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  1. Ok guys, possibly we have temporarily happy days until this issue has been fixed. I would like to draw your attention on this post here: Type Rating issue on Hot Start Challenger 650 | Air Hauler 2 Forums (justflight.com) as you can see, those who use FlyWithLua have an edge here and can use the plane and AH2 together until this issue has been fixed by HotStart. I would recommend to go through the whole topic of appr. 35 posts but well, the lua script is what you need. Working on 2 ends on this problem tells me one thing: this community is really awesome. People from everyw
  2. I can confirm that AH2 does not recognize the engine start or shutoff. Like a missing flag for X-Plane to know wether engines are running or not. The dataref sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_running is 0 after engine start. I think this is, what's going wrong here.
  3. I saw this issue, too. It tries to download data and cannot obtain it. Does it have an impact on the plane or its functionality? What is it actually for?
  4. oh, it is the recently updated 1.3 of the Rotate MD-80, so this is what I have. The HD Mesh thing, yeah well, that was a temporary solution I already should have fixed with the new tiles LR brought out with PB14. Forgot to get rid of them. But it was on a flight from KMEM to KATL so there was no HD Mesh active for that area, not even close (lots of distance to 60°N and beyond) - but I am going to take care of it, as well with the 2K textures for the MD80, which have been released a couple of hrs ago. So it is most likely a memory issue which can be fixed on various ways. Thanks a lot for
  5. Hello SMP team, I am a really big fan of your addon and use it since v3. I recently occured a crash in which it was stated that SkyMaxx Pro caused it. To clarify some things, the crash occured on my final approach to KATL airport. Before the crash I noticed the frames went down a lot. I suspect my GPU could be an issue but possibly you can have a look at it and see what happened and possibly why. Any help is of course highly appreciated and I say thanks a lot for your efforts in advance. cheers Log.txt
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