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  1. Not sure if everyone knew this but there is a new EFB for the IXEG from Avitab. For me it brings new life to this wonderful classic. Check out a quick rundown of it here.
  2. It does work with 11.30. I'd like to find out if I can substitute my own announcements however.
  3. You can set the cold and dark state through the aircraft preference menu on the popup on the left side of the screen when the IXEG is loaded.
  4. What the release of very excellent Airbus a 320 aircraft and a wonderful freeware B737-800, I can honestly say that this IXEG B737 classic still provides thrills when flying it. This aircraft will always remain timeless. Please check out the approach and landing especially in this lifestream. Thanks
  5. Thank you so much. We look forward to your work on the FMS.
  6. Giving the IXEG some love amidst the Zibo B737-800 hype. I keep going back to this aircraft and marvel at what was accomplished with it's creation. Thank you IXEG team.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I'll fix the volume issue on my next stream/video.
  8. Please join me from KSFO to KPSP on Pilotedge. Thanks
  9. Just make a couple scheduled fuel stops and make it really realistic. Should be fun to plan and execute.
  10. I bought and love this scenery. I have a question on rendering settings and this scenery. It looks like whenever I fly into your KSNA and don't have "Number of objects" set to high the terminal buildings don't show up in the scenery, only the jetbridges. I'd appreciate your advice on this. Thanks
  11. I also had a “weak” computer before I upgraded to a ”better” one. What I did in the past was to firstly turn off HDR which eats FPS in the sim and also lower other settings. This gave me usable frames to fly with until such time that I was able to upgrade my computer. Try this and you might be surprised at how usable the IXEG becomes. Good luck.
  12. I have both the IXEG and FFF320 and they are my top two payware aircraft in X-Plane. I dare not compare them because they are two different beasts entirely in orverall feel and flight dynamics. The FFA320 feels new and fairly quiet and the IXEG squeaks and groans like an old classic bird and I love that. Both are very well done. Keep up the great work IXEG team.
  13. Just wanted to share my flight on Pilotedge with this classic beauty. No matter what other airline I fly in the sim this is still my favorite go to airplane. It’s always reliable and fun to fly. Thank you guys for developing this bird. This is the full flight from KLAS to KSLC. Enjoy
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