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  1. I have been unable to active the IXEG 737 as the activation window never appears. I have had this product since 2016 and have never had a problem with activations, never had to freeze a machine or have my machine locked. The activation window simply never appears this time. Before this occurred I had formatted my drive but before it was activating fine. could I please get some help with this? Attached is my LOG.TXT and a screenshot of what i see when I load the aircraft. Also I had made a support ticket #NOJ39 on the 6th of July but never received a reply. Many
  2. Hello, I have installed the IXEG several times on this laptop running xp10. I am a university student so I usually format my SSD after each year. When I did a clean install of xp10 and the IXEG 737 this time I see no x-aviation activation window which has never happened in the past. All I am able to do is move around the virtual cockpit and not activate the airplane. It also looks like Gizmo isnt in my plugins list, I have tried 1. Reinstalling both xp10 and the IXEG 737 2. reinstalling gizmo 3. Turning off firewall 4.granting read/write perms to the xp10 folder O
  3. been using a CH Products Fighterstick since 2009, never used a yoke before
  4. It was from an old TV series called ''Airline'' that followed easyjet in the 90's and early 2000s they used to only operate 737-300s
  5. Will we be seeing this feature implemented in the PFD? as far as i'm aware the Easyjet 737 300 had this feature on the pfd from some documentary I watched or is it planned that this plane will be specific to the Lufthansa model? thanks!
  6. any chance of these planning to be added to the callouts? thanks
  7. This happened to mine, a reinstalling the IXEG fixed it
  8. Im sorry if this should be in the IXEG section but the landing lights do not seem to be illuminating the clouds as i pass through them however other default aircraft do illuminate the clouds with the lights on any suggestions?
  9. I also have to use 2x SSAA + FXAA for fps reasons but after using it for such a long time I just got used to the blurriness, I dont know why they dont give us 2x AA without the FXAA as an option, also as far as i know the nvidia control panel has no effect on the Anti Aliasing settings to xplane (I could be wrong)
  10. I have a feeling my silly button pushing i caused this GizmoLog.txt IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  11. i can quite comfortably get 25-30 fps on my first gen i5 750 and gtx 660 (locked to 1/2 refresh rate) and 4GB RAM
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