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  1. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    it has been said from the very first beginning and during the updates VNAV was not part of 1.1 It will be improved but will take longer due to its complexity.
  2. New CFI

  3. IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    will try this one...
  4. XPlane 737 CTD

    This should be very frustrating and disappointing your system specs are quite good actually. Your xplane log.txt looks clean i do not identify any issues related to XP or the IXEG. I am curious about the: NvidiaA TDR has been detected.The application must close Have you tried to get in touch to nvidia to tell them lowering rendering and increasing TDR does not fix the issue? maybe there is a driver bug they do not know yet for the 1060? Maybe they can provide you a beta or testing driver? Have you tried disabling TDR entirely to see what happens? here there is a how to.
  5. IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    ok i did the flight #1 EGCC to EHAM, everything went just fine. no issues at T/D. note: something to point out, when selecting SID SONE1R departure there is a waypoint D304H which is being parsed as mandatory altitude 0 constrain. This may interfere VNAV refusing to engage etc. I have seen this before, not sure this is an issue on the navigraph database or the ixeg bird while parsing the procedure. When this happens you enter manually an altitude that makes sense. In this flight i just entered 2500A to match previous waypoint altitude (D296 - 2500A) and not to interfere next waypoint constrain WAL33 - FL050 mandatory. All the rest went smooth. See pictures attached of the entire fmc programming before takeoff (LEGS, PERF, TAKEOFF). A few pictures inflight near T/C, then a few pictures reaching T/D and the aircraft descending via the STAR past T/D with no complain. note: picture 1 has a red circle around the waypoint i had to edit for 2500A because it was set as 0ft MANDATORY.
  6. IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    thanks for sharing the details. i will try one of those myself and see if i can reproduce
  7. IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    did you reset the MCP before reaching T/D? Can you share a video of your issues? or a detailed flight plan including airports, runways, sid, star, route, weight, fuel, ci, cruize, etc to reproduce?
  8. Missing / wrong sounds and other things

    ops... sorry on my fast read i initially understood you were asking to reduce pack flow sounds hiding the motors (engines). This was a common request on the initial release and the devs included the slider
  9. Missing / wrong sounds and other things

    there is an air flow volume slider on the aircraft preferences menu.
  10. XPlane 737 CTD

    I am quite sure your crashes are related to one or more of the lua scripts you have running that messes with the aircraft datarefs. For the purpose of testing: 1. Remove absolutely all files from the lua /scripts/ folder located in /xplane 10/resourses/plugins/flywithlua/scripts/ and backup them outside to any temp folder of your liking 2. Launch xplane and test if you still have crashes. If you still have crashes please do not copy/paste the log, attach the file to the post via the choose files link provided while editing the post.
  11. Autopilot disconnect joystick throttle don't function

    Takeoff thrust. -Map any button of your liking to TOGA, these are the small buttons on the throttle levers that when hit set TOGA thrust (TakeOff or GoAround) depending the phase of flight. This is how pilots do on real life. sim/engines/TOGA_power A/P disconnect. Never use the disengage bar, this will kill FDs among other things. This is a hard shutoff in case of an issue with ap Map any button of your liking to ixeg/733/autopilot/AP_disengage. (first clic it will disconnect a/p and you will hear the classic warning aural sound, the second clic will confirm and clear the alarm) This will emulate the button on the yoke the real aircraft has and pilots use for disconnecting A/P on final approach without removing the flying hand from the yoke. A/T disconnect. While on final and ready to take control of the throttles. Map any button of your liking to ixeg/733/autopilot/at_disengage This emulates the black buttons on the throttle levers sides labeled A/T disconnect -> note: once you disconnect A/T you need to move your hardware levers until they sync the aircraft levers current position, then you regain control automatically. This is to prevent a thrust spike. You will see the throttle ghosts in screen for rapid and easy sync while you move your hardware levers hope this helps
  12. X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

  13. IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    ohh my friend, my eyes hurts reading you re-configure all of your joystick profiles and assignments every time you select a different aircraft for flying. You can create a per aircraft profile, everything gets configured/assigned automatically when you select an aircraft. You may use a plugin like xJoyMap or use a lua script. OptionA. Xjoymap plugin. OptionB. See a lua sctipt example attached i do use. Depending the aircraft you select it will assign everything you like. joystick.lua
  14. IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    I think there is some sort of missinformation you are receiving about the bird status. The aircraft FMC works LNAV and VNAV, you can complete an entire flight based on the FMC VNAV/LNAV capabilities with no issues, have speed and alt restrictions, etc. etc. This how i do operate the aircraft being offline all the time until i am 1000 to 2000ft for the runway and i put A/P, A/T off for landing. When i do fly online on PE network i climb and/or descend via SID/STAR procedure or vía VECTORS/ALTITUDES call outs coming from ATC to comply. So what is all this posts about. -LNAV, you may experience a simulation softcrash on some scenarios mainly if you perform changes to the route plan inflight. Lets say you programmed your route and once airborne you start switching procedures, editing waypoints, deleting things, changing destination airports, etc. Under those complex coding scenarios the simulation code is not solid enough and may crash. A big improvement for managing those scenarios is expected for upcoming release 1.1 -VNAV, some airport procedures (specially STAR procedures) includes very complex set of orders for speeding and altitude constraints mixed together that may be also tight to several waypoints in sequence. Under this complex scenarios VNAV simulation may fail to determine/compute a valid VNAV profile providing unexpected altitudes, etc. (i.e. when the procedures calls for Above and Bellow order for a waypoint), etc. BUT if you as a pilot review the VNAV profile once computed and edit speeding/altitudes on the legs page for those critical cases before departure VNAV will handle the approach with no trouble at all. So this is not about the aircraft not having LNAV/VNAV available, the FMC has both and they work. But if you are inflight and try change/update your flight plan this could lead to issues as of now as the simulation code still requires fine tuning. Under those circumstances i would recommend switching to HDG/FLCH/VS modes to comply do not try to do FMC porgramming micro-managment close to your destination airport. Now... hand flying this bird during takeoff and landing operation is years light ahead of anything. This thing behaves like an aircraft, you can actually feel the weight under different load configurations, how the aircraft responds under different flaps, trim, yoke input is simply amazing. Hydraulics, Electrical systems, sounds, graphical quality, factor of immersion is lights years ahead as well. just my 2 cents.
  15. IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    A good starting point for downloading free scenery available for the airport of you interest is the xplane org community (need to register yourself for downloading, posting, etc.) On the top right corner there is a search bar, select files and enter the ICAO XXXX code of the airport of your interest. If available or several options available all them will come to live hope this helps