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  1. FMC frame rate drops

    your problem is windows defender killing the cpu when you make any change on the fmc. Go to windows defender and set a 'folder' exemption for the entire /xplane/ (use folder not file exemption) problem solved!
  2. attach your log.txt file found on your xplane root folder after a crash. in my experience, if the log has absolutely no trace of the crash coming then your video card is getting out of vram. To confirm: 1. try one flight you typically crash but lowering down as much as possible for testing those vram heavy consumers like textures, clouds, orthos, etc. 2. try implementing any free application for monitoring your gpu vram usage real time. Do not use xplane monitor, this only shows textures nothing else, this is not total vram usage at all edit: about the xenviro thing, if you monitor your vram usage having it installed vs not, this app is a heavy user. They said to be working hard on vram management/optimization for upcoming update.
  3. Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    the official list of custom commands & dataref is included with the aircraft in the documentation folder, file "2-interface guide.pdf"
  4. ILS approach not working

    Boston runway 04R/22L share the same ILS frequency at both ends 110.30. On real life this would not be a problem because only one side of the runway will be operative at a given time as per weather conditions (head winds) while the other side ILS system will remain shutdown. On xplane both ends will be avialable at the same time which may be an issue: -You need to configure "disable ILS tailwind" on xplane local map (xplane will disable ILS tail wind runway for shares freq. cases to mimc real life) -If you have this already enabled, maybe you were trying to land tail wind and that side was off Please attach some screen captures when this happen to know what the system, displays says
  5. B737-300 Problem installation

    can you attach your xplane log.txt file found on your xplane root folder after you tried to use the aircraft? please do not copy/paste, attach using the hyperlink below on the post edit "choose files..."
  6. Ultrawide or not ?

    very cool, now you need to order a second piece to complete the cockpit for the fo side.
  7. 2 monitor configuration

    you are welcome, glad to have helped. Enjoy.
  8. 2 monitor configuration

    you have 2 options 1. Set up both monitors on xplane renderings. What you did, but you are missing to enable 'lateral fractional offset' for monitor 2 (scroll down on monitor 2 settings), and adjust it accordingly so monitor2 image starts were monitor 1 ends. Play with values 0.50 or 1 or 1.50 or whatever until both monitors form a nice width image you like pro: looks perfect because xplane renders both monitors no distortion at all. cons: performance is a bit lower than using option 2. 2. Set up both monitors via NVIDIA or AMD gaphic drivers on windows to form a one big image. Then go to xplane and set the resolution you use on windows. pro: top performance cons: image looks stretched on the ends of monitor 2
  9. No Airspeed Indicator

    Your simulator is having 9 fps (frames per second), this means there is no simulation. I think your problem is your hardware is collapsed and the simulation is not happening. See the picture attached, those numbers rounded in red MUST BE always +20fps at least. Please reduce all your renderings to minimum to confirm you always get +20 fps and see if airspeed issue is solved. Then you can start tuning your rendering to the best for your HW. If performance issue does not cure the problem, you may try removing temporarily the plugins that have the potential to interfere the aircraft systems. D:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/HSAIRXPL-Win-64.xpl D:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/XPUIPC D:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/Xsaitekpanels
  10. Cockpit door yes, you can go cockpit to cabin and vicebersa. Cargo doors work as well Cabin doors not yet
  11. No Airspeed Indicator

    I have been flying this aircraft since the very first release, being participating on the forums actively and never seen this. I presume this is something on your side. A few ideas: 1. Can you capture a screen capture and attach here while the problem is going on? to see al the systems and displays status 2. Can you attach your xplane log.txt & gizmolog.txt files found on your xplane root folder after the problem occurs? 3. Have you tried disabling xplane 11 random failures on the flight menu? (Set Mean time before failures checkbox)?
  12. VREF is the computed airspeed by the FMC (derivates from gross weigh & flaps selected) for the final approach speed you should cross over the runway threshold for safety, maneuverability and landing distance. VREF + corrections is what you need for landing under normal conditions. Corrections: -Auto-throttle accuracy +5 knots -Severe icing +5 knots (for avoiding icing formation on non heated parts) -If winds are present (winds present means >5 knots) then +half knots of the head steady winds + full knots gusts (note is HEAD wind component, not any wind speed, head steady wind +50%, 45 degree 35%, 90 full crossed 0%, subsequent angles interpolation) Rules for corrections: 1. Resulting corrections can not be greater than +20 knots in any case or landing flap placard -5 knots, whichever is lower (so maximum is VREF +20 or lower) 2. If you already had to apply > +5 knots due to icing or winds, you ignore +5 knots for auto-throttle accuracy. 3. Gust correction has to be maintained till touchdown! corrections due to auto-throttle or steady winds or icing bleed off from the threshold. 4. Tail wind conditions. Set vref + 5 knots. Check maximum aircraft tail wind allowed (typically 15 knots of max tail wind present conditions)
  13. very cool, will give it a try, thanks for sharing
  14. [FAQ] No Cabin llights