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  1. Thank you, very very good explanation. Promising the last of the year. ! I have attached one old fashion panel. on this where would you set the xponder for taxi? Am I right, that in this case the alt should be off ( as in the picture, center )
  2. Thank you Jan ! Just 2 more in this topics. On newer atc mode panel we have alt select to off. What is the reason? 2. Tcas panel has above and below. When and why do we have to use?
  3. Thank you. I have attached. Log.txt
  4. Dear Cameron. I meant flight crash. When airborne nose starts pitching up you try trimming back finally reaching the trim limit stop after that out of trim light illumantes and few second later crash due to stall
  5. Dear all! I need a bit help in relation of transponder usage. Taxi, line up and tcas settings. Thank you.
  6. Dear all! I am flying with Tu154 by Felis in xplane 11. When the gizmo plugin is active the Tu154 will crash after take off. First out of trimm condition than crash. What can be the reason? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi everybody! I am bit new with ixeg transponder. I need help. So I can not find switch to deselect the alt function for gnd taxi. Can somebody pls help me when and how to use all swicthes on that panel. I meant taxi, flight, tcas....etc
  8. Thank you! Sounds like bit better to take more fuel than required by flight plan to get more margin.
  9. 1.In real life when we getting the operational flight plan does it contain the wind calculation in relation to determine the minimum fuel required or not? 2. If we can not reach the destination without using the reserve what should we do?
  10. Dear Jan! Thank you. Which procedure is used in performance chart? Static or the 40%? Question is: I know in the real life is much more difference, but playing in games when the table tells you need 1500 meters for take off and the runway is 1500m. I am not sure that both of the procedures would work.
  11. Dear all! When we get the result for take off run via performance table or app how it is calculated in relation with thrust and brake setting? 1. Full thrust and brake released when spinned up? Or 2. Brake release, set 40% N1 and after 40% set take off thrust? Because from my view it can be significant difference. Can' t be? Regards
  12. Dear Everybody! I need help about understanding fuel penalties. Picture attached. Hard to understand for me. Thanks
  13. B737


    Thank you very much. I was thinking about wind also, due to fmc does not get wind data ahead.....
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