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  1. FMC CRZ page

    Cruise optimal & maximum altitude should change as flight progresses and the aircraft comes lighter. It always worked and working for me. XP10.51 IXEG 1.0.7 maybe XP11 thing?
  2. how to read altitudes on the legs page: XXXXXA (the aircraft must cross the waypoint at XXXXX or ABOVE that altitude XXXXXB (the aircraft must cross the waypoint at XXXXX or BELOW that altitude XXXXX (standard size not bold) estimated altitude computed by VNAV given your flight parameters XXXXX in bold (user entered manually or procedure mandatory entered means the aircraft MUST cross at that altitude, not any higher not any lower. hope this helps
  3. A question regarding Download links

    Given your explanation maybe their internal tools detected your key was shared/distributed which violates the license terms and constitutes serious stuff. Nobody here on the forums can know/help on that, this is just a mere assumption on my side and could be wrong. If you got nothing to hide, nothing to worry then, it will be addressed.
  4. A question regarding Download links

    did you send an email to ''? you should receive an automatic reply back including your ticket # which confirms you entered the queue and it should take 3 business days max for a reply. do not resend the email or you will be queued again and start over.
  5. Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    yes and all custom commands and datarefs available are documented under the aircraft documentation folder, file '2-interface guide.pdf'
  6. IXEG B737-300 hardware interface plugin

    all required datarefs and custom commands are documented on the aircraft documentation folder under the file '2-interface guide.pdf'. It is very helpful also to install xplane plugin dataref editor (free) to monitor, edit the different datarefs values for throubleshooting, testing purposes. Will help you to speed up the process. hope this helps
  7. Airfmc is ixeg 733 compatible as stated on their web page. There are also a number of people posting time to time on this forum group running it.
  8. WCA rule of thumb?

    i do not know the formula you are trying to get, but any correction formula that does not include aircraft air speed will be incorrect. The amount of correction to stay on track requires wind intensity and wind direction BUT ALSO the aircraft airspeed. The slower the aircraft is flying the more correction that will be required not to deviate from desired trajectory.
  9. IXEG 737 problem

    did you try removing flywithlua RTH (real terra haze)? in your video i see it active and this is the type of things coming from rth. go to xplane 10/resources/plugins/flywithlua/scripts/ and remove all scripts held here to a temp directory for testing purposes.
  10. xplane does not support flap detents for jets, it does not support nullzone for flaps axis either so far to counteract desktop grade hardware noisy potentiometers. Your tq6 flap axis is sending noise signals all the time so the flaps does not fully retract and if it does they may deploy from nowhere. When flaps are deployed A/T reduces maximum speed not to rip them. Best stable solution so far on xplabe is to use buttons instead of keys for flap axis until xplane offers better support for detents, nullzone, etc. You can also try a free lua plugin
  11. IXEG Home Cockpit

    you need to use the aircraft custom commands and datarefs provided by the developers. The list of custom commands and the list of datarefs is over the aircraft root documentation folder. '2-interface guide.pdf' To make the strobe light work via external hardware set a 1 to ON or a 0 to OFF to the aircraft dataref 'ixeg/733/lighting/strobe_lt_act'
  12. B733 Dataref and Commands

    All the inflrmation is on the aircraft doc folder, there is a pdf having the list of datarers and custom commands i do use external hardware myself. Some people doesnt even read the documentation, just complain first
  13. Ixeg 737 classic need an x-terminator

    please attach your xplane log.txt file found on your xplane root folder. it seems to me your aircraft is not properly installed and gizmo plugin is not running. Or you may be running sierra os if mac. but just speculating potential problems, we need to see your log file for an educated response. note: your attitude is not right my friend. just demising others job and you do not provide any information to get support is a bit absurd, it could be also your fault. Sounds to me you have a bad day.
  14. Cause of SID STAR errors

    That is pretty old stuff. there is no issue as far as i know. i do use the 737 daily.
  15. attach a screen capture of your cockpit to see what the display screen says. as per your description, sounds to me if use a joystick/yoke and the potentiometers are sending noise, go to the igex menu and set the cws slider all the way to the right.