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  1. Great philosophy.. "It's not happening to me so it must not be happening at all."
  2. I just said.. maybe 4 times now. The trim issue. Very simple question.. Why is is auto shooting up to 10? How to stop this? Like everyone else here I too bought this plane and should be allowed to ask some simple genuine questions with this problem. I did not expect "good luck with it.."
  3. Good morning Jan.. Not sure why you would say such a thing. I was just happy that after 11 hours messing with this thing at least I managed to get it on the ground in one piece at last. What's wrong with being pleased about that? As regards all the comments and criticisms about me using the autopilot wrongly I was only trying what you yourself taught in your own video tutorial on N1 take off climb. No F/Ds, no FMC plan and set up, no this and no that.. You just use the auto-throttle, set the N1 for take off and nothing else. I was following that in an attempt to isolate the iss
  4. I am afraid your mistaken.. Jan has autopilot video tutorials on this very thing and in them he just uses the auto-throttle, sets the N1 for take off and nothing else. I was following that. I tried the same tutorial in multiple planes, the IXEG and also the default 737 again to try to isolate the problem to see if it's a specific plane issue or if it's a general X-PLANE issue on my computer..
  5. Jan.. You will be please to know I am paying attention.. after following your first flight tutorial one time and despite all the issues faced above I was able to fly manually 650 miles form London to Prague with no flight plan at night in the rain, find an airport and land the plane with all visual approach with my keyboard and a finger on the trackpad. At least that's one positive thing for me this day..
  6. All of the above is just simply trying to hold altitude and heading and only manageable if I watch it like a hawk if I enable the flight directors, auto throttle and engage the FMC and LNAV things get really crazy and I will not be able to regain any control at whatsoever.. If I can stop whatever is causing this trim to wind itself up to maximum I think all problems will be solved.
  7. I'm sure this trim would go right up to 15 if I was not there to stop it.. this is me winding it down.. soon as I release it shoots up again. yoke 2.mp4
  8. The first thing is the trim I just mentioned... it goes from zero to 10 every by itself rapidly and disables the autopilot... I have been watching it for the last hour and have to rotate it back to zero manually each sometimes every few seconds as it disables the autopilot. If I don't stay in the cockpit doing this non stop the plane will turn off course and dive.. I must have done this 40 times in the last hour of flight.. the only reason plane is able to fly is because I'm sitting here resetting it on stop. I don't have any hardware assigned to auto trim.. I have just keyboard and
  9. This.. https://leehamnews.com/2018/11/14/boeings-automatic-trim-for-the-737-max-was-not-disclosed-to-the-pilots/
  10. That could explain why the autopilot keeps disabling itself after about a short while into every flight.. after the initial 3 to 4 for take off the trim keeps increasing all the way up to 10 which kills the autopilot. But does not explain the throttle maxing out by itself and being impossible to reduce.. How can one disable this auto trim increase? because until I can these planes are no flyable for me.
  11. Hi Jan.. just tried the exact same flight with the default 737 in X-Plane... same identical issues with the autopilot. It seems to be happening with every jet that has this type of autopilot and an FMC. Or... I have been at this since 7am this morning.. (11 hours straight) scouring the internet forums for possible solutions. and my brain is reaching saturation point.. But I did just come across this, it could all be down to trim. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/123625-autopilot-keeps-failing/
  12. Look at this one.. I completely quit that last attempted flight and started a whole new flight in a different part of the world and even a different time zone.. Chose Baghdad International airport.. selected a new IXEG-737 and yet instead of it giving me a fresh and ready to fly plane it gives me the previous one with all the alerts and alarms flashing.. alarm.mp4
  13. Yes.. I have been flying with just a mouse and keyboard in FSX and X-Plane for 20 years give or take a few breaks. I remember to unhook the mouse from this square leaving the plane in a stable condition before trying to do anything else. The problem is not engaging the autopilot.. it's disengaging it. Ok so I deleted uninstalled the entire IXEG 737.. removed all the plugins except terrain radar and AviTab. Downloaded a fresh copy and installed it with all liveries. Rebooted computer (Imac) Started up X-Plane and placed the IXEG-737 started up on a runway at Gatwick.
  14. Thank you very much Jan and Tkyler for your comments and help.. I did back out as to almost the cabin door and still no control square.. I then jumped outside to rear tail view and still not there. I'll do as you suggest and clear all plugins of which there's just the Gizmo64, GroundHandling, Goodway, Xchecklist, Aitab, Better Pushback and Terrain Radar.. And then do a full removal and clean reinstall.. I already chose the "stable" gizmo version but will do the whole process again to eliminate any possible conflicts.. Thank you for your time.. and patience.
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