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  1. Excuse me, I forgot two last steps: 5. ??? 6. Profit
  2. 1. Locate the files at Aircraft\X-Aviation\TBM-900\plugins\systems\sounds 2. In my case it was okay modifying 'aural_warn.wav' and aural_warn_hs.wav'. Make a copy of the original files in case you want to revert the changes. 3. Use audio editing software (you could use Audacity, its free and quite simple) to open those 4. Select the whole length of the clip. 5. Apply an 'amplification' effect. At the end I went with -9db. 4. Overwrite the files by exporting to WAV.
  3. Thanks for your understanding. And yes, as I was saying, I wasn't 'complaining' about performance, just pointing out that, in my opinion, if it wasn't so performance-heavy It would definitely help users with lower end machines. I've had a 'nice rig' for 1.5 years... But been running 'toasters' for more than 15 before that. Looking forward Laminar fixing the G1000 brightness issue. Will definitely open a ticket for that. I just tried the C172 G1000 at night and indeed suffers from the same issue. To be honest, I was VERY reluctant of using the G1000: For me, it was either steam gauges GA or glass cockpit airliners...Till I found out about the Hot Start TBM 900. (So I hope that also says something about my opinion on it).
  4. It is an Intel i7-7700k (no OC) with 2x8GB of RAM running at 3200Mhz (OC) CL15. A 1080 Ti (EVGA FTW3, slightly OC'ed by manufacturer over the Geforce reference model, but no further manual OC done) and while the system has a Samsung 850 Evo SSD, X-Plane is stored at a regular WD Blue HDD. Funny fact about this rig: 8700k/Z370 was launched a month later it was built. Didn't see that one coming.
  5. Okay, but also we could fit the 340A in that category: My wording could have been better and have said biggER instead. So, after applying -12db gain on aural_warning.wav and aural_warning_hs.wav, I'd say the 2nd issue is completely solved for me. While remaining completely audible (such a high frequency tone doesn't have any issues cutting through the lower rumble sounds, like the engine or the GPU) they are no longer painful to my eardrums. A bit like you can hear here. Cutting over the ambient sound, yet not necessarily loud. You can see a quick test here. Thanks for your help in solving this. Getting back to the 1st issue... G1000 display's brightness: Is this issue/feature on the backlog in case this X-Plane limitation gets solved?
  6. Sorry, but re-reading through the whole thread I just realised - and thought it was somewhat funny - I don't think I haven't mentioned any airliner in my original thread! Getting back to the topic: I must excuse myself again, Cameron, you are right. I'm editing the sounds right now.
  7. Well that's a really bad new. I already looked at that folder, but I'm having issue finding the actual chime sound for Master Caution/Warning. Could you tell me file name for that, please? As I said, I'm not complaining about 55fps... I precisely said that's okay to me. I'm complaining about a heavy load on the machine. But I also said this bothers me the least. I just said, comparatively, I wish it run like other products. As I said, I think the LES 340A and IXEG 733 are very good examples on this.
  8. I am not running XVision. And yes, I know how deeply the G1000 is simulated in this product. I do limit the use of synthetic vision for TO/LDG, as well as weather radar when climbing and descending through the cloud ceiling. Traffic is active at all times. Topographic overlay I'd love to have it on at all times but I also try to limit its use. Pathway visualisation I only use for SID/STAR. Just to name some examples. Also, I want to say I'm not trying to 'criticise' the product. I love this plane (and I mean, truly LOVE) and I'm trying to get this issues solved son I can keep flying it - a whole lot more - This plane made me feel like doing a whole big tour with it, but as I said, at lest the 2 first things I pointed out are driving me crazy, and would like to find a solution to enjoy the plane 100%. Just like - as I already named - I do with LES 340A and IXEG 733. Which, to be honest, I can't even find a single complain about them.
  9. 1. Is there any way (file editing?) I can dim them slightly, I may be able to deal with them being a bit less bright on the day and more readable at night. 2. Is there any way (file editing?) I can lower the gain of the chime in relation with the rest of the aircraft sounds? 3. I put at least an hour benchmarking the performance of this aircraft, with different graphic settings, cameras, states of flight, G1000 settings. And I know how to differentiate the load coming from the system simulation and the load coming from the graphical rendering. I must also say this is my 3rd point as its the one that bothers me the less. I just think having a lower poly/lower res version may help a lot of users that may not be running a rig like mine. After all, I can do a whole flight without dropping a single frame under 55 fps, which is not that bad. I just wish I could run it at 60 fps stable with vsync or arround 80-90 without vsync. (Just like LES Saab 340A or IXEG 737 Classic - I bet you may have heard of those ).
  10. Hey, I must say the TBM 900 is an awesome product. But, unfortunately there are three things that are preventing me to keep flying this plane after two days of fiddling with it (3x1.5h flights): At night, the PFD and MFD screens look way too bright, to the point they loose contrast, become harder to read, and are uncomfortable to the eyes (also ugly, to be honest). Unsurprisingly, I notice there is no video in YouTube flying the TBM at night time. I guess, like me, the issue at the displays is preventing to enjoy flying this bird when dark. I just hope I'm missing a way to dim it at night. The warning chimes are way too loud, they hurt my ears every time, and the only way I found is lower the volume so much, than I don't hear anything, not even switches or engine, preventing me to fully enjoy the aircraft's sounds (besides the chimes). Tried to look for the .wav, to edit it and lower its gain, but had no success. I would like to know if there is a mixer or way to configure the aircraft's sounds like there is in other products. The performance. I have a powerful rig (i7 7700k + 1080 Ti + 3200 Mhz CL15 RAM) and don't get to the point of dropping frames, but still feel the aircraft is the heaviest aircraft I have ever run, performance-wise. More than the biggest airliners, with more complex 3D models, avionics, cockpits and subsystems. I'd like to see some kind of optimisation, like lower poly model, lower res textures, etc. Is there any way I can get a solution to this issues? Regards, Harlock
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