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  1. mmerelles

    1.21 sounds is too low

    i do not own xprealistic but have seen it supports to customize master volume on a per aircraft basis, double check there too
  2. mmerelles

    1.21 sounds is too low

    any script or plugin that may be interfering?
  3. mmerelles

    1.21 sounds is too low

    you may adjust the sound sliders on the ixeg preferences left side menu also check your xplane master, interior & exterior sliders on the xplane sounds tab hope this helps
  4. mmerelles

    Weight & Balance - CoG Saab 340

    you may consider this app (igodispatch for the saab340). Paid, but worth every penny. http://www.igoapp.ca/igodispatch/igodispatch/igodispatch_saab340a.html
  5. use the passenger seat belt switch on the overhead panel
  6. can you attach please also X-Plane.prf
  7. This is an assingment problem or a corrupt assignment file 1. You may delete the file /xplane 11/output/preferences/x-plane joystick settings.prf or 2. You may attach here the same file (there is an attachment option down here on the post edit) for us to verify how axis were assigned edit: the video has really poor quality but i can see your joystick has several hardware modules, verify on the top pickdown no other module has an axis also assigned to throttle
  8. mmerelles

    [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    it seems windows defender (or similar) is still running on the background. if you are windows make sure you go to windows defender configuration and set a folder (not file) exemption for the entire /xplane 11/ root folder, this should cure the problem Otheriwse please try going to taskbar and see what process is killing the cpu
  9. mmerelles

    CTOT not working?

    CTOT works ok make sure: 1. you engaged both switches and also rotated the knob to desired torque (it engages by 64%, but do not exceed minus 15-20% of selected torque) 2. double check you are not overshooting the CLs MAX position, which is not the end of the travel T/M, it is a detent before. Otherwise the aircraft will have no torque. note: i am XP11.20, can not test under xp10.x hope this helps
  10. mmerelles

    A Saab story

    The SAAB340 is a pretty different beast to anything else i have flown, real life and on the sim. These engineers had their own logics when it comes to avionics. This is one of the reasons i like this aircraft so much. Give it some time you will certainly love it. Pretty awesome simulation. The sim can be really challenging to any aircraft to operate any system that is not in the forward's camera field of view. Rotating the camera while on the critical phases of flight, takeoff, initial climb, final approach and landing is a real issue. You should consider -if budget permits- incorporating a few minimal external hardware. 1. A saitek radio panel. This works to the SAAB and any aircraft on xplane, tunning the radios, comms with your finger tips while not moving the camera around is pretty usefull, specially if flying online 2. An MCP (i do use goflight 737), while this is not for the SAAB certainly, i do use it for both COURSE rotaries and display, heading select and displays, altitude select and display, VS select and display and i have also mapped some MCP button modes. Pretty usefull as well. Happy flying
  11. mmerelles

    IXEG 737 flightplan

    yes, this is a small known issue, folder is not created automatically during install. Just create manually a sub-folder named 'coroutes' under the IXEG737 root folder and you are good to go
  12. mmerelles

    GPS Rarely Working

    any saitek hardware? it will interfere electricity if not properly mapped.
  13. mmerelles

    Weird autopilot behavior

    As per all of your other issues, did you dissengage the CTOT switches after takeoff?
  14. mmerelles

    Weird autopilot behavior

    This aircraft as most regional & jetliners requires a double push for A/P disconnect, one push to disconnect and an aural warning will kick in just in case you did it by accident, a second push will clear the alarm. Map any button or key of your liking to 'LES/CMD/CW/button/AP_disconnect'