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  1. Radio panel COM1/2 & DataRef / Command

    This will not work ever because this is to map a custom command. Custom commands are actions they do not accept any parameter. This works because you are actually declaring as a dataref and sending a +1 value to whatever the memory position is holding.
  2. Radio panel COM1/2 & DataRef / Command

    Guys all those you were discussing above such us 'ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_left_mhz' are datarefs not custom commands. Your software interface (flywithlua, Ardsim or whatever you use) are required to write a +1 to increase to mimic rotating right and -1 to go backwards rotate left.
  3. does this means they may also extend chart coverage? I have the 12 month subscription and find it very useful for flying usa and europe but argentina has no charts not even for major airports i also like to fly NZAA to NZQN (Queenstown) no charts either as of now.
  4. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    do you have a specific repeatable case you can share the details to reproduce? Part of 1.1 target is to squeeze out as many bugs as possible that leads to gizmo softcrash. I presume the developers will be very happy to see an issue that is repeatable to understand what is going on and fix it or simply to double check is already fixed.
  5. Can't find key

    xplane 10 steam does not entitle you for xplane 11 key. Only xlpane 10 digital from laminar purchased starting xp11 announcement works for xp11 as well. Steam does not apply. you can use xp11 in -demo- mode. which means you are restricted to ksea area and for 15 minutes each time you load it.
  6. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    yes, upcoming 1.1 release will include TCAS and distance to next waypoint working on the ND.
  7. XP10 error on loading

    please attach your xplane 'log.txt' file found on your xplane root folder to see what is going on.
  8. A couple of interesting problems have arisen

    I assume you are under windows platform. You need to go to windows defender configuration and set an entire folder exception for /x-plane/ root folder (note it is an entire folder not file exception). Problem is when you modify something inflight, the fmc keeps recalculating the values until you EXEC (commit) and windows defender kills the CPU. If you installed a third party AV instead of defender, then set the exception there. I have no idea. I do not use XP11 yet.
  9. Glad to have helped.
  10. Cool let us now how it goes. note: I forgot to mention xplane 11 beta seems to have a parsing issue were items (custom commands within the trees) may be displayed unnamed at first. If that happens to you map any item under the appropriate tree 'ixeg/733/autopilot/', then apply and close. The next time you open to re-map they should be named properly for selection.
  11. 1. you select the button you want to map and press EDIT (button 11 in my example) 2. On the right side, navigate to the +ixeg tree: ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_disengage (for A/P disc feature) ixeg/733/autopilot/at_disengage (for A/T disc feature) Screen captures attached for your reference. Note: this is my xp11 beta install on the laptop (not at home now) and my ixeg bird is installed on my home simulator. So you will not see the ixeg tree listed on the screen capture attached for your reference but this is to give you an idea were to find it. It should be the same root tree level than +ATC +ANNUNCIATORS etc.
  12. A/P disc & A/T disc for a boeing requies very specific modeling to work as it happens on the real aircraft using xplane default commands will not work because this is generic. you need to map the correspondig ap_disc and the corresponsig at_disc from the ixeg/ custom command tree
  13. Contact ATC & IXEG

    Because this bird is meant to be a very deep simulation of the real thing and what pilots get when entering the cockpit. Captain & first officer are expected to set their audio panel accordingly as part of their initial flight deck preparation flow.
  14. Contact ATC & IXEG

    You are missing to activate the MIC for COMM1 Captain's side. See picture attached. I do train over PE, if you need more help let me know.
  15. IXEG 737 300 classic

    mmmm since you mentioned this behavior arises after quite some time over the simulation, this could be a hardware temperature issue. I.E. it happened to myself running a latest spec imac which goes extremely hot under xplane hardware demands. I had to install a fan control app to proactively cool down the hardware. If the CPU or the GPU (graphics card chip) reaches the hardware operating temp limits, it automatically throttles down their operating Ghz frequency for allowing the hardware to cool down preventing damage. This will cause sudden/intermitent massive fps drops to the simulation that requires full hardware power for running smooth at all times. i would suggest to Jan's recommendations above you also monitor your hardware operating temps and frequency when you experience this.