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  1. Hi Tom Aerosoft & Navigraph both supports the IXEG 737 Bird, you can use either. Just point it to the aircraft main folder for the ixeg bird mapping. Go to the FMC -> IDENT page and look around for AIRAC CYLE field to double check it was updated and loaded fine by the aircraft. Hope this helps
  2. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    You need just to look ahead... Saying VR is just a toy or no standard home computer can support it, or price tag is simply to high, is just because this is coming... Laminar first VR beta is great already for those having the budget for it, despite all evolution/massification coming. It is natural those early adopters demands for addons supporting it, and it is quite clear developers will establish their support/rollout priorities to whatever makes sense for their business. Just see Laminar developers page which topic had the most attention and user comments in the last 2 years, yes, VR.
  3. gizmo plugin is not loading, no simulation running at all. Maybe your windows update restored some firewall/defender activities and scripts got quarentined another potential issue, windows massive update changed your machine id and licence is not working attach your xplane log.txt file found on your xplane root folder.
  4. X plane pc build help !

    Without a doubt that is a pretty nice setup and will run xplane just fine, but be advised GREAT EXPERIENCE is a very subjetive thing. If budget is not an issue, i highly recommend you upgrade to the 1080TI version and 32GB RAM. This will make you ready for VR if you are interested, coming rapidly. Also high end sim settings to enjoy maximum textures and nice weather systems certainly kills lot of vram and 8GB may be on the limit.
  5. Take-Off Flaps setting

    Being on the TAKEOFF page: yes, you can type on the scratchpad 1, 5 or 15 and press LSK1 (left soft key 1) this will make your TO flap update and Vspeeds calculated accordingly. Can you share us a video or something we can see what is going on for further help?
  6. any news about ksna?
  7. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    If you disable "check for betas" check box on the installer. Xplane will only warn you about new stable releases but not about betas. If you want to roll back to the latest stable release 11.11. Simply run the installer, disable "betas" checkbox, and clic update. The installer will tell 11.11 is latest stable available and await for you confirmation to roll back smoothly for you.
  8. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Your post feels is a bit contradictory If you are trying to avoid frustration and looking for a smooth and stable experience you should stay away from BETAS, betas break things, they are there to evolve and test new stuff, that is the nature of betas.
  9. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    are you running latest xplane 11.20 beta vr1 version? Looks the same that this below (Laminar bug):
  10. IXEG Refund

    Ixeg aircraft is known being one of the very lightest fps aircraft for xplane if you are experiencing terrible fps only to this aircraft something is wrong and should be diagnosed and fixed one of the known issues that makes your ixeg bird go to 1-2 fps is windows defender. You need to set an exemption to entire xplane folder you should share more details for help.
  11. Terrain radar is based on a database, the aircraft will display the terrain around you covering the selected display range you selected on the EFIS (pedestal) and also show min & max elevation within the covered area for your reference, they are also color coded, so when you are above max elevation numbers looks green, but if you are flying below mountain level you will see max in red so you know being at risk or no by the surrounding area. Weather is based on echoes/blips. The radar antenna emits a pulse that cover +/-3 degree above/below the antenna level. So if you turn the weather radar to ON when aligned for takeoff you will see everything RED because you are getting echoes from the ground. For TO you need to set the TILT to +3 (so you cover from 0 to +6 degree). Use the knob, actual tilt setting is shown on the top right corner of the display The Radar system engages by the switch just right side of the Capt's FMC labeled WX ON/OFF. There is also a tilt knob just there for weather. To display terrain mode push TERRAIN button just below the FMC, you can adjust brighthness using the knob on the EFIS (pedestal) To display weather mode push WXR button on the EFIS (pedestal) note: if you have both modes engaged at the same time, TERRAIN takes precedence over the display. There is a very nice one here made by IXEG. note: the EPGWS system was improved during update cycles to have even more modes as per the real thing. You may also be interested on this
  12. Throttle not working on landing

    Anytime during flight the throttles go to IDLE and landing gear is not down, the aircraft will warn you just to make sure that is what you want. It is normal to see the 3 red lights kicking in several times during descend/approach were throttles may go to idle by the pilot or a/t for speed management. Anytime A/T goes into THR_HOLD/ARM mode this means A/T is ON but the pilot can move the levers for adjusting thrust/pitch if required. When you see ARM mode during descend, this means throttles were set to IDLE for speed managment, A/T will not kick in unless speed drops 10 knots below target speed. So, it is normal feeling A/T "dormant" while speed is up to 10 kts below target speed or anything above target speed.
  13. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    uploading it to youtube then sharing the link here is what most people does on the forums. i presume you may not attach it to an email either due to size limit enforcements most email servers have in place.
  14. Takeoff Config Warning on 2nd takeoff

    trim must be retracted AND to the down position. Not ARMED either! It is important to mention xplane does not support nullzone for speedbrakes or flap axis. So when you assign a lever to that any minimal tinny noise coming from your potentiometer hardware makes the trim not to be down = 0. You will not catch this under a camera view by looking at the pedestal or an external view inspection because the speedbrake axis may be just at its 0.0001%