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  1. xEnviro Weather SDK

    There is no such policy, if there is a problem on our end and there is a simple cure, we will ofcourse implement it.
  2. Huge speed value on MCP

    Flap overspeed, blown flaps with following control problems and likely bad ending... Think maybe X-Plane simulates that if you enable it the failure settings..
  3. license question

    On one license you can run on 3 of your own computers.
  4. Semi CTD in flight XP 11.05r1

    As you say, this could be many things, but most likely not IXEG related. You can attach any log file to your post here and let the "experts" have a look
  5. This is intentional. We did a lot of research and tests on this. The real yoke is much harder to move and is bigger compared to sim hardware. You should not try to change roll sensitivity, roll rates, pitch rates etc if you want realistic behavior and use the recommended sensitivity settings. But it is off course up to you..
  6. Maybe have a look in the "_keys.prf" and "_Joystick.prf" file in xplane/output/preferences and see if there is something there that might explain it. Or maybe you have some 3rd party plugin that overrides XP's settings
  7. What XP version? 11.05 seems to have a bit of issues..
  8. Livery List & Requests

    List updated, we have past 400 liveries
  9. Horn sounding on takeoff in XP11.05r1

    We had one more report that there is something going on in 11.05 that didn't in 11.02. Please report to LR if this is the case. M
  10. IXEG Module Activation Problem

    Hi Charles, X-Aviation can help you with installation issues. M
  11. Braking force and Ladder

    The ladder was optional for airlines using remote low equipped airports, but it added to much extra weight, more maintenance costs etc. so very few had them
  12. That is correct. This is a XP11 issue, we are looking into it.
  13. Not sure I understand what you are trying to do, but to change something on the _NML, first cut away the area you want to change. Then create a new layer on the exact same area and set the opacity to something less than 100% (you will need to experiment). Also make sure the R and G channels are at 127 and the B either 0 or 255. Then merge the layers.
  14. Eyebrow windows clickable area.

    One problem simulating turbulence - is that in real - the wings flexes and dampens the motion, so not all the forces will get to the fuselage (where you observe it). Like driving a car with no springs/dampers on a rocky road versus one that has them... two very different experiences... M