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  1. am I reading this right?

    Yes its great!
  2. am I reading this right?

    Had some big issues lately converting DateTime (c#) to a format that can be read by an API for a Jquery based calendar, was lots of fun and ended up using the moment library.....
  3. XP11

  4. Looks great guys, really well done. Saw Q8 Pilots review of xEnviro and SMP4 looks WAY better, only question for me is have the CB depictions been redone? Personally i thought they looked very strange indeed.
  5. Smartcopilot

    Yes we got it working and i must say this was the single most immersive experience we have eve had whilst simming, we flew some circuits at EGNT at night and everything worked as expected, we are going to fly a couple of sectors this evening to see how it goes, hopefully on VATSIM.
  6. Smartcopilot

    Excuse me for being stupid, but where do you put the config file?
  7. nav lights in traffic

    I can confirm that is what its meant to look like! Some one else did above too. Simon
  8. Tips 2

    Really enjoyed reading that Rick thanks.
  9. You know guys.........

    Only a year
  10. SmartPilot (Shared Cockpit) Partners

    Sounds good to me Roland, I'll install Ivapp tonight and make sure i can use it again properly (vatsim flier normally). EHAM-EDDF is a good choice, what scenery? I'll forward ports this evening also so we dont have to mess about.
  11. SmartPilot (Shared Cockpit) Partners

    Hello Sparkie, Im free on Sunday eve to fly with you if you are free? I am able to fill all requirements except FSGRW (Dont have that yet). Thanks Simon
  12. Moving seat back a little

    I dont see the pilots in my x plane? How would i enable that please.
  13. SmartPilot (Shared Cockpit) Partners

    Erm thanks.... 4.5 (1/2) hours is maximum so from Manchester to Tenerife etc.
  14. SmartPilot (Shared Cockpit) Partners

    I am available to try, UK based, 37 Years old with over 1000 hours in the NGX, Fly on VATSIM, up to 4.5 hours flight times out of UK for Jet2 preferred but not a must. My name is Simon and only speak English, let me know if want to fly this magnificent plane together.
  15. The B737 Classic Project

    I think i should of put saracasm tags on my post haha...