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  1. Updated July 2020, Version 1.33 Hi everyone. While it seems to be the economically "smart" thing to do to NOT talk about the shortcomings of your product (and then sometimes to just ignore the complaints after you cash in the money), we are trying to run things a bit differently here at IXEG. I would therefore like to share a list of things that will NOT be in version 1.3, and also give a little background of why, and wether we are planning to add it later. I will try to make this list as encompassing as possible, if I forget something, please don´t sue me! I will add/rem
  2. Hi there, I want to fly my N3765 Skyteam Delta 738 on vatsim, but how do I make sure other pilots see me as a Skyteam, and not a default Delta? I see other pilots fly custom liveries from time to time, for example the Star Wars United livery. How do I do this?
  3. Version 1.4.0


    Finnair: announcement V1.4.0 V1.0.0: Safety demonstration video for the A320 of Finnair. (2016 version) V1.1.0: Safety demonstration video for A320 (2016 version + 2018 update) V1.2.0: On-Board service information video announcement (2018 version) English with & without Finish language versions. in High/low audio quality. V1.2.5: Safety demonstration video shorter version for other fleet of finnair. + Information & instructions are updated V1.3.0: Before Landing arrival information announcement + Information & instructions are updated V1.3.1: Added extra inform
  4. Happy week-end all, Logan Air fly to and from Sumburgh Airport (Scotland) in the Saab s340. I thought it would be a nice touch to mach up Orbx True Earth North and Orbx Sumburgh Airport with the LoganAir Saab s430 by Carenado. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=melw3HNRjvg
  5. Hello IXEG Team, I did a fresh complete reinstall of your addon. Now with latest X-Plane 11.32 R2 i noticed 3 issues now. 1) Autopilot Settings (displays) revert back to digit 0, when i enter for example 10.000 feet. 2) beacon lights (exterior) wrong flashing 3)Flap Indicator not moving 4) Flaps not moving Are you aware of that or am I the only one who experience this strange behaviour? Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Tom
  6. Hey I have flown the saab fpr couple days and today it stopped receiving ils frequency and showing only red loc text in the lower corners in the ehsi. I dont also get the deviation dots/diamond in the Eadi. I think my frequency is right since i got it from navigraph chart. I tried to recieve VOR and they seem to work. I use X-plane 11
  7. Finnair: JAR-Design Announcement sound pack View File Finnair: announcement V1.4.0 V1.0.0: Safety demonstration video for the A320 of Finnair. (2016 version) V1.1.0: Safety demonstration video for A320 (2016 version + 2018 update) V1.2.0: On-Board service information video announcement (2018 version) English with & without Finish language versions. in High/low audio quality. V1.2.5: Safety demonstration video shorter version for other fleet of finnair. + Information & instructions are updated V1.3.0: Before Landing arrival
  8. Everyone, I'd like to officially create a post for Attitude Simulations upcoming San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) scenery for X-Plane. The airport will include the following: -28SQkm coverage area around the airport, not including Downtown San Antonio. -Inner Downtown San Antonio modeled -High quality Orthoimagery -Completely modeled surroundings of the airport including Warehouses, Car dealerships, Retail stores, etc.. -Hand placed houses -Completely hand placed, custom foliage -Higher detail modelings of known areas surrounding the airport such as North Star Mall, B
  9. Hello my name is Iker, I'm 18 and this is my youtube channel: https://goo.gl/WD1EHa Here you can find 2 videos of X-Plane every week and a livestream some weekends. I upload varied content in planes and destinations. I have 2500 hours of experience in the X-Plane which I put into practice modifying some airplane and uploading a tutorial. I fly in IVAO and also control, from time to time upload some video controlling in the tower of Bilbao. The main language of the channel is Spanish but sometimes I upload videos in English so that I can understand them all. I
  10. CLICK HERE to see video ad --- ‪KS Aviation Twitch Stream --- Join KS Aviation 4FEB2017 at 1900z (2pm Eastern) for a live interview with John Spahn (Maxx-Xp) as he speaks to the community for the first time about his work with SkyMaxxPro, the history of the product and what it is today. He will also be clearing up some misunderstandings about SMP version 4 and will be showing us how to optimize it for your system. We will be taking questions throughout the stream, so be sure to create a free Twitch account so that you may interact in the chat and ask questions!
