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  1. Displays OFF XP10

    Glad to hear you ve got it working!
  2. Displays OFF XP10

    I am on the celphone now and reading your log comes quite difficult. But seems you have the gizmo plugin trying to load twice? Gizmo seems loading at the beginning and again at the end of the log refusing to start check xplane resources plugins folder you have not duplicatd gizmo plugin
  3. Next update

    My apologyes if you felt offended by the answer, maybe being a spanish guy my phrase is incorrect about the meaning. regards your car purchase comparison, i think it does not apply here. IXEG people is one of the the very few people i know were pretty clear and straight forward about the product shortcomings for 1.0 release made PUBLIC for anyone to decide on the purchase read here Edit: yes upcoming version is in beta and pictures of progress being made are available on another thread
  4. Next update

    Nobody can answer this, not even the developers as they stated already. It will be ready when is ready. For those attempts made by the devs to shed some ETA, they were killed by unhappy users when targets were not met. Simulating a multimillion boeing aircraft systems to perfection for 80 bucks is a complex task thrust me.
  5. Official IXEG forum now open!

    you need to request a link reset, send an email to and you should receive a ticket # confirming your request got into the system. A response should take up to 3 business days.
  6. Heavy Metal - LES SAAB 340A Sol Lineas Aereas livery

    cool, nice work. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. gismo crash after altitude change

    As per your logs, you are having gizmo stack overflow crash! This means some of the addons you installed are manipulating the aircraft datarefs making gizmo plugin to crash. I would recommend you uninstall saitekpanels plugin, all lua scripts that manipulate the aircraft (you have dozens) and confirm crashed are gone. Then you can put them back one by one to understand which one is the offender.

    do you remind the details of your flight? origin/destination airport departure runway and arrival departure prcedure, transition, route, transition, arrival procedure and approach? entered data, flight level, etc? i can try to replicate your flight over the weekend and see if i do get same result.

    I do also forgot to mention, the aircraft may stop following the magenta under certain rare conditions (known bug being worked on for the next update), maybe we have had a bad coincidence here. Maybe the aircraft just stopped following the magenta earlier unnoticed and you assumed it happened while you disengaged VNAV.

    Steve If you are flying VNAV / LNAV engaged and you change vertical mode by pressing V/S or FLCH for descending, LNAV should remain engaged and the the aircraft should remain following the magenta. If the aircraft stopped following the magenta while you engaged another vertical mode, something else happened unnoticed. If you see this behaviour again please capture and attach here a few screen captures of your forward cockpit to see what FMA a/p modes are telling, what the displays are telling, what the fmc is showing for diagnosing.
  11. All displays inop

    you should share the info if you want help. You use external hardware, without any log or info i would bet they are interfering with the electricity somehow. For the required AC for the displays or dimmers. Without any sharing from your side i would recommend you disconnect all your external hardware from the computer and plugins and confirm the aircraft is back fully operative and continue from there.
  12. All displays inop

    please attach your xplane log.txt and a few screen captures of the overhead and forward panel
  13. ruscenery download

    the home page link works just fine to me. Anyway, the full link for direct download is hope this helps
  14. XPUIPC ...for flaps axis

    when you fully retract your flaps to 0 via key command and they jump back to something this tipically means: 1. Your axis lever and/or potentiometer is having dust and it can not reach minimum travel readings. 2. Your potentiometer is bad, it never reads 0 it is always sending signal as being certain % of the travel 3. You have an uncalibrated axis/driver issue? If you have a proper calibrated axis lever and a properly working potentiometer you should be able to have full travel under xplane calibration menu. EDIT: The axis flap detent script: If you have a fully working axis lever ranging from 0 to 100%. The script creates virtual detents as per the aircraft model so when you move your flap lever you have ranges % of detents not to be required to keep fine tuning the axis travel to get desired flap setting.
  15. Camera shaking

    check you did not enable "cinema verite' by accident under xplane views menu.