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  1. Thank you two for clearifying. So this "Bug" is solved and i would be very thankful if the threat will be deleted. I´m gonna delete the Video now. Again, Thank you and have a nice weekend. First "wrong" bug report on my side.
  2. Thanks for your reply, but i don´t wanna try any workarounds anymore im tired. Have a nice weekend.
  3. Everything will be explaigned in the Video. Cycle Dump.txt GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. We have A LOT of other problems, sir. I think things like that can wait! Have a nice weekend everyone. :-)
  5. Here is the Next one. Hope you´ll enjoy. :-) feel free to donate. It is absoulutely not necessary at all, but of curse much appreciated. :-) paypal.me/SchwarzDavid Transavia New.zip
  6. Hey guys, i just finished my first Liverie. Yes its the first i´ve ever made. Its the old Transavia one. Hope you´ll enjoy it. Cheers and have a nice day, David Btw. More to come. feel free to donate. It is absoulutely not necessary at all, but of curse much appreciated. :-) paypal.me/SchwarzDavid V.1.1 : - Added the correct Tail Number - improved the Logos on the bottom of the airplane ( On the Picture is still the old one ) Transavia Old V.1.1.zip
  7. Well i´d love to have your Version then, Mister. Could you send me your installer pls? Hope you don´t get this wrong, but this is very hard to believe.
  8. I think you qouted the wrong person here. I am not punching in any way. I´d like to point that out again. Never did that!
  9. Don´t get mad, Ben.
  10. If you look at my profile you´ll see, i say that over and over again to ppl who are complaigning. I trust you guys, i have faith in your qualitiy product but i am aware that it´ll take some time. All good.
  11. You´re right, you clearly missed my point here. Its not about the features it offers, its about how reliably they work. And some of them simply don´t work as intended. Look at the Bug Forums you will see one or two Bug Reports. If they´d sell this as kind of an early access airplane, im sure no one would complaign. And like i mentioned before. If you are happy, fine. Quiet a few ppl are not. Whats the point of trying to convince them ? Its still the best looking and mostly in depth simulated airplane out there for x Plane 10. Sure. But still.. and i don´t want to repeat myself here but there
  12. No anger on my side. I have trust in you, since you´re working very hard every day. But i can absolutely understand the poeple who are disappointed. The sad part is, V 1.0.1 worked relativly fine, now V1.0.2 screwed up a lot of other things so my anticipation to fly is just gone since Friday night. I hope it comes back at some point.
  13. Ya its pretty much a Beta for 75$. Was thinking that to myself the other day. It will take a long time. But i hope some time next year it will be fully functional.
  14. Great! You guys rock! Thank you for your hard work and now.. enjoy your weekend!
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