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  1. According to your Log you already have the newest Gizmo version (which might be the source of the problem). As far as i know, SMPv3 or IXEG737 would install the older version of Gizmo cause their installers were build before the release of the latest Gizmo. The release of the latest Gizmo was on 8th of November, so i would guess that you got this Gizmo version by installing or updating another plugin or aircraft that cames bundled with the latest Gizmo. Because i also had experienced problems with this software combinition: I would suggest check your GizmoLog.txt if the crash is related to Gizmo. If so, there might really be a problem with SMPv3 and latest Gizmo, or SMPv3 in combinition with IXEG737. For me it seems to solve by either reverting Gizmo version (which might break other plugins/aircraft - so not really a solution) or updating SMP to v4. You can try to temporary deactivate SMPv3 for a flight by using the Plugin-Menu. But checking out all possible combinitions where it works or crashes is time consuming, because sometimes it crashes right after 10 minutes, and sometimes i had to wait an hour. And it also happenend when i left the plane alone on the runway with running engines.
  2. Can you check your GizmoLog.txt if it ends with something like error: 1576.259: Run(gfx): OnDraw_Gauges_3D: stack overflow error: 1576.281: Run(xp): OnError: stack overflow error: 1576.339: Run(gui): bake_trigger: stack overflow error: 1576.360: Run(gui): bake_ehsi: stack overflow error: 1576.465: Run(timer): run_fmc: stack overflow I had the same problems after i updated Gizmo to latest version 16.11.03 in combinition with SkyMaxxProV3. After rolling back to the older Gizmo version (which came with IXEG737 or SMPv3) i had no such issues anymore. Also after i updated to SMPv4 - which automatically updates Gizmo to 16.11.03 - everything was fine. But i only tested two days, cause i am currently trying xEnviro.
  3. According to your Log, you have a lot of plugins. Its possible, that one of it is not compatible with latest Gizmo. Uninstalling SMPv4 does not revert your Gizmo version. You are still running version 16.11.03. Personally i would first backup the current Gizmo plugin. Copy the folder G:\X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin to a safe place (Desktop or somewhere else). Your Log says, there was a problem with Gizmo and that you should try to reinstall it. So download the latest version from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/948813/Gizmo/binaries/Gizmo64.plugin- Unzip, and replace the Gizmo64.plugin Folder inside X-Plane with the one from the Zip. If that does not help, i would try to revert to the old version. If you dont have a copy of the older Gizmo version which comes with IXEG737 or SMPv3 i would try: Uninstall SMPv3. Delete the folder G:\X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin. And the install SMPv3 again. That should hopefully install the older Gizmo version. Last option would be to deactivate all plugins and try to load a standard aircraft from X-Plane. And then activating one plugin after the other to find the source of the problem.
  4. Updated today from SkyMaxxPro v3 to v4 and RWC 1.1. With the update it automatically installed the latest Gizmo version. Had no crashes more till then. Maybe the problem was related to SMP3 or the combinition of 737 and SMP3 when using latest Gizmo. I will report, if i experience the same crash again. As for now it seems okay after some hours of testing.
