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  1. Problem solved. I saw on another post a similar problem when using Gizmo v2. So I rolled back to the stable version and got the menus back. Thanks for your help.
  2. I am having issues seeing the pop out menu since updating. As in I never see it. I run two monitors but only one with X-Plane, the other for general Windows stuff. I have tried Full Screen and Windowed mode, assigned a key stroke to the pop up menu but to no avail. Also tried rebooting Gizmo (v2) and reinstalling the plane. Any ideas on how to get that menu up?
  3. Its' seems to be flying ok with an added fps bonus. As to whether it's flying to the numbers, that's for someone much more experienced than me to look at.
  4. thanks for taking time to reply

  5. I did wait over 3 days before making another request for help. now I cant even get skymaxx off my computer it wo nt uninstall in control panel or x avation uninstall.  I have no clouds at all default clouds don't work now

  6. Yidahoo


    I would imagine the 3 help requests is the problem. You are only supposed to send one request, if you send another, you are automatically put to the back of the queue. Personally I have never had any issues with their support
  7. The latest version of MacOS does not play nicely with some .zip files. Get a third party un-compressor program like Unarchiver. That works for me
  8. I am guessing in this case we can substitute armchair expert for jumpseat expert. Even if the jumpseat is in a completely different generation of aircraft.
  9. Strange, I am getting loads of well optimised clouds. Maybe it's because I am not a developer and have no idea how plug ins work.
  10. To qualify that, I mean people asking for unessential cosmetic and vanity additions. Stuff that might double their Twitch followers to 4 but add little or nothing to what was designed to be an in-depth simulation from a pilots point of view, i.e. sitting in a cockpit and flying a plane as accurately as you can given the confines of the silicon based environment we inhabit.
  11. Yep pretty damn funny given the stupid comments of a small minority here.
  12. Nice sarcasm well done. You obviously did know it was a beta and yet still asked the question.
  13. What you are missing is that X-Plane 11 as a beta is a constantly moving target and hence things can break from beta to beta. Laminar have recommended that devs do not upgrade aircraft to XP11 until it is fully released. Someone might find a work around but until we get XP11 final there may be other things that break.
  14. I am beginning to suspect you hold the record for the most negative votes. I have certainly done my bit to help you with that record. Congratulations.
  15. Sorry maybe you misread this " A multitude of fixes to FMS stability and LNAV performance" Multitude: dictionary definition in this context - a great many.
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