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  1. Hell's frozen over and I've started using a PC for X-Plane (after 20+ years on XP for Mac). I tried running an installer for SMP4 which I freshly downloaded but the installer quits as it can't find the correct windows uninstaller in my XP directory (which was transferred from my Mac). All the uninstallers in the folder X-Plane 11 > X-Aviation are the Mac .app versions. Any advice on what to do next would be much appreciated.
  2. No problem here with 11.33b1... log.txt for X-Plane 11.33b1 (build 113300 64-bit) compiled on Apr 10 2019 14:15:10 X-Plane started on Mon Apr 15 08:31:37 2019 macOS: Version 10.14.4 (Build 18E226) CPU type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz CPU speed (mhz): 4000 Bus speed (mhz): 100 RAM (MB): 32768 7 Custom Scenery/EDDM - Munich Airport ShortFinal/ 0:04:45.724 I/ACF: Loading airplane number 0 with Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733.acf G64: 285.950: Aircraft File: (Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733.acf) G64: 285.952: MD5 Hash: (a419532d2e405d68e1cfd73ab1b7ae99) G64: 285.952: Description: (Boeing 737-300 Published by X-Aviation) G64: 285.952: Author: (IXEG International X-Plane Development Group)
  3. Looking at your log, does it happen when you remove the SkunkCraftsUpdater plugin? I don't have this but bet that it's the culprit - I recently found a clash with another developer's "updater plugin" which brings XP crashing to the desktop when I load my favourite payware helicopter. Bad trend in my opinion these "updaters" in the global plugins folder...
  4. Click on the name of the object in Overlay Editor, then you can delete them. They are something to do with lighting so see if you can find them in the list on the right hand pane. When you find one, delete it then click "n" to see if the object is used elsewhere. Hope this helps.
  5. Beat me to it! I'll bet it's the autogate bell you can hear @AndersenBali
  6. I had to buy a new joystick after upgrading OS a few years back - apparently some Saiteks don't use Apple's USB protocols and Mac OS got fussier about it.
  7. YAY - huge improvement and thanks for making this change . I can't deny it was always a worry if troubleshooting a glitch that I'd run out of downloads so great to see that the limits are gone! I can also now delete my stash of XA installers
  8. Thanks for sharing the update - quick question, which ACF should I use for XP11.01r1 (current version as I write): I'm guessing it's either the first one or the fourth one?
  9. Thanks for the response @sundog - version I have is 4.0.1 (although the version.txt file says 4.0). Created date on the actual plugin is 18 Dec 2016.
  10. I had a recent crash too with the log indicating SMP was the cause. Log is long gone but here's a section from the OSX crash report - hope this helps. XP Version: 11.00pb15 (398) OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12.3 ACF was the LES Saab 340 v1.3 Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 mac.xpl 0x000000007ec54fe1 comp(SilverLining::CloudLayer*, SilverLining::CloudLayer*) + 33 1 mac.xpl 0x000000007ec581a5 void std::__final_insertion_sort<__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<SilverLining::CloudLayer**, std::vector<SilverLining::CloudLayer*, SilverLiningAllocator<SilverLining::CloudLayer*> > >, bool (*)(SilverLining::CloudLayer*, SilverLining::CloudLayer*)>(__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<SilverLining::CloudLayer**, std::vector<SilverLining::CloudLayer*, SilverLiningAllocator<SilverLining::CloudLayer*> > >, __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<SilverLining::CloudLayer**, std::vector<SilverLining::CloudLayer*, SilverLiningAllocator<SilverLining::CloudLayer*> > >, bool (*)(SilverLining::CloudLayer*, SilverLining::CloudLayer*)) + 293 2 mac.xpl 0x000000007ec53a41 SilverLining::Atmosphere::DrawObjects(bool, bool, bool, float, bool, void*, bool, bool, bool) + 2337 3 mac.xpl 0x000000007ec1439f silverliningDrawClouds(bool) + 377 4 mac.xpl 0x000000007ec151ce drawCloudsPreAircraft(int, int, void*) + 2220 5 XPLM 0x000000007e09c546 XPLMDispatchDrawingHook(int, int, int) + 158 6 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000102c646e4 XPPDoDrawingHook(int) + 132 7 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000102c6beb4 OGL_scenery_per_dome_3d_blend(xcam_class*, float, float, float, float, float, float, rendering_pass) + 5796 8 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000102c572c3 WORLD_scene_per_render(rendering_pass, float, float, float, float) + 17763 9 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000102c59d07 WORLD_scene_per_frame(xplane_window*, int, int) + 3623 10 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000103238014 APP_update() + 3124 11 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x00000001030459ae MACIBM_post_event_proc() + 318 12 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000102e7fc1b WIN_run_app + 43 13 com.laminar-research.X-Plane 0x0000000103264d3d main + 93 14 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fffd6913255 start + 1
  11. I think NOAA Weather overrides all other settings and will always load real weather. Try removing this, then you should be able to set the weather manually. Hope this helps.
  12. Try unzipping the archive with a different app - this one works for me with problem files: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/decompressor/id1033480833?mt=12
  13. Quick question - if I was able to install v1.1 with the original installer, do I need to re-install with the new "Sierra" version I got an email about? i.e. Has the actual plugin changed or just the way it is packed?
  14. Taking the archive out of the bin after download, then unzipping with StuffitExpander (v15.0.7) worked for me. Mac OS 10.12.2
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