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  1. lol can we stop this, I'm just looking forward to every Friday, and that must be a positive so keep on delaying the update, it'll keep me excited.
  2. But IXEG wise, I hope they'll continue to Update the 733 with hold functions etc. Maybe even a 744 after since Jan flew them for Luftansia I believe.
  3. well well well Totoritko is making an amazing TBM900. Extremely close to the real thing with a highly modified default g1000. Simulates most things, still in dev you can check it out https://www.twitch.tv/joshjgibbs or Totorikos channel. £D and texturing is not complete (he is focusing on systems rn)
  4. Before the end of the year?
  5. Does SoundMAXX with XP11 interfere with background sounds from other planes that use FMOD?
  6. In the old Xp10 version we had dynamic reflections on the Navigation display and artificial horizon, where are they gone?
  7. Yeah he's been away for time haha, tkyler is the man
  8. How are you achieving this night lighting in X-plane? The last sc- what are you settings
  9. 100%, Jan also said that he flew the 744 in commercial service until he went back to the 737. He also stated flying an airbus but pfft, we don't need that info
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