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  1. Hi pbt31, worked! for SMP and RWC, same .zip file unpacked with Stuffit installs fine, funny thing, every other unzipper seems to fail. There is something fishy. Thanks for your efforts
  2. yes. even tryed "unzip" from terminal, same error
  3. saw this in an older thread, used "the unarchiver" but to no avail.
  4. Hi, i'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and got an installation error when i execute the setup-osx installer. Installer payload initialization failed. Got the same error for RWC 1.1, both are fresh downloads. is this a known issue?
  5. on the forums i saw this as a solution... no idea about how reliable this is. This is for NOAA Plugin, but maybe it is appliable for your product as well. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/72313-noaa-weather-plugin/&page=78#comment-1052537
  6. somehow my installation was hosed, did a clean reinstall...et voilà...problem solved! fps are back again. thx anyway guys!
  7. its a iMac 2012 21', see log for details. is there a additional log for skymaxx? loading xp at KSEA with the default Cessna, CAVOK 48 fps. setting storms and precip to max. results in 2 fps. deactivating silverlining brings the frames back. pretty sure, this was not happening a while ago, not sure since when it shows up, maybe yosemite, maybe 10.36... thanks for looking into it. Log.txt
  8. Hello, with the summer, storms showing up more and more... real-weather. today i ran in such a storm, and suddenly my frames dropped to about 2 fps... tried the usual...eliminated plugins and so on. culprit was skymaxx, as soon as i deactivate sliverlining plugin frames are back to normaL, activate it, and fps droped again. i run quit low skymaxx settings, no god rays, medium cloud settings. with storms i mean, using 'global weather' and set the slider 'storms' greater than 0. -> the greater the value, the lower are my fps. yosemite 10.10.3, XP 10.36, SM 2.1.1 am i the only one? Greeti
  9. the 2.1.1 update fixed this issue for me, thanks guys, great support!
  10. appreciated. just trying to help making a good product even better.
  11. any further informations on this one?
  12. it's a 2012 imac 21.5 inch, i5 8GB Ram, GT650M, pretty standard. btw. deleted the settings.dat in silverlining, just to make sure, re-set crepuscular rays and lens flare off. but no change.
  13. Hi there, same problem here, directly looking at the sun gives me -15 fps. crepuscular rays and lens flare off, and applied:-) turning off the silverlight plugin gives me 35 fps again, switching it on again, drop to 20 fps. i'm on a mac with 10.10.1, SMP 2.1 any ideas? Greetings René
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