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  1. Hello simmer, i tried the ixeg today for a short flight on xp 11 beta. First impression: Worked fine also the autopilot followed the path. Only after loading, there was a gizmo soft crash. thx for this excellent aircraft. best regards. Volker
  2. volkerschwarz


    Hello simmers, Im a little confused and I'm not sure if the reason is 10.50 R2 Problem. After a flight of about 10 - 15 minutes, I got a complete crash. But I have no file of this crash from x plane at this time. Only log.txt, gizmo and fms.log. Could you find any out? I have no stuttered sreen and good performances. Only I flew with multi crew experience copilot. Today I will try different aircrafts on the same flightplan with multicrew. ex. best regards Volker Log.txt GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  3. hello melcologe, same in Frankfurt waypoint KRH in a turn. I hoped that the update stopped this issue. regards Volker
  4. Hello and thanks for your update work.1.0.3 The issue at a bent always exists at some routes. You can see, that the waypoint krh was reached, next is GED but the fmc stopped. Attached: gizmo and debug file regards Volker debug_02.txt lostwaypoint.pdf GizmoLog.txt
  5. Ryan Air over Tasmania I try the debug txt, when decent is beginning to Melbourne. Volker
  6. hello Jan, sorry I read it now, next I know, how to create a debug.txt. regards Volker GizmoLog.txt
  7. Hello together, here the problem to catch the TOP of Decent Point in a bend or turn, sorry my excellent english. Regards Volker TOD.pdf
  8. Hay Jan, I will do this today, Sometimes, this kind of issue can I see on other airports like my home lszh, the a320 have the possibility to autotune the nav course, but the Charts of runway 14 at Zuerich said another value. Perhaps, the same mistake is on eddp runway 8R. regards Volker
  9. hello, This problem comes with a320 neo jard. too. No loc is captured but its the correct value 111.75 course 084 Is there a problem with navdata at this moment? need help and ideas Thank you Volker
  10. my flight to eddp to runway 8R. Localizer 111.75 on captains and copilot side. Course 084 too After reaching the altitude on the correct waypoint 3000 feet, the loc didn^t captured today, don't know why. At Gamko the aircraft suddenly turned hard left, autopilot was engaged I switched hdg on to bring the 737 to the right course and I had a very hard landing but without crash. I will try the same from eddp to eddp and will look, if any plugin, I tried multicrewexpirience today, is the reason. good night.
  11. Hey, if you have soundmaxx, you schould disable it. or other any plug in sounds? regards
  12. ohhhhhh, its an issue with soundmaxx, I unabled this plugin at this moment, and the strange sound is away. yes, when I able soundmaxx, the strange sound comes back. I uncheck airport sound, then the sound mistakes went away. problem solved.
  13. hello, is this sound without engines normal since the update 1.0.2, or a conflict with any plugin? When I started the engines, the sound is blubbing., i cant describe regards and thank for any help Volker X-Plane_2016-05-01_22-29-25-27.avi
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