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  1. Training Video's

    You can double check the narrative over the procedure's second page here: Depending the departure runway you select, check the climb and initial heading out you should comply. Then flying offline simulate ATC giving further clearance for turning towards VNY VOR and resume the departure procedure. at R-342 of LAX fly 038 to PMD (114.5) - or just fly 038 to PMD? first option is correct, second option does not matches the procedure because outbound radial VTU 046 does not matches inbound radial PMD 218 (038 TO). You have to fly VTU 046 until LANGE then switch to PDM 038 TO (R-218) note: small tip, don't let the aircraft accelerate keep it near 210-220 MAX otherwise cockpit overload may be an issue.
  2. Training Video's

    yup 100% agree.
  3. Training Video's

    If you want to have some fun try to fly KBUR to KLAS using old fashion VOR nav technique. Depart KBUR using SID VAN NUYS THREE transition DAG VNY3 DAG CRESO4 VAN NUYS THREE departure will put you to your paces. You will sweat guaranteed This procedure is part of Pilotedge rating I-5
  4. New Computer IXEG737 wont run

    Try deleting the following files, then enter your license data when required /xplane/x-aviation/license_db.bin /xplane/x-aviation/marker.1
  5. FMC PROG button

    PROG is not available yet. Work in progress.
  6. Altimeter Knob

    The knob for adjusting the altimeter setting is on the altimeter instrument itself over the left bottom corner labeled BARO unless i miss understood what you were asking for
  7. weekend flights

    very nice
  8. my route, help please..

    VECTORS means ATC will give you further instructions what to do. In the mean time you have to mantain current heading. You will see a straight line over the ND display regarding this instruction. Because you are flying offline, simply delete VECTORS from the flight plan during pre-flight. According to your first picture: 1. clic LSK3 (BELKA will be copied to the scratchpad automatically) 2. clic LSK2 to insert BELKA over VECTORS, this will override vectors and shift the entire flight plan one step up. 3. EXECute your flight plan will look GG502 BELKA PAS etc.
  9. IXEG737 , a few questions

    On aviation exist 2 terms: TA: transition altitude, this is the altitude when climbing you switch from QNH altimeter to QNE altitimeter 29.92 and you start flying FL (Flight Levels FLXXX) You set the TA on the PERF INIT page on the bottom right corner, in USA the TA is 18000ft, other countries/regions is variable given their airspace rules. The charts specify this. TL: transition level, this is the FLXXX at which you switch back to altitudes when descending. Altimeter moving from QNE back to QNH You set on the DES page. I do recommend the tutorials. See at the bottom. Press the LSK X (left soft key) of the first waypoint below the disco (this will copy the waypoint name to the scratchpad automatically), then press the LSK of the disco and this will shift the entire flight plan one step up and clear the disco. To delete a waypoint press DEL key (DELETE will be shown on the scratchpad) then press the key of the waypoint you want to delete, that position on the fmc will be cleared. Re-type the waypoint name on the scratchpad and press the soft ley you cleared to insert. note: if you missed to insert a waypoint, suppose you entered A then C then D and you missed to enter B inbetween A & C. Simply type B on the sratchpad, then pess the softkey of C. This will shift C and remaining flight plan D, etc. one step down and insert B inbetween A & C. Tons of profesional tutorials for the different phases of flight you will be required to understand and know how it is done on the real thing. Hope this helps.
  10. Due to microsoft policy, they will keep enabling it during updates, etc. If you want to forget about the thing, simply put the folder exemption for the entire /xplane 11/ folder.
  11. CWS P and VNAV

    this is becuause no matter your are not moving your joystick the potentiometers are sending noise to the sim, the aircraft "thinks" the pilot want's to regain manual control and don't engage. go to the IXEG left side menu, preferences tab, increase the CWS slider all the way to the right, this will cure the problem
  12. Skiathos LGSK scenery performance issue

    what's the devs facebook page?
  13. Just purchased Skiathos 1.0 scenery, looks wonderfull, but i am experiencing a severe performance issue. The sim pauses quite often and fps drops from 60 to 2 back & forth when moving the camera around or flying. my system specs i7700k ovrclked 5.0 ghz nvidia 1080ti ssd m.2 disk 32GB ram My xp11 runs at 60 fps anytime/anywhere expect on this scenery. what could be wrong?
  14. Load error

    if problem persist please attach your xplane log.txt file found on the xplane root folder after trying to load the aircraft. This should tell what is going on.