  11. High community I bought the Saab 340a. Installation without problems. When loading x-plane (using the SAAB) loading stops and x-plane crashes. Works with any other plane e.g. 737classic, crj200.... I attach the log file as well as the crash file - if anybody can read somethin out. Many thanks for helping Regards from Vienna Guenter Log.txt crash_report_08_21_2016_10_56_03.rpt
  12. SkyMaxx Pro + RWC with the latest updates ... is still the best cloud and weather presentation addon for X-Plane and worth every brass penny! Thanks guys, for such a quality addon that gives me awesome skies and increased fps. I see lots of attempts to enhance X-Plane skies but none of them come close to the degree of technical professionalism, precision and artistry of SkyMaxx pro (and I do try those others on a separate X-Plane install just to see what's out there). Simply amazing. With the influx of people taking up X-Plane these days, I tell everyone I can; if you wan
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to say thank you for all the comments on my promo vid for the IXEG 737 Classic. I had a blast making it :-)
  14. Hello All, I wanted to play X-Plane again after some time ( long time ) installed x-plane 9 and wanted to add MU-2 which i bought but i do not have a copy of it on hdd and i don't see any option on official web site for x-plane 9. Now I understand that to improve quality they ditched X-Plane 9 support but it would be nice to have old version for download also. So is there some official way to get my hands on MU-2 for x-plane 9 ? ( And no I don't want to buy X-Plane 10 ). Thanks a lot for any help.
  15. Epic Victory (by Aerobask) in Mykonos
  16. Beechcraft Duke flying in Himalaya (Aircraft by RWDesigns)
  17. Video flying with Antares 20E (by Aerobask)
  18. Escape from Henderson in a Cirrus SR20 I hope you like it and happy new year 2016!!
  19. Boeing 767 (by FlightFactor) in Princess Juliana I hope you like this video
  20. Flying with McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (by Rotate) I hope you like it
  21. First Flights with Ultra Weather XP by Almuntassir Graphics Designers Team. NOTICE: This video is recorded using Ultra Weather XP & Skymaxx Pro simultaneously. A previous installation of SkyMaxx and after an installation of Ultra Weather XP with all features except clouds textures. Some features of both products may not be displayed as if they were independently... Thanks!! I hope you like it!!
  22. Embraer E-175 flying in French Polynesia. Aircraft by X-Crafts and scenery by xpfr.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUtgMEz7t0M I hope you like it
  23. Greetings pilots! I'm here to introduce you to a project that I am working with my teammates, a launch of "yet another virtual airline", called Finnaviation-an airline with roots from the original Finnish carrier, absorbed into Finnair. We've incorporated several features that enhance the way you fly, and these features require a lot of explaining, but to keep this short: This is a Virtual Airline that follows a different route than most other establishments, because we focus on other areas besides the typical "custom system, new website" gimmick thrown at the user upon clicking at the VA's we
  24. Hi there, I'm Claudio from SimCoders.com. We just released the new Reality Expansion Pack v2.0 for X-Plane. It's an A2A-Like software for the C210 by Carenado. The new version adds more complex engine dynamics, more damages (such as engine's oversquare operations and failures), the interactive walkaround, the towing and other stuff that you may like. Here's a video of the walkaround and the towing: You can find more informations at http://www.simcoders...nado-cessna-210 We're going to release the same thing for the F33A Bonanza. Hope you like it!
  25. Flying over New York City with scenery by Drzewiecki Design I hope you like it!!
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