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  1. My sim has never performed so bad with smpv5. I’ve got an i9 9900k and a 3090 and I’m getting 10fps above the clouds in VR. Draw distance 10000. All other settings off. I’ve tried volumetric clouds and non volumetric clouds and neither offers good performance. Not sure where to go or what to do with my sim now. It feels broken.
  2. Fixed it by changing the cloud merge but has impact on performance in VR
  3. In certain weather where it’s misty or cloud low down I’m getting strange horizontal lines be not a blended merge or colour change. This is made worse in VR. See 2d attached. Any ideas how to fix them? I’ve turned most settings off to help VR including cloud blending as per the manual.
  4. I'm still struggling with performance when clouds are visible. Ive since upgraded to a RTX 3090 and its not made a lot of difference.. Still only getting 14 FPS when flying through clouds. I've select SOFT instead of VOLUMETRIC under cumulus and SOLID PROCEDURAL under Overcast. Is there anything else I can try please?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I see 5.0.5 has been released. Does this include the performance improvements you mention or is this in a more major update?
  6. If I can’t get a refund then I will need some support on what can be done to make it work. failing that I will have to go back to v4 as it’s just not usable for me.
  7. I upgraded tonight to 5.0.4 now the FPS issue is resolved however I can’t get this version performing for me. Whenever there are visible clouds my performance in VR drops to 10-15 FPS and it’s unusable. ive turned off anti aliasing. Cloud draw distance is 10,000 or less and all other slymaxxpro settings are off. im using real world weather and active sky along with xplane vulkan. I have a reasonable system i9 9900k 1080ti and 32gb ram. xplane settings: Visual effects High (HDR) Texture quality High World objects low reflection detai
  8. B16 has been released today and I have tested this with Skymaxx Pro and can confirm the issue appears to have been resolved.
  9. Why the downvote on my community post. I was only asking if there was an update and what options were available.
  10. Hi Is there any update/fix for this yet as i ended up reinstalling xp and all my addons to find it was still an issue. By removing skymaxx pro it fixes it but given ive only just purchased this i am a little disappointed. Any suggestions as i understand LR to be slowing down the beta releases now so it could be sometime?
  11. I've got 1-2 days left before mine expires. Can someone provide the link for the new beta version please?
  12. It does but X-Plane was showing Stormy weather when loading from METAR. I just wouldn't have expected to see the sunshine. I guess it could be Active Sky and XP not interpreting the weather correctly.
  13. Here is the metar of my local airport this evening taken from active sky xp How come my skymaxx Pro + RWG showed the sunshine in the sky through the clouds also with a bit of rain. Yet outside in real life in this location there was no chance of seeing the sun. EGNX 082050Z 08006KT 2500 -DZ BKN003 14/13 Q1013 REDZ
  14. Thanks. Regarding RWG and preventing weather reloading. Is it best to have this setting on or off for maximum realism. If its on and I get more realism then I will leave it that i have to force a reload. If its off or makes no difference then great but I would like to create maximum realism.
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