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  1. Morten

    IXEG Smart Watch

    Hi guy's, rainy day here today so had some fun making an IXEG face for those of you that are using an android smartwatch and the Facer app. The fun part is the N1 fan is spinning My first attempt at this so let me know if it works ok https://www.facer.io/watchface/7cGemLBcC0
  2. Morten

    New flightmodel from 11.30 (FSEXPO 2018)

    Very interesting indeed. At this point it's a bit hard to say what exact impact it will have on flight model. Trim, controls, feel are likely to get affected which are not a big deal, but if it messes with total lift - which is likely - it will require a major overhaul.
  3. Morten

    All issues with V1.21

    And with those words, we close this topic and wish everyone a nice weekend. The aircraft will get further updates, we apologize for the delay which is mainly a result of us doing this a as a hobby besides our "real" jobs.
  4. Morten

    Livery List & Requests

    Sure, just mention that it is based on the default one.
  5. I guess anything can be called "major" depending on who you ask those are on the to-do list
  6. Morten

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Hi Marco, welcome! Sounds like you got wind coming from the side? Check the wind indicator on the map display when in the air. M
  7. Morten

    [Confirmed] XP10 Climb Performance

    Used to work fine in XP10, although been a year since I tried. Sounds a bit on the low side yes, at that weight you should drop below 1000fpm around FL300. You have off course checked you do not have any ekstra drag out, like accidentally extended the gear, flap or spoilers. Lately we have also seen examples of 3rd party plugins that are somehow messing with flight model (should be a law against that) So try disabling all other plugins and try again.
  8. Don't remember, possibly on the wing.png
  9. Morten

    Number of bugs and some feedback

    Maybe your brake hardware is sending/spiking signals, which will deactivate the auto brake..
  10. Morten

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    No, as Jan just stated as a pilot, and I as an engineer, overall the effect is really good as we see it, but might need a *slight* adjustment.
  11. Morten

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    .... and should you contact Austin, I recommend you first read up on this document as this is what he uses as a reference. Ground effect downwash.pdf
  12. Morten

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Aircraft that do not have a nose down effect, are most likely still using the OLD flight model of X-Plane! To know you need to have a look inside the airfoils and aircraft files. I suspect IXEG to be one of the few that are using the new flight model atm (which overall is much more realistic). It does not matter if it's the "latest" version of XP or the aircraft, it is up to the designer to implement it or not! ALSO, everyone needs to understand that how much nose down effect WILL VARY with aircraft type/geometry/wings High tail/low tail: An aircraft with a high T-tail (type MD80) will have less or no pitch down at all. High wing/low wing: An aircraft with a high wing low tail (type C172) will have a lot of pitch down A wing with a high L/D ratio or high incidence is likely to have more pitch down A long fuselage aircraft is likely to have less pitch down than a short of the same type (Type 737-800 vs 737-700) A low AR (long chord) aircraft is likely to have more pitch down than a low AR When the effect starts depends on span, so a B738 and a B733 decending at the same speed (700 fpm) will enter the effect at different altitudes, the B733 at a much lower altitude so it will "seem" a lot more dramatic to the pilot as you are closer to the ground. An aircraft with more swept wings will be likely to have more pitch down as the wing tip will create more lift as it enters and center of lift moves back An aircraft with winglets is likely to have less pitch down than one without. etc. So Rob and Andrey, even a real B738 pilot cannot predict the nose down effect of a B733 unless he has actually flown it! So the one to listen to with regard to the IXEG 737 is Jan - as always As you can see, comparing aircraft in ground effect is pointless, and this goes for the other types of ground effect as well. This is what makes this area really-really complicated. What you can be sure of though is that XP does this really well. M
  13. Morten

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Also note that if you have XP's pitch control sensitivity setting set to a HIGH % (more non-linear), you will need to input MORE elevator to counter the pitch down tendency in ground effect! Our recommended setting is 25%.
  14. Morten

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Rob, what you are experiencing is an intentional nose pitch down starting about 60' - which will also happen in real. This is a result of of XP's new downwash model. The effect is a *tad* overdone in our opinion, but we could not convince austin about it at the time. We might adjust this ourself in a later update if austin sticks with it.