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  1. .... But for XP 11 you need XP 11.10 or higher
  2. LOW FPS after Update V1.21

    Not sure if comparing a static aicraft with one in cruise is very relevant, but obviously something not quite right.
  3. How to update the IXEG 737?!

    Read the email you got or the pinned topic in this forum
  4. Try this, a tip from someone at FB
  5. FMC T/D problems...

    I would use FLCH, just dial in the speed (M.74/280/250.) and target altitude
  6. OK, so it *could* appear this somehow is related to airFMC as both of you use that. Anyone using AirFMC reading this that has it working?
  7. That one seems to be related to view presets. If you pan to the FMC it works for the other guy... You use airFMC or what it is called?
  8. I update ixeg to 1.21 but i can't activated. problem is machine ID. what do I do ?

  9. I update ixeg to 1.21 but i can't activated. problem is machine ID. what do I do ?

  10. Thanks Torbjoern, About the FPS, according ti Ben (Gizmo) the change is that the FPS no longer fluctuates as much as they used - more stable. But 10 fps seems much. Could also *maybe* have something to do with the reflections being back. Anyway we will investigate further.
  11. Hmm.. very strange. I suggest you try one of our tutorial flights (documentation+videos) with FMS and tell us where exactly things start to go wrong. Also, try a takeoff without touching the FMC and see if HDG mode works then. (after a fresh start of the sim) Further, if you recently added any 3rd party plugins, try disabling those, there might be a conflict.
  12. FMC-Freezing Bug

    Not that I can remember.. Might be a conflict with some other 3rd party plugin if you have any installed. Try disabling those if so