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  1. Hey folks! Maybe something for the next update: - The missing single "click sound" in the cockpit at lift off (landing gear lever lock opening to allow the gear lever to be moved beyond the OFF position to UP) - More bumps and rattles during the take off roll (barely audible right now) - Pack sounds: I'm missing the sound of the running motor when turning on/off the packs (right now I can hear the sound of the air flow only but there's a motor running in the background which you can clearly hear on the flight deck) - More rumble / bass at full reverse - Wrong speedbrake auto stow requirements ? I need to push two thrust levers foward instead of one... BTW, sometimes there's also kind of a mechanical sound when pushing the levers forward, even if the speedbrake lever is in down position. Please don't get me wrong! I love the IXEG 737 and it's well ahead of all other XP-aircraft in each aspect but in my opinion it could be done much more realistic with a few small improvements. I'm not a 737-rated pilot but I have countless hours on the jumpseat and also a few hours on the full-motion simulator. I can provide you some links to videos if you wan't. Thanks a lot! :-) Cheers, Matt
  2. Full / max reverse, which means slightly above 90% N1. I know, in most cases YouTube videos are not a good demonstration material, but I have a lot of jumpseat experience on the -300 and it sounds more like this (jump to 7:05): And as I already wrote in my initial post, it was much more realistic before the 1.0.2 update...
  3. Hey folks! Since HotFix Update 1.0.2 I can hear a 'growl' sound when applying maximum reverse thrust, which wasn't the case before. Can you address this with your next update please? Thanks a lot! Cheers, Matt
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