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  1. 3rd party add ons

    Contributions from other developers. Let us know if we missed yours. Remember to contact us in advance to get permission if your plugin alters anything regarding the flight model or how our systems work. iGoDispatch Cabin Crew Announcements AutoSave VoiceCommander PRO Smartcopilot Random IXEG failures vSpeeds callout TCAS Cleanup Flow and checklist
  2. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    Seeing 4500-5000 fpm is normal, but 6000 seems a bit high. Was the aircraft very light? Also, if you are using XP11, lift and drag has changed significantly so wait for the IXEG XP 11 update which addresses these issues. M
  3. IXEG 737 classic shuts down

    Looks to me as you might have XP default failures enabled?
  4. XP11 Crash on approach

    We have not yet (I think) had a CTD caused by the aircraft. Most likely is this a scenery or other plugin issue. Looks like KSFO might have problem in it. We'll check your log file for more suspects, thanks
  5. Machine Blacklisted

    XA has sent you a response to your ticket
  6. Machine Blacklisted

    IXEG unfortunately cannot help you with activation stuff, have moved your post to the appropriate XA forum
  7. [Solved]Pushback Version 1.1

    Already reported and confirmed, but thanks. See "IXEG confirmed" section
  8. First official XP11 screenshot

    We have stopped giving ETA's since they historically have not been very accurate anyway (Our spare time is unpredictable when you have full time jobs, kids and family) What I can say is that the team is working hard on getting a XP11 version ready as soon as possible. Basically To do; Compatibility fixes (APU, engine, cockpit lights, ground model etc etc reported stuff that you are aware of) Take advantage of the new reflections (as you have seen a couple of examples of here) Updated liveries Complete flight model recalibration due to new atmosphere and engine model Other minor updates/fixes while we are at it. ..and progress is good in all areas
  9. Click for higher res
  10. [Solved]Wing Lights Placement

    as mfor says, they are in the right location (Think his pic is a -700 looking at the engines)
  11. To IXEG - a roadmap?

    XP 11 update is next
  12. IXEG PFD/ND + MCP Lights Too Dim

    You CAN adjust the brightness of the PFD's and MCP?! Every light adjustment that you have in real you have here. Like 20 or something different reostats. You can adjust all day long without having the exact same lighting twice.. You can also adjust each side separately (And I do have dozens of hours in the 737 cockpit, so don't go there). So until you actually own the aircraft and know what it's lighting is capable of, get proper documentation of what you think might be improved, this discussion is pointless. Until then this topic is closed. (click on pic for more real colors)
  13. IXEG PFD/ND + MCP Lights Too Dim

    Ok, so I'd say wait until you at least have it before you judge it..
  14. IXEG PFD/ND + MCP Lights Too Dim

    On what do you base this opinion on? Photos of LIT panels are generally useless, especially those you find on Airliners net etc. Most of what you find is overexposed or has been tampered with to look better. Have been building sim panels for almost 18 years. As for pilots who spent enough time in the 737, I'm sure you know that Jan on our team has spent over 6000 hours in them and he has approved it. However there ARE issues in XP11 with atleast some of the backlit annunciators etc are too dim, we are aware of that. So if you wan't to judge anything at this point you need to do so in XP10 for which the aircraft is built. And just to give you an idea how complicated it is to judge those pics, look at your first photo. Compare the PFD horizon colors on both sides. The right side is set more dim than the left.
  15. 1.1 N1 Setting Bugs Not Working plus others

    VNAV is still under construction, the pushback issues is a side effect due to the "ninja fix" for XP11.