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  1. So far it worked nicely, some patterns around LOWI and right now a take-off with FF767 from KSEA, no major issue but I still need to evaluate at higher altitudes. I guess the latest VC++ 2017 x64 does its full job and supports even Gizmo (license registration was ok). Now back to XP11, I want to dive into some threatening clouds and enjoy the enhancements. BTW, SMP is getting better and better, performances (my usual old pain with SMP) now are great.
  2. The installation seems to work fine but the installer fails to install the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable x64 package. This occurs silently (/q switch) but here what I observe within the log when I try to install it manually [2B6C:3618][2017-05-28T09:31:39]e000: Error 0x80070666: Cannot install a product when a newer version is installed. I have no other Visual C++ 2015 x64 already installed (I've got the x86 version and with a slighlty newer version than yours, .24215) and it actually seems that this occurs since I have the VC++ 2017 x64 (14.10.25008.0) actually installed on my system, this 2017 version supersedes the VC++ 2015 x64 package; in other words, you can't have them both installed concurrently and it is wise to keep the latest 2017. Will SMP4.5 work fine with the VC++ 2017 x64 redistributable package? Thanks in advance for your support and help.
  3. Nothing so far. In Italy we'll get it on the 28, I suppose.
  4. At least you were able to update, read this and another thread, we can't even download and update!!
  5. Same error here. IMHO it might be the hotfix code they sent us, it seems wrong (try to enter any string, it'll return again that error) I've just created a support ticket for this.
  6. I forgot to tell you that indeed the latest 3.1.1 is simply great, even at its default settings it runs smooth but to gain even more fps I slighlty lowered the first and the last sliders. Going to puchase the weather connector add-on right now, looking forward to flying among a realistic weather!
  7. Just to let you know, at last I found out what was in conlict wih XP10, but just with SMP3.1.x installed. XP can't unload and you have to kill the process to quit if the MSI Afterburner (used to slightly overclock my GPU and VRAM clocks) and its RivaTuner Statistics Server (very nice and useful tool, used to monitor in real time OSD the RAM. GPU mem. availability and so on) are concurrently running; the only way it works is to unload MSI Afterburner before launching XP. However everything used to work fine with SMP3.0, even with MSI afterburner and its OSD running. Though strongly disinclined, I will give up using MSI Afterburner in my XP sessions (overclocking the 970 GPU in XP10 is not so helpful, at the most I gain a very few more fps in XP). It will be fine if developers are willing to investigate if there is such a conflict between SMP3.1.x and MSI Afterburner (in my case it does exist and replicate).
  8. Thank you all for your prompt replies. Except for starting from scratch with a vanilla installation I tried all the above, even installing a previous driver (361.91, random choice in the nvidia repository) didin't fix that. Scenaries, libraries and meshes are ok, order just what expected and proper, and if they weren't I wouldn't understand why 3.0 is absolutely fine. Excluding HD mesh v3 and extra AI traffic didn't help. My Avast AV is ok too but just out of curiosity it does not interfere, even disabling it XP 10 does not quit with SMP 3.1 installed. I think I'll stay with 3.0, a few seconds to downgrade to it and my X10 flies again! When I'll find more time I'll give a try with a fresh install. Thanks again for helping me.
  9. As I mentioned above there's no possible issue related to low memory. My rig is based on an i7-5930k, Asus X99Deluxe MOBO, Asus GTX970 4GB VRAM (driver 364.72) and 16 GB DDR4 Corsair RAM: all in all a very robust system I am very pleased with. For instance, with the default Cessna 172 and KSEA scenary with SMP3.1 set at its defaults and my favuorite rendering options it reports 1799 MB of video and 9200 of system RAM. Even in this case the XPlane session hangs when quitting, no error in the log to investigate further. As another example with the latest FF 767 and the payware EGCC the load leaves available 650 MB of VRAM (we are somehow close to the infamous 3.5 limit of the 970, the last 500 MB are to be avoided to keep good performances) and 8900 MB of system RAM As I already said any aircraft/scenary combination does not matter, XP always hangs when quitting. Instead everything works fine with previous 3.0, with lot of active plugins and any demanding or basic scenary, and so at last I downgraded to that version (I love to sim-fly, not to debug sw). However I am very disappointed that I won't be able to install, when available, the new weather connector since SMP3.1 is a requirement. Now I know how to get good performances (some tweaking) and recognized that some nice enhancement has been implemented but no way to quit a session. I fear there is nothing I can do.
  10. Simply stated: for any airport and for any loaded aircraft (so it is not somethinhg related to being out of memory) now I cannot quit anymore XPlane, it simply hangs without errors as it can't unload when I quit the session. With SMP 3.0 everything was and is abolutely fine. In a last desperate attempt I removed (i.e., I moved somewhere else) every other single plugin and left just SMP and Gizmo: it led nowhere, same behavior. I can't even disable SMP 3.1 in the plugin manager, the session hangs there. I won't mention that SMP 3.1 with its default configuration is an incredible framekiller, even at KSEA and with default Cessna 172 the only workaround is to lower significantly the first two sliders, now what I want to fix is this severe issue for I cannot even exit cleanly XPlane. I would appreciate any kind of help to shed light on this. Log.txt
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