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  1. First flight of the day, was programming the FMC at the time .....CTD...log attached Log.txt
  2. I'm afraid not, I didnt saved it. Since wed now I have had 5 flights in the challenger, one of them was 3hrs long and I havent had any problems at all, just had one now with the new 1.4 update and it went well so maybe all is ok now, I still have my 3 plugins running.... Activesky, JF Global Traffic and SAM so will see how it goes in the coming days. If I do have anymore ctd's will report in here with the log attached. Thanks for keeping an eye this post...appreciate it. Regards Paul
  3. Well I havent flown this plane since sat so just doing a flight now and 30 mins in boom...ctd yet again, as I said in my first post the only plugins I have running are Activesky JF Global Traffic and SAM, Im not uninstalling them, every other aircraft I have run fine with these plugins installed so why cant the challenger??? On the plus side I am able to continue my flight with the instant recovery you have built into the aircraft, fantastic idea so within 2 mins I was back in cruise. The last two lines of the log text were: 25 00007FFAC0FC7034 C:\Windows\System32\KERNEL32.DLL+0000000000017034 ()26 00007FFAC1162651 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll+0000000000052651 () No Fmod in the text this time around but these 2 lines have been in the log text numerous times, I must have had 25 to 30 ctd's now since release.....trying to stay posotive for sure and I am in the discord too mainly as an observer with ther occasional comment. Regards Paul EGCC
  4. I thought I'd solved the CTD's with uninstalling FS Realistic and skymax pro because I havent had any CTD's now for a good few days but today I have had 3 in the space of an hour, log is attached. last few lines are saying.....Im no computer expert so I have no idea what this means. The last 2 plugins what remain in my resorces folder are Activesky and JF Global Traffic and SAM....could one of them be causing the CTD'S?? I have had this plane now since release and I love it but Im getting tired now of these CTD's, I mean I want to fly it WITH my plugins not uninstall them, I bought them and I want to use them so can you give me some advice here.....what do these lines mean below...?? 24 00007FFA7E4F5C8E C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\dlls\64\fmodstudio64.dll+0000000000145C8E () 25 00007FFAC0FC7034 C:\Windows\System32\KERNEL32.DLL+0000000000017034 () 26 00007FFAC1162651 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll+0000000000052651 () Log.txt
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, So I have disabled XPRealistic and I have done 2 very short flights with no problems at all, the plugins I had running in the background were Activesky, Skymax pro and AFC Bridge (for my Honeycomb hardware) Will report back in a day or two and let you know how I'm getting on. Thanks again Regards Paul EGCC
  6. I have had about 20 ctd's with this plane since I bought it on day one of release.... Log attached for my latest CTD Regards Paul Log.txt
  7. thanks for getting back to me but I dont understand that, sorry,.......so I check it via the FMC do I...could you be a bit more precise please...thank you
  8. Advice needed...thank you Regards Paul EGCC
  9. The first one I put it down to jumping through the checklist too quixk but the second one happend just after takeoff....any advice please log txt attached...thanks Regards Paul Log.txt
  10. another question.....were do you fine how many hours you have logged....you know....like the tbm??
  11. I will be buying this for sure on release, I cant wait....awesome video last night!! In reality if I was picking one up for real from Bombardier itself would it be from Downsview Airport (CYZD) ??? Regards Paul EGCC
  12. Thank you Stefano, will try that later when I'm back on the Simulator! Regards Paul
  13. I am a navigraph user please can you explain to me please how I go about getting the 11.41 format using navigraph. I downloaded the latest 2004 ariac cycle ( i think it is) yesterday through the fms navigraph icon i have on my desktop but obviously that won't get me my localizer back in the tbm so how do I go about it please???? Thank you Regards Paul
  14. How do did you lower the volume HarlockG on the master/Caution lights. .......because for me too, they are way too loud.....if you can advise please? Thank you Regards Paul EGCC
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