizmo?) Re-installing SMP first. Will install RWC afterward in an attempt to isolate the problem. Thanks.
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