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  1. B737


    Thank you very much. I was thinking about wind also, due to fmc does not get wind data ahead.....
  2. B737


    Dear Jan! I need help, possibly piloting issue. Almost every time the fmc can not calculate the route without ,,required drag'' message. Most of the time the A/ P can not handle the speed and vertical speed in the descent phase and usually overshooting everything even we can not capture the glide slope due to we still high enough with overspeed. Where can I be wrong?
  3. B737


    Shall I use A/T and/ or A/ P when doing your test? How did you do exactly? Marginal effect for me is only at the moment when N1 increasing and the G/ S reducing just a little. IAS almost remain constant But when comparing ixeg with other aircrafts in xplane the difference is quite big in drag. I did not say you are not right, but not easy accept or detecting deceleration....
  4. B737

    Auto thrust

    Agree with your reply due to you do not have access to aircraft mechanics documents. On b737 classics a/ t can not move one lever in air when you switch off one engine. Lever angles compared.... But it works as I said. On those wide body aircraft where you have seperate A/ T switches there you will have A/ T seperately. On Airbus you will always have A/ T on the remaining engine in case of failure
  5. Bites somewhere collapsed in my side. Answer accepted, sorry.
  6. Answer accepted. Thank you. Looks like you were right !
  7. B737


    Thank you, do not forget I am at your side. I love so much this sim honestly :)! On of the best in the market! At least getting feedback where and which side is the problem.
  8. B737

    Auto thrust

    Agree and nice to know. Thank you. Back to our original topics, the A/ T should not let to engage the system, when one engine failed with throttle at idle stop on the side of the bad engine
  9. Thank you, in this case the fault in my computer& side
  10. B737


    Actually I try in descent mode by V/S. Choose the V/S high enough just to let the throttle at idle by A/T. After all of these settings try to extend the spoiler and pls let me know what you saw. Pls check this, and will see surely what I am talking about. Zero effect
  11. Windmilling start: I did a fast decent dive to go above 260knots, I set the start switch to flight position and selecting start lever to idle
  12. B737


    Dear Support! I would like to get clear answers. I am reporting real bugs with details which are can be very easily checked back less than a minutes. As a gift I was blocked for 10 hours I am really not sure who is taking effort for checking back or getting contacts with the developers or It section of ixeg at least try to fix the bugs. I am in aviation since 2002 with B737/cl,ng, max A320/21 licences with real documents... This sim is one of the best in the market and it would be our common goal to make it better more. Who' s taking decision to which
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