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  1. mmerelles

    IXEG issue

    by looking at your log i would start by removing xprealistic pro and trying again note: disabling a plugin from the plugins menu does not work as one may think, you need to remove the plugin from the plugins folder and restart xplane
  2. mmerelles

    Bugs on CDU

    PROGress page is still on WIP, pretty much placebo info, still on the TODO list
  3. mmerelles

    take off config

    when you push the throttles forward for takeoff, TAKEOFF CONIG warning will trigger if any of the following conditions occurs: 1. Parking brake is set 2. Flaps are not in a valid takeoff position 3. Stabilizer trim is not set in the green zone 4. SPEED BRAKE lever is not in the DOWN position
  4. mmerelles

    IXEG 737 massive Stutters when using FMC

    I would assume you are on windows. Go to windows defender settings and -add- a -folder- exemption for the entire /x-plane (make sure to add a /xplane folder not just file exemption) Problem is when you make a change inflight, scripts are loaded and updated real time until you commit the change via the EXEC button on the FMC, under that time the defender analyzes the scripts and cpu goes to 100% killing the sim performance.
  5. mmerelles

    737-300 no preferences menu

    you have installed xplane under "program files" folder, which is a restricted folder. This could be the source of all your issues. Move it out of the windows protected folders. i.e. c:/x-plane 11
  6. mmerelles

    Couple of small bugs that need ironing

    to my understanding oil temperatures are pretty much default xplane code, thus not very accurate. IXEG is fully aware of this not sure if this is going to be addressed as part of an upcoming update. fuel temperature is expected to be around OAT while on the ground, it will start cool down as you climb and cruize were the aircraft experiences freezing TAT temps. Min fuel operative temp is -45C while typical freezing point you must not reach for JET A1 fuel is -47C If by any reason you approach that fuel temps, you should descend to warmer ir or increase speed for increasing TAT (kinetic heating) note: also note fuel temp will not follow TAT temps just plain and simple, since liquid takes time to cool down (while ascending) as to heat up (as descending)
  7. mmerelles

    IXEG 737 Cockpit and sound problem.

    seems pretty much this same issue attached below (try disabling "show vortices" on the IXEG left preferences menu). Hope this helps
  8. mmerelles

    IXEG 737 and Precision Flight Controls C2 Pro

    A bit of contribution for your consideration. You should consider adding a bit of code to the script to check what aircraft you are loading, otherwise your hardware fuelcutoff buttons may stop working for other aircraft you use. Also, the ixeg dataref you are commanding is only available when the IXEG bird is loaded and will lead to a lua error/stop when loading a different aircraft. So the script provided you above, i would suggest as follows: if PLANE_ICAO == "B733" then -- Engine 1 cutoff switch create_switch(15, "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_mixt", 0, 1, 0) create_switch(15, "ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever1_act", 0, 1, 0) -- Engine 2 cutoff switch create_switch(17, "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_mixt", 1, 1, 0) create_switch(17, "ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever2_act", 0, 1, 0) end note: by adding those simple lines, the buttons customization will only trigger when loading the IXEG 737, you may also add easily additional entries for different aircrafts if those use different datarefs for fuel cut off. hope this helps
  9. mmerelles

    IXeg RAdio

    Go to the radio panel (center pedestal): 1. Tune your desired freq. and make sure you made it ACTIVE by pushing the transfer (TFR) switch 2. Go to the MIC SELECTOR panel (located just below, a series of squared buttons below the HSI panel), by default MIC is set to PA for announcements, clic VHF1 instead If you still have problems i can prepare you an image to attach for a better illustration. hope this helps
  10. mmerelles

    TOGA button assignment

    IXEG uses xplane default command for TOGA Map 'sim/engines/TOGA_power' to your button.
  11. 1. folder name must be 'coroutes' (the installer does not create it automatically, you have to create it manually within the aircraft 737 root folder) 2. On siembrief, do all your planning as usual 2.1 Then Generate de Flight Plan 2.2 Then clic DOWNLOAD FMS button (i do select manual files but you may use the downloader tool) 2.3 Then clic DOWNLOAD button for the IXEG 737 Classic and select your /IXEG 737 Classic/coroutes/ folder for the destination 2.4 On the Aircraft (minimal steps from cold and dark for testing purposes) 2.4.1 Battery ON 2.4.2 AC power ON and feeding the BUSES (via APU or GPU) 2.4.3 Set both IRS knobs to NAV 2.4.4 On the FMC enter the POS INIT 2.4.5 Clic RTE page and type on the scratchpad the FILENAME without the .fpl extension and clic LSK2 (left soft key 2 to import) 2.4.6 Select departure runway and sid, select arrival star and runway (these are not part of the export, you have to do it on the fmc) hope this helps EDIT -- IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure you use the same navdata cycle on simbrief and on the aircraft FMC, otherwise simbrief may suggest an unsupported flight plan
  12. mmerelles

    Compatibility with CHProduct Yoke

    if i am not mistaken, via xplane joystick menu: SINLGE USER LEVER: assign your desired hardware lever to -prop-, this should control both CLs or DUAL USER LEVER: assign one lever to prop1 (for left CL) and a second lever to prop2 (for right CL) Always make sure unused hardware axis levers are assigned to NONE! hope this helps
  13. mmerelles

    Limited bank angle

    This kind of complain posts, about updates, comes over and over and over again. No matter what aircraft, weather engine, developer. People, please understand simulating the systems for aircrafts that cost + hundred millions on research, development and that have been engineered and improved by decades by manufacturers are not an easy task for 50 bucks?? I truly invite you to start your own business, try to come up with a close to real life simulation, offer daily updates, free updates for xp10, 11.... and impress us and make us extremely happy.
  14. mmerelles

    Graphical Bug Cockpit: ND/ FMC

    your xplane is loading tons of plugins still (flywithlua, xpuipc, groundhandling, lua custom scripts, .SASL, etc. etc.) you also didn't try to load the ixeg aircraft at all. You are loading a 737-700 please we need you follow the instructions 1, 2, 3 steps listed above to offer some help.