  5. Did another test. Just loaded the plane in ready to fly mode and doing nothing - just watching tv. After a while i noticed that X-Plane crashed again: Run(gfx): OnDraw_Gauges_3D: stack overflow Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  6. After you mentioned the new Gizmo64 Version 16.11.03 in General Discussion, i gave it a try on my Windows machine. Windows10 (i7 4790K, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM) X-Plane 10.51 (with SkyMaxx Pro v3, RWC, xSaitekpanels and of course IXEG 737) I tried four flights, and every flight X-Plane said it crashed and gave me the option to send a crash report - what i also did. Most of the times the crash happend after about 10 to 15 minutes. Right before it crashes, the displays (horizon and navigation displays went dark). After the third crash i reverted back to the Gizmo Version which was installed by the IXEG installation. I made a flight from Germany to Canada without a problem - okay, dont ask me about the landing ;-) Then i tried again the new Gizmo version and got again a crash of X-Plane (Normally X-Plane and IXEG works fine on my machine, i am pretty sure, that were the only crashes i experienced the last 6 months). I am not sure, if the crashes are related to X-Plane itself, your IXEG or one of the plugins. But as you sad, this version will be rolled out with your comming update, i wanted to be sure that your are aware of this possible issue. I have attached the last Logs of X-Plane and Gizmo. The last lines of it say: debug: 114.765: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. debug: 115.216: Loaded IXEG preferences. debug: 115.543: INIT SYSTEMS debug: 1197.404: gxt.load: AboutGizmo error: 1872.077: Run(gfx): OnDraw_Gauges_3D: stack overflow error: 1872.160: Run(xp): OnError: stack overflow error: 1872.185: Run(gui): bake_trigger: stack overflow error: 1872.263: Run(gfx): vortex_test: stack overflow Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. @Tom Stian: My fault. You are right. Speed break arm works once airborne. And for some reason i was confident, that this special flood light on max position was the afds light. But its the background light, that does this effect. I should better read the manual before posting bugs :-)
  8. I can also confirm, that the installer works, despite from the fact, that the gizmo version of the installer leads to an error message when gizmo starts. The basics work, but there is some stuff, that need to be fixed, when XP11 gets stable. For now i found: - APU does not start - Speed Break Arm light does not work - AFDS Flood light does not work
  9. Yesterday i saw one episode of Mayday, where the crew lost orientation in a 737-400. They switched the IRS to ATT, but forgot to hold the plane straight and level. So the IRS never aligned, and the main instruments kept blank. So i thought, i try that in the IXEG. I switched IRS to ATT while climbing and turing to the right with 30 degree bank angle. But instruments came back after some seconds and IRS was aligned. The checklist says, i have to maintain the plane straight and level for around 30 seconds. Would be great, if this will be checked when trying to align the IRS in flight, so that i can also loose orientation :-)
  10. Sounds hard to get LNAV and FMC waypoints really in sync. Setting the distance too high, could have other side effects. I think the waypoint should then only be marked as done, when the distance starts increasing and the course of the aircrafts roughly points to the next waypoint. Would be interesting to know how the real FMC handles such near misses and to which direction the aircraft would steer, when the waypoint was missed. I am sure even on the real plane the programmers had a hard time getting this work.
  11. Today i tried a crazy route, and got a strange behaviour from the FMC. (EDDK 14L) PODI1X PODIP Y867 BADGO Z850 HMM/N0426F330 M170 OSN UM170 BASUM Z78 WSN/N0429F320 UN125 EEL DCT (EDWR 31) The plane missed the waypoint BADGO by about 2.5nm in a turn. While it is still following the LNAV path, the FMC on the LEGS and PROG page got stuck saying that BADGO is the next waypoint. On my first flight i was already at OSN, so i was a little bit confused when i checked the LEGS page.
  12. After startup of one engine and shutdown of the same, i still get the startup sound. Steps to reproduce from Cold and Dark state: 1. Switch battery on 2. Start APU 3. Power electric busses by APU 4. Start APU bleed 5. Start engine number 2 6. After stabilizing of engine number 2 (start switch is back to OFF and EGT stable) cutoff the engine 7. Shutdown all bleeds, APU and Battery. After that i can still hear the engine starting over and over again.
  13. I was always wondering why do people stay overnight in front of apple stores to get a lazy phone on release day. And now I am doing the same for this plane. At least i can wait at home and dont need to buy camping equipment. :-)
  14. Maybe it has a different hydraulic system. As i can remember, the FlyJSim 737 has Hydraulic System A driven by Engine 1 and 2. And Hydraulic System B driven by Elec 1 and 2. Last time i thought that my be an error in their Simulation of the system. But watching the video makes me wondering if the hydraulic system was changed over the time.
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