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  1. Panning in VC

    I feel a bit the opposite but it will be a matter of preference in the end, by default: On FSX you require both hands to operate, one hand to keep spacebar pressed while the second hand moves the mouse around. On XPLANE you can do everything single hand, while holding pressed mouse right button, you use the mouse to look around and the scrol wheel if required to zoom in/out. You can still use your left hand to keep flying the aircraft/helicopter or anything else. note: Xplane also supports slow & fast pan camera speed movements, you can use a hat swtich assignment too. All configuration and assignments are under settings joystick or keys tab. hope this helps
  2. ILS EHSI shows wrong data

    Hi Discordia On the first picture: I am unsure being understanding properly what you are trying to point out. The big difference on the information being displayed is capt. side being set to ILS/VOR mode and aligned to course 180 as per the MCP left dial (this is a pilot error miss configuration you are landing RWY23L as per the FMC so magnetic course must be around 230 (+/- 5), while the f/o side is set on the pedestal to MAP mode thus showing the magenta and aligned to the aircraft flying direction. I do not see anything wrong here except pilot in command did not set left course properly on the mcp showing 180 instead of proper ILS mag course On the second picture: Everything looks the same except you have set capt. left mcp course to 228 thus the display is re-aligned to this course but the display mode still shows VOR/ILS mode while the f/o side is still set to MAP mode and still aligned to aircraft flying direction as per the magenta. Does this cover your doubt? or can you elaborate a bit more something i may have overlooked
  3. Trouble taking off

    Cool, glad to have helped. You may map any key or button of your liking to command 'LES/CMD/APCP/lever/AP_engage_disengage', this will allow you to engage the A/P after takeoff without rotating the camera down to the pedestal. You may also map a key or button of your liking to command 'LES/CMD/CW/button/AP_disconnect', this will mimc you are pressing the a/p disc red button located on the real aircraft yokes pilots use on final approach to disconnect a/p without removing the hand in command from the yoke. Remember to press twice: -first clic to disconnect and you will hear an audible alarm A/P to know a/p is going off -a second clic will clear the alarm hope this helps
  4. Unable to take off

    other items that will trigger a to warning alarm when moving the throttles forward: -brakes set (disregard as per your comment) -trim not set on the green band -flaps not set for TO position -spoilers set (must be disarmed/off position) - i think, single engine thrust will also raise a config alarm but unsure.
  5. Hi Paul if you provide/attach some screen captures of your pedestal and forward cockpit display & systems we can see how the aircraft is configured and what the systems are telling for an educated answer abut what is missing. you may also be interested on the tutorial videos, there is a specific one for ILS approach.
  6. Unable to take off

    first thing that comes to my mind is "some amount of brakes are still applied", do you use brake peddals? calibration issue? can you attach some screen captures to see what engines are doing? and the xplane log.txt to see if anything there?
  7. Cockpit all lit up at night

    I think this is an issue with xplane that the cabin is lighting the cockpit as if no cockpit door were present. Try to change the seatbelt position to turn off the cabin light and see if this cure the problem for now
  8. Ixeg B733 version 1.2 in xplane11

    create folder ‘coroutes’ under the ixeg 737 root folder, this should allow you to save routes
  9. Man, as said nothing justifies what you said that happened, in the other hand, you again having problem on the forums? I wonder what you are also doing wrong being all the time involved.
  10. Trouble taking off

    When you are aligned to the runway ready to start the take off roll, can you make a few screen captures for me to see your aircraft configuration? -Entire overhead panel -Entire forward panel -pedestal, to see CLs, and CTOT configuration? note: it will be also very usefull if you are approaching the end of the runway unable to take off and you can also do a forward panel screen capture, i want to see all engine parameters and displays at that moment having all that should be easier to understand what you are missing and giving you proper direction
  11. Trouble taking off

    Bria Configuration error, tipically indicates flap are not set, or trim is not set on the takeoff range. Did you double check that? Aircraft feeling as if no power and refusing to climb means you surely moved the condition levers all the way forward which is T/M, pay attention that just a bit before the end of the travel there is like a detent which is MAX and the correct position for the aircraft to produce torque. hope this helps
  12. The right folder for NavDataPro?

    I do not have Aerosoft but Navigraph subscription, so i can not offer you specific details about Aerosoft Console One the Navigraph console, there is an option to "add" addons: -you clic add -select IXEG from the list -select target folder as /xplane 11/aircraft/x-aviation/ixeg 737 classic/fmc_data/ then ixeg shows on the list of addons, then you update.
  13. [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    My joystick script per aircraft assignment is still working just fine. i wonder what error do you get? without any information provided, it comes to my mind your new xplane install renumbered your hardware, and you are trying to assign over non-existing ids. have you tried going on xplane to plugins menu, flywithlua, macros, and run provided joystick button map script? press any button to see the id realtime and compare to your script.
  14. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    yes most likely since they announced this coming but i haven't seen on the initial release notes so unsure if made it through for the first beta. But the big question, was the change for good or bad? I am at work unable to test till later today