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  1. Why does it only happen to this plane and can I fix it. Thanks for your input
  2. If your talking about downloading the ixeg 733 installer and downloading it like that Ive done that already.
  3. Its not cracked. So how would I fix this and thanks for the response.
  4. Its not cracked. So how would I fix this and thanks for the response.
  5. Okay, so Ive had the IXEG 733 since release date and sadly for me has been a giant disappointment. After I downloaded it I experienced multiple crashes after takeoff, so I thought it was because it was a new product. However, it continued, so I reinstalled the plane and sim but to no avail. Just recently after not even opening this plane for months chose to redownload the plane after restarting and cleaning out my computer. Still, it was just as bad as I remembered but instead of crashes just looked broken; the pictures below are what I saw. I know how good this plane can be, it just hasn't be
  6. Thank you for everyone that posted suggestions and sorry for anyone that had this problem and needed help I went on vacation and while there found a solution. Reinstalling x plane resolved my issue and now enjoying the bird more than ever!
  7. Reinstalling helped a little but the plane still is broken
  8. Sadly reinstalling didn't work time to invest in a new computer I guess.
  9. Thanks for the tip I'll try it and get back with result.
  10. Thanks for the response Cameron, its sad news but very informative. However Im still wondering why x plane responds like this only to the IXEG 737 because I have a lot of payware aircraft, such as the 757 and 767.
  11. After about a month of flying the beautiful IXEG 737 my copy of it started to bug out aggressively. If anyone has a solution please respond. Here are the pics of my situation..
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