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  1. Just reloadet the approaching 1000ft autosave. what should I say, I didn't see the obvious stuff, somehow I have forgotten to activate packs after deice. sorry for wasting your time Graeme
  2. anyone could give me a hint what I'm doeing wrong? cabin altitude is rising without any logical. Target rate of the controller is -350, actual rate ~500 currently cruising FL380 EDIT: has performed deicing prior departure, if that make a different. But have performed 60sec >60%N1 and the 2min waiting before 10th stage bleed as stated in the checklist
  3. Graeme_77 your right, PAX DOOR OUT HNDL warning illuminate in the CAS but ramp guy didn't recognize it
  4. I know I have forgotten to pull it as written above. but it wonder me that the CAS don't give me a "pax door open" warning in that case. In airliners the handle flush is also observed for a closed state via a sensor. so question is if the CL650 doesn't have a sensor to observe the handle, or if it is forgotten in the plane programming. also that the ramp guy didn't see it, as in the stream advised that he look if doors are closed before the engine start thumb
  5. not knowing if it is a real bug, cause didn't know the CL650 from real life. observed follow thing: If you close the Pax door without pulling the red handle in the stair section, even CAS nor the Ramp guy observe the door is not properly closed. From other A/C I know that the doors are closed and locked sensed, but it seems locked is missing in the CL650. could you confirm that this is real?
  6. change follow parameter in the CL650.acf P acf/_m_fuel_max_tot 20000.0 after import, I changed it back to original but you will not be able to fly, cause AH2 doesn't recognize the engine start due missing standart parameter(my sugesstion).
  7. Air Hauler 2 seems not to recognize the engine startup. I'm not able to verify it 100%, but after T/O AH2 are crying due wrong startup location. could you please check if you also trigger the standart engine parameter, othervise I'm not shure how to fly in AH2. Also it is not possible to import the standart CL60 due follow wrong state in the .ACF: P acf/_m_fuel_max_tot 44092440.0 44million lbs fuel seems a little bit high for the aircraft
  8. Also the Right wing was damaged, no Damage off wing from the collapse side found
  9. Hello Guys Just had a left gear collaps. during repair found something unusual which should be checkt from the developer. On the Light Maintanance page, it seems that Right and Left Hand are interchanged. cause my Right Hand Lights are dead instead of the left Hand which are grinding at the Floor during gear collaps. sorry didn't checkt if in the model the left or Right didn't worked wish you a nice evening Patrick P.S.: Version 1.0.9 of plane and Xplane 11.30b2